Twitch iPhone App: Download Twitch++ Cydia Tweak to get Premium Features

Download Twitch Cydia Tweak for iPhone, iPad

If you’re the user who wanna watch live videos, movies or watching cricket, you need Twitch premium app for iPhone or Android device.

Twitch has some premium features so that users can enjoy seem less videos streaming on the go on your Android or iOS device. It works best on iPhone or iPad.

Twitch allows user to play exciting games as well. This iOS app is available for iOS 11.1.2 and all the previous iOS firmware. But, if you’d install it on iOS 11.1.2 or any firmware for which jailbreak available, you can download and install Twitch++ Cydia tweak.

Twitch++ allows user to get all the premium features that you were getting on Twitch iOS app with premium features.

Current version of Twitch++ is available for iOS 11.1.2 which is most updated iPhone app for jailbreak users. Using Twitch Plus, you can get unlimited songs, videos and games on the popular video streaming app.

If you want to download Twitch Cydia tweak, you need to add Cydia Source to jailbreak app store in order to search and download this useful jailbreak app.

The beta repo source is available at unlimapps repo. You need to add their repository and then tap on search, type the Twitch tweak name and then download it. If you’ve jailbreak latest version, it would be downloaded in couple seconds and installed accordingly.

The Twitch++ is highly customized tweak and has many cool features that enable or disable key features from Twitch iPhone app. It’s compatible for iPad, iPod Touch and older devices too.

Before starting using Twitch premium features, it’s necessary to configure Twitch++ Cydia tweak on your iPhone from setting penal. You can enable the features that you want and disable other features which are not in use.

So, start playing live videos, play games and do whatever you want on Twitch app for iPad or iPhone. And, if you feel any difficulty, just leave a comment below…

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  1. Kenny says:

    Good night everyone…. Dreaming “Public Jailbreak” ( Sorry just me). Again night..Night!!

    • Thanks, I can understand. I’m also sleeping with the dream of jailbreak iOS 9.3.1
      Hopping you’d join us on other posts comments too regarding Cydia tweaks and jailbreak.
      I like your comments

  2. Kenny says:

    I recently downloaded the Taig9 beta 1. It took 3k assistant and $10.00 cash to get premium which gave me untethered Cydia. And did the Ota jailbreak. This only gives you very limited unrooted apps and tweaks; really Nothing! I’m waiting for Public release of 10 or 9.3.1 full Jailbreak. If you don’t care about or don’t understand what a jailbreak can do, don’t ask me why I would want to jailbreak. Patiently waiting. Hope this year…been too long since last!

    • My friend, it seems like you’re victim of fishing, because there isn’t any official TaiG jailbreak and for your kind information, there isn’t any paid jailbreak. All the jailbreak and major top Cydia tweaks are free. By the way, from where you’ve purchased it?

  3. Ryan Peggs says:

    Why you don’t download inojb if you need true Cydia tweaks without jailbreak?

    • Kenny says:

      Oh I have Inojb. Really, if you ever had a true jailbreak, you have freedom! Any app, No more in app purchases. And if you don’t think Pangu and Taig don’t spend 100’s of hours developing this only to offer it free and Bigboss repository and others; if I get it again, I’ll never go back! Everything else is “Just another App”! Sorry, the “World awaits you on the other side; when and if it is released. Have a great day!!

  4. Kenny says:

    I need full cydia jailbreak. But 10 not ready yet. I want Bigboss, mymodi, everything that comes with it. What can I do to accomplish this iPhone 6 -9.3 , I have done he Ota but that gives no control. Scam sites are everywhere, we all know Cydia is free. Help or wait?

    • Don’t ever thought about downloading Twitch++ or any Cydia tweaks for the sites that can install Cydia without jailbreak, it may be scam or contain some vulnerable codes.
      I hope you got it.

      • Cydia itself has codings which are harmful to your iPhone

        • Curtis Licuris says:

          So, why you need jailbreak iOS 10 to get tweaks? Do you need Twitch Plus or just kidding?

        • Kenny says:

          Yes, if you don’t know what your doing, then I suggest don’t try it. I code C++ IOS platform, Number one even if you don’t; back up your iPhone to iCloud ITunes reguardless just to protect your phone in case of a crash. Always before Jailbreak, if you have a problem reset phone plug in your base computer with ITunes and your right back where you started. If you can Jailbreak (Right Version) you will Love it! Otherwise; Have a great day!!

      • Kenny says:

        Can’t get it myself..Just leave it. Have a great day!

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