VideoPane Cydia Tweak Brings Video Multitasking for iPhone, iPad

VideoPane is a jailbreak app that brings multitasking features to Videos for iPhone, iPad

Ryan Petrich is famous for creating awesome Cydia tweaks. He has created Activator which is completely free on Cydia store where are available many other tweak from his repo source which are really unique and has no competition for his quality.

Recently, he published a new Cydia tweak called VideoPane. This new Cydia tweak is dedicated to YouTube videos multitasking. In short, you can watch YouTube videos or any other videos on your iPhone without closing your navigation.

Using VideoPane iOS 11.1.2, user can configure settings, play a game or chatting on WhatsAPP for on FaceBook at the same time, he can watch YouTube video too. Yeah, VideoPane is truly the best video multitasking Cydia tweak.

The updated final version is available BigBoss repo which is paid one, however, if you’ve recently jailbroken your iPhone or iPad using iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak, you can use the free VideoPane trial beta version.

Just open YouTube and play a video, detach that video using VideoPane iPhone tweak and that’s done. Now, do whatever you want at the same time that video would be played on your screen at where you want.

Just tap that video pane and take it where you want. Just tap, hold and swipe at the top of the screen to kill that video pane completely. Isn’t it super cool tweak?

Okay then, just head to BigBoss repo and get a trial or purchase VideoPane tweak on your iPhone or iPad. It’s available for all iOS device except Apple Watch.

If you’ve any issue or confusion, comments are always opened.

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