10 Best Winterboard Themes iOS 11.1.2 That You Can’t Miss Out in 2015

Here you can browse top free HD best Winterboard themes at free of cost. The best Cydia Themes for iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini. Compatible for iOS 9…

I have seen many of friends who jailbreak their iPhone, iPod or iPad to download and install HD style fresh and unique themes. They always search for new and updated theme download for their Cydia enabled jailbroken iOS. Most of these themes are compatible for iOS 11.1.2 and of course, iOS 11.1.2, if you have jailbreak iOS 9.1 and install Cydia on it.

5 Best ios 11.1.2 Themes

If you are also looking for fresh and unique themes at free of cost, then Winterboard themes are the best option to get all those customization in your jailbroken iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Yeah, jailbreaking is compulsory to get Cydia themes. If you have not jailbroken your iOS yet, you will not be able to install Cydia and Winterboard theme gallery.

In a quick reference I would explain what is Cydia and how to get Best Winterboard themes on your iOS 11.1.2 and iOS 9. You need to jailbreak your iOS 11.1.2 using TaiG, PP Jailbreak or PanGu. It will jailbreak and install Cydia and other popular tweaks and if you have iOS 11.1.2, then you can jailbreak iOS 11.1.2 using PP Jailbreak, TaiG or PanGu. Once you jailbroke your iOS, you will be able to customize your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad using these themes.

Top 10 Best Winterboard Themes

There are a bunch of cool themes to install once you have cydia installed. Sometimes, we spent whole day to search good customization tricks and tweaks. Winterboard offers a great customization solution. If you install Winterboard app in your iOS, you will be able to download all these themes. We have picked up a few best out of the best themes for your iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad.

Top Cydia Themes

1 Bliss: This is the top winterboard theme. HD style green wallpaper makes it more cool. This Cydia theme exploit the maximum advantage of Apple’s retina display. Bliss is in the top list of best Cydia themes. Once user install it, they never change back to the default Apple interface. Bliss is 100% free. User need to search “Bliss” in Cydia to install it.

Glasklart HD Winterboard theme

2 Glasklart HD: It has more than 150 cool icons. Glasklart HD is one of the top winterboard themes. Users have the option of a variety of background images and other badges. User can choose folder and apps icons from a wide range of icon set. Transparent HD icons and badges look great in iPhone 5S retina display. This is also available in Cydia as free theme. You just need to search “Glasklart HD”.

3 Fresh: This is true Apple style icons and wallpaper. Without mess up this winterboard theme makes your iPhone, iPod and iPad a HD style iDevice. It’s name says everything about it’s freshness. A variety of background HD wallpaper and icons set make it one of the top skin. To install it, search “Fresh” for Cydia themes.

4 Matte Nano HD: It is one of the top Cydia HD theme. You will never miss Apple’s default gestures. It adds beautiful satin icons with glossy wallpaper. A cool icon set looks great in iPhone retina display. You can easily find this cute theme from winterboard. Search “Matte Nano HD” in Cydia app to download and install. It is the best for iPad Air and iPad Mini 2.

Top Winterboard Themes at free of cost

5 Vivid: It is most popular theme on Cydia app store. Vivid’s icons and wallpapers are too eye catchy. It has more than 400 transparent icons. It comes with built-in wallpaper that you can’t change, however, its so beautiful with icons that you will never thing about to change it. It works on almost every iPhone, iPad Air, Mini and iPod. You can install this theme and change icons using Winterboard tweak. Just search “Vivid” on Cydia.

6 Fifty Foot Shadows HD: It comes with pre-install tweak that adds additional feature to your iPhone, iPod or iPad. It adds a bar with info and alert at bottom area. You can check demo for this theme. It’s green leaves and wallpapers make it top Cydia theme. Icons are to awesome and you can’t find such icons in any other themes. It looks great on retina display. You will never get back Apple themes, once you install this one. You can easily install this cool theme using Winterboard.

7 ARC’d HD: Unique icons make it more unique theme in Cydia. It can be easily install using Winterboard without paying single penny. Minimal and stylish design are the main advantage of this skin. You will have other customization options such changing icon set, wallpaper and other system tweaks. ARC’d HD is one of the top free Winter board theme.

