Unlock7 iOS 11.1.2: iOS 11.1.2 Slide to Unlock Feature for iOS 5, 6.1.3

Do you wanna iOS 11.1.2 style Slide to Unlock functionality? Unlock7 Cydia app provides the same effect on your iOS 6.1.2, 6.1.3 and older firmware…

If you have iOS 6.1.3 or later firmware and bored with that old and the same “Slide to Unlock” button, then its time to try Unlock7 Cydia app that provides exactly iOS 11.1.2 Style Lockscreen functionality to your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This Cydia tweak is developed by Bushe.

Unlock7 was released just couple of days ago and got significant success overnight. It offers the same slide to unlock iOS 11.1.2 feature for your older firmware. This is the best opportunity, if you haven’t upgraded to iOS 9.0.3 or 7.x.x due to jailbreak issues. Until iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak is not ready, you can use this slide to unlock feature on iOS 6.

Actually, Apple was repeating the same lockscreen unlock button over again and again till iOS 6.1.4. However, iOS 11.1.2 lockscreen and slide to unlock functionality is something different than iOS 6 and later firmware.

iOS 11.1.2 Slide to Unlock Function

Now slide to unlock button has been disappeared and now you are able to unlock your lockscreen by swiping your finger left to right anywhere on the screen.

How to Change Slide to Unlock Button

You are on iOS 6, so, definitely you have jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Suppose, if you haven’t jailbreak iOS 6 or 5, use EvasiOn jailbreak. Its free and reliable.

Bushe is the author who developed this tweak and the official Cydia source for this app is “ModMyi” which is preinstalled on Cydia app store. You just need to open Cydia and tap on Sources, now tap on ModMyi repo. Search “Unlock7” and click to install. Its 100% free.

From Editor’s Desk

Unlock7 is a new Cydia tweak that’s really cool, however, it doesn’t provide complete iOS 11.1.2 lockscreen functionality such as other lockscreen features. I have recently covered a list of iOS 11.1.2 Style Lockscreen that has many Cydia tweaks that offer great features more than Unlock7.

No doubt Unlock7 is a nice app to have iOS 11.1.2 slide to unlock feature on iOS 6, however, there are still better applications available for the same.

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  1. Guest says:

    I need Slider to unlock wallpapers for my iPhone 5C

  2. Mason says:

    I missed a lot of incoming calls on the go just because of that outdated unlock slider button. I just hate it
    I was desperately wanted to change that button, thanks to Unlock7, It changed the way, I was picking up the calls.

    • iPhone Geek says:

      I had the same issues. Unlock7 has fixed all my issues related to unlock slider. Now I can unlock my lockscreen from anywhere. It just makes everything simple.
      No need to slide at the exact area. Just move your finger anywhere on the screen from left to right and your lockscreen is unlocked. That’s too simple.

  3. jack754 says:

    Interesting app, I have tried it up. It provides not only ios 7 slide to unlock effects but also the easiest function to unlock in a quicky way

    • Maria says:

      I’m not agree with you, I will still prefer to go with Jellylock. I have tested a lot of Cydia hacks for lockscreen, but Jellylock really stands out
      It just amazing slider to unlock your iPhone

      • Peter says:

        LockInfo is also a nice app, have your tested it ever before? You will change your mind.
        I have iPhone 4 runs on iOS 10 and I am using lockinfo since couple of months.

        • Travis says:

          I have tried LockInfo on my iPod Touch, It doesn’t change your iOS 6 slide to unlock button to iOS 10 style look like Unlock7.

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