Forcy, RevealMenu, Virtual Home and UniversalForce: The Best 3D Touch Cydia Tweaks for iPhone, iPad

The Best 3D Touch Jailbreak Apps for iPhone, iPad

Apple introduced 3D Touch on iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6S and iPad Pro. However, older devices such as iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 doesn’t include 3D Touch quick actions and features.

Other iOS devices such as iPad 4, iPad Mini, iPad Air and all other older versions of iPad models that can run iOS 11.1.2, but can’t enjoy 3D Touch features such as Quick Actions and Peek and Pop.

However, there are couple of Cydia tweaks that bring 3D features on iPhone or iPad with jailbreak iOS 9.1. Now, if you’ve jailbroken device on older iPhone or iPad, you can enjoy 3D features without purchasing iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus or iPad Pro.

The tweak developers have released brand new Cydia tweaks for 3D Touch such as UniversalForce, VirtualHome, Forcy and Reveal Menu. All of these tweaks bring 3D features.

Universal Force iOS 11.1.2 brings only Peek and Pop 3D features while Virtual Home and RevealMenu adds quick actions to older iPhone models like iPhone 6S with 3D. Now, Forcy Cydia tweak brings both of these features to your jailbroken iPhone. If you wanna full featured 3D Touch functions, download and install either Forcy or Virtual Home Cydia tweak.

Most of these tweaks can be installed from BigBoss, a popular jailbreak Cydia repo. As introductory offer, UniversalForce, RevealMenu and VirtualHome Cydia tweaks are free for limited time while Forcy can be installed after purchasing it from BigBoss repo source.

There are more than 350+ Cydia tweaks have been updated specially for iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak, if you’ve jailbroken your iPhone or iPad recently, check all of these jailbreak apps right now.

I’ve mentioned 4 best 3D Cydia tweaks here, which is your favourite 3D Touch tweak?

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  1. Maria heygate says:

    Forgot to say that my ios is 10.0.2

  2. Maria heygate says:

    I want to download forcy but dont have the cydia app. Which icon is the correct cydia app to have forcy in my iphone 6 plus and ipad air? If u can provide steps, i watched utube but it all starts w the cydia app and i dont find the cydia app with the piled up papers little icon. Thx,

    • keigo says:

      mam, clearly you don’t have any clue of what you’re trying to achieve. you need to jailbreak your device first in order to get the “cydia app with the piled up papers little icon.”

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