Get TweetBot for iPhone: Tweet Bot iPhone App Updated for Apple Watch

Get TweetBot for iPhone: Tweet Bot iPhone App Updated for Apple Watch

The Twitter users were eagerly waiting for the feature called “Quote Tweet” which has been added to the TweetBot, a Popular iPhone Twitter Client.

TweetBot iOS Twitter client was updated with Quote Tweet feature that allows it’s users to access Twitter’s popular feature that was added by Twitter recently.

TweetBot iPhone app was uploaded to Apple app store with the latest version that costing $4.99 with a life time update and compatible for iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air, Apple Watch and Mac.

The updated TweetBot was released with numerous bug fixes and improved API to access Twitter’s new feature “Quote Tweet”.

As before Tweetbot iPhone app already got updated with the feature that was allowing users to upload videos on Twitter’s own server. Now, if you’ve installed TweetBot, you can upload video using the client.

The developer, TapBots has added the settings menu in which you can enable “Quote Tweet” for interested users. By enabling this feature, you would be able to use quote tweet rather than block text.

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  1. Samuel Lucas says:

    If you haven’t gained $4.99 benefit from Twitter, maybe Tweetbot isn’t the
    right app for you. For someone handling customer support over Twitter,
    or tracking various lists & searches as part of their work, $4.99 is
    cheap. Similarly, some people prefer to use OpenOffice for free instead
    of buying Pages or Microsoft Office. To each their own.

  2. Michael Barr says:

    It’s a twitter app. No matter how glitzy it is I couldn’t
    justify $4 for iPhone when there are significantly cheaper, albeit less capable,
    clients. Sorry guys, Tweetbot may be an awesome app but you’re
    over-selling yourselves.

  3. Bluedream says:

    Agreed. I have no interest in using anything official from
    Twitter. What they offer isn’t as elegant or enjoyable to use as 3rd
    party applications, especially the ones from TapBot. Capping 3rd party
    application usage isn’t going to automatically make Twitter’s own apps
    any more valuable or worthwhile.

    • Aidan Harris says:

      This is the problem that I have with any Twitter client. At
      some point Twitter API rules enforcement will require Tapbots to start
      showing ads in my stream (no longer allowing blocking).

      I’m not willing to pay $20 for that privilege so I’ll be revoking my Tweetbot token to help Tapbots make bank.

      I hope they’ve starting working on something new and nonsocial for iOS.

  4. Zachary Vaughan says:

    Maybe I’m in the minority, but I very rarely interact with
    Twitter using their official clients, web or otherwise. I use Tweetbot
    on iOS, Plume on Android and, for now, I’ve been using the Tweetbot beta
    on Mac OS X.

    All that said, I’m more likely to stop using Twitter than to switch to their official products.

  5. Stanley Mitchell says:

    I love Tweetbot’s service on the iPhone + iPad. It makes me
    love twitter. But, for me, $20 is a bit too much for now. I’ll stick to
    the free web client, however bleh it may be.

    • Aaron Boyd says:

      There is also an official Twitter client that is free on the
      Mac App Store. Its OK. I actually like it more now than the new iPad
      Twitter app. Talk about a HUGE step backwards. The last version of the
      iPad Twitter app was way better. But I don’t use Twitter enough to
      justify BUYING a client.

      • Chaqille Nikita says:

        Don’t know why you should go back to a web client if you can
        get something like YoruFukurou for free. Try it. It doesn’t have the
        looks of Tweetbot, but it’s as powerful.

        I was using it before the Tweetbot beta and I reinstalled it about a week or two ago.

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