Vmoji iOS 10.2: The Best Keyboard Tweak for iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone

Vmoji iOS 10.2 is the app that can change your writing habit on iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPhone stock keyboard app. Vmoji7 adds more than 800 special symbols and characters…

Do you know what is the worst thing on iDevices? Its stock keyboard app whether it is iPhone, iPad Air or iPad Mini. Users miss a lot of things on this stock keyboard app, which is built in.

But there is good news, if you have jailbroken iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone or any other iDevice. Vmoji 7 update has been pushed out this week for iOS 9. Vmoji iOS 10.2 is one of the best keyboard Apps for iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone.

Good Part…

The updated Vmoji iOS 10.2 keyboard app has more than 800 symbols and special characters. User can create premade paragraph or messages that can be sent by pressing just a single key of your stock keyboard keys.

Vmoji 7 is updated with Mobile Substrate plugin, so that, Vmoji7 is faster than ever before. Its now compatible for 64-Bit iDevice too such as iPhone 5S/5C, iPad Mini 2, iPad Air etc.

Bad Part…

There is no settings to configure or no app icon yet is added for configuration. There are a free alternative tweak is available that has more features than Vmoji7 and its TouchPal English version, so, Vmoji which is available on BigBoss repo source for $2.99 is too costly.

How to Install Vmoji 7

The first requirement is jailbreak, your iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPhone must be jailbroken. A lot of users are adding below Vmoji repo source and installing it free of cost.

Add http://repo.hackyouriphone.org

Return to Cydia and look for “Vmoji iOS 9” and tap on Install.


Vmoji iOS 10.2 doesn’t have swipe keyboard such as TouchPal iOS 9. So, if you wanna speed up your writing, then try TouchPal once.


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  1. Vmoji7 is quite old, but the effective keyboard tweak. One of the best
    Cydia app for keyboard. I have tried it on my iPhone 5S, iPad Air and iPad Mini 2, It works like a charm all the time.

    I have purchased it from the official repo source, but thanks for the free repo that offers the same tweak at free of cost.

    But, the main thing is to configure it. Can anyone explain me how to configure it for the pre made messages or paragraph, I would love your help
    Vmoji7 iPad Air best keyboard app for iOS 9

    Currently, I’m trying it on iPhone 5S Vmoji iOS 10 full version

    1. which is a free vmoji repo to get it free? I have iPhone 5C iOS 10 and looking for the Free version. I don’t wanna pay for the tweak. Its just a one shot test. that’s it.
      thanks in advance

  2. Clear cydia cache, remove the source and re-add the source. cache makes your cydia slower and even error (didn’t show anything)

    vMoji7 iPad Air iOS 9

    1. But how to activate it for the first time? I don’t understand whole way of activating it by pressing 123 and press and hold any key

      I don’t know how to create message for quick use. Please help someone
      vMoji7 iOS 9, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2

  3. can you please help me with this crash report?. My phone keeps crashing but I cant figure out whats causing it and I don’t know how to read the crash report

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