Top Free Cydia Themes

8 Minuet v2: Its so stylish and cool that it has been downloaded thousands of times in Cydia Store. It’s transparent effect and icons look too professional. Minuet 2.0 is true HD style theme. You can use Winterboard app to install it on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. It comes with more than 200 icons and a cool wallpaper. Once you install it, you will never move to any other theme.

Carla Velox Skin

9 Carla Velox: This theme can be install with the combination of Velox tweak. True HD style icons, background and visual effects are the main points for this theme. It also comes on the top of Cydia theme list. You can easily download it for iPhone, iPod and even for iPad too. Search Carla Velox in Cydia.

HD themes for Cydia

10 Sublime Lock HD: Its on no. 10 in list of Best Cydia HD themes, but it has many features that they can beat easily any other theme. Its best for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad iDevices. It comes many features such as twitter account integration, temperature alert and a cool lockscreen theme. You can imagine it’s beauty by testing demo. Its also in the free Cydia themes category.

From Editor’s Desk

All themes are 100% free and you can install them using Winterboard or Dreamboard. All these themes can be install on iPhone 6, 5S, 5C, iPod Touch and iPad run on iOS 11.1.2 and of course iOS 11.1.2 after jailbreak.

If you have upgraded to iOS 11.1.2 with latest firmware, you can jailbreak it using PPJailbreak or TaiG. Once you have jailbroken your iPhone, iPad, you can Download Cydia and Winterboard iOS 9 from our portal.

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  1. TeamSpeak says:

    If you look in Winterboard, you ll noticed there is a Soft Alternate Icons if you enable that and position it above your other enabled Soft theme sections, you ll get the same icons as me.

  2. Alan Aurmont says:

    Hey, how can I get iOS 5 theme on IOS 10 using winterboard themes? iOS 5 is the best theme available on Winterboard iOS 10, but I don’t find any installer to install it. Is iSkin work with it?

  3. […] if you were trying Winterboard and Winterboard not working, I would recommend to download Cydia iOS 10 latest version and update PreferenceLoader Cydia […]

  4. […] thousands of apps to download such as WiFi tweaks to tweak your WiFi, 3G and network related stuff, WinterBoard that allows you to change themes, icons and lockscreen effects and much more. There are limitless […]

  5. Anthony Ethan says:

    I think winterboard is really awesome application. I have never installed such application on my phone that can customise all look lock screen, notification centre and dock bar.

    I always search new winterboard themes for my iPhone iPad Pro

  6. Ben Parker says:

    I’ve tried Minuet 2.0 with latest version of TaiG jailbreak on my iPhone, so, it means that your claim is not correct.
    One more thing, Sublime Lock HD is also available for iOS 9, if you need screenshot, I would upload them here.
    So, shut your mouth off and keep silence

  7. Tyler475 says:

    Thanks for such a nice collection of Winterboard themes. Can we use these themes with Dreamboard iOS 9? I’m curious about using these cool winter board themes with dreamboard Cydia tweak
    Please help me

  8. Sophia says:

    Winterboard iOS 8.1.3 is developed by Saurik and its the best theme provider. Winter board can install any type of themes on iOS 10 for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad air or iPad Mini.
    I’ve installed Dreamboard and tried many themes, but never satisfied it’s themes. Instead of Dream board, i always love winter board themes in the first place.

  9. mrmaddog says:

    Works for me on 9

  10. bluedragon88 says:

    I’ve tried a few times but when i install winterboard iOS 10 my iPhone 5c reboots in safe mode on iOS 9, i had winterboard iOS 10 when i had iOS 10 and it was no problem, but not so on ios 8

    • bluedragon88 says:

      I’ve fixed it, I read a response that said to turn off summer board (it’s a switch inside winterboard) and respring and now I have my favorite theme DrAGON

  11. xoko says:

    the english gives me cancer here; bunch of idiots writing this i reckon

  12. Praetor918 says:

    Is winterboard able to apply themes in IOS 8.1? It’s confusing because it wouldn’t work last night (and I’ve also read in other sites Winterboard will install but ‘NOT’ apply the themese in IOS 8), however the title of this site suggests otherwise.

    • Sebastian Rasch says:

      No it’s not, this article is nonsense. They also say you can jailbreak your iOS 10 device using Evasi0n which is also not possible since only Pangu breaks it free at the moment.

