vShare iOS 10 Is Seen, Download AppVV

Download vShare iOS 10 for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac…

After a long time, we’ve seen some good activity in AppVV website and forum. Perhaps, you all don’t aware of vShare forums and their helper app which is gone viral.

The users who are getting issues with their app are joining their forum application where they can get instant help with the other users who are in the same pipe line.

vShare iOS 10 is nothing but it’s new update to the app installer that works with Helper software on Windows and Mac OS X computer. Simply, if