  13. Jays_World says:

    when I download winterboard it takes my I phone 6 to “safe mode” and wont let me go back to regular unless I delete winterboard, when I go to download it, it says it is only compatible for IOS 7

  14. ganjedi says:

    please let me know how to install Fifty Foot Shadows HD theme on ios 8.1 using winterboard. thanks. ganjedi

  15. ganjedi says:

    I tried to install Fifty Foot Shadows HD theme on ios 8.1 using winterboard. It did not work for me. Glasklart theme worked.

  16. L337 says:

    sublime hd does NOT work on ios iOS 10 for iphone 4

  17. tyler says:

    hey guys why when I use the theme a respring it doesn’t work what should I do

  18. Pussay D'Angelos says:

    Michael Edward, you’re an idiot! You posted screenshots of iOS 6. Haha idiot.

  19. Wow says:

    Wow link bait much. THESE ARE ALL SCREENSHOTS FROM IOS 5-6. Get serious about your blog writing and put themes that ios 7 ACTUALLY SUPPORT.

  20. Morgan says:

    cant find the Solstice and Space Blueberry themes under those repos. can i find it under a different one?

  21. RaH says:

    I’ve got a jail-broken iphone-5 running ios 7.0.6. However I’m unable to find ‘Minuet v2.0’ on Cydia despite the number of repos I’ve installed. Can you suggest a work around?

    Comment to: iPad Air Winterboard themes, Best out of the best
    best ios 7 themes

  22. Lucy says:

    I’m looking for best iOS 10 themes for iPad air and iPad mini
    my iPad air is jailbreak and iPad mini is not jailbreak.
    I would love, if someone give me the list of best themes for my tablet

  23. chkao59 says:

    Many more iOS 10 themes are not completely run on iPad Mini 2! So beautiful but so let me down….

  24. Angella says:

    Most those themes are lame and very plain. Please check out my themes on CodeThemed or on Cydia. I think you will agree they are MUCH better! Here are just a few of the names. All Wood, Chiffon, Quicksilver, Minions!, Pink-On-Pink, Wispy, Rainbow Droplets, Leather, Weed etc. I have over 70 themes so far. You can also find my themes on Mobile9. Look for themes for MJS60. Thanks!

    Need themes for iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad 4
    iPhone 5S, iPod Touch
    Best iOS 10 Winterboard iPhone 5S 5C Themes
    best ios 7 themes

    • Tim says:

      Now that is an actual “best of” list!!! Solid list Angella. Haven’t seen a lot of those anywhere. Those themes look like they spent more than 30 mins designing them 🙂

  25. candy says:

    best ios 7 themes
    Thanks to Saurik, Winterboard iOS 10 now works for iPhone 5S, iPad Air and iPad Mini 2
    I’m gonna download some best of the best Winterboard iPad Air themes
    Have you any good source for that?

  26. Helper says:

    Bliss is the best iPad Air theme
    Can anyone suggesting other best themes for iPad Air and iPad Mini 2?

  27. None Works on Iphone 5s excpet glasklartHD

    • Helper says:

      Update your Winterboard for iOS 10 and test again
      best ios 7 themes

      • Updated on day one when it was released I just see colored square boxes when using any of the above theme others are working fine ex. aura, solstice etc.

        Best iPad Air themes
        iOS 10 Themes Winterboard

        • Morgan says:

          i want to ask what is your daily device use everyday. cause you have so many phones and wondering which phone you use daily and why . thanks 🙂

  28. andrew says:

    Great it works now
    it seems like developers have upgraded it for iPhone 5S
    best ios 7 themes

  29. kyle says:

    Winterboard iOS 10 works
    Update your Cydia installer
    install Cydia substrate 0.9.5000
    install Winterboard iOS 9

    Now, try to install any theme
    hey here is the Cydia Winterboard Themes 2015 click here

    best Cydia Winterboard Themes 2015

    100% works and latest themes here.
    best ios 7 themes

  30. fjose says:

    do they work for iphone 5

  31. jack says:

    I have ipad mini 2 without jailbreak runs on ios 8, does these themes work on ipad air without jailbreak iOS 9.1?
    best ios 7 themes
    Best Winterboard Themes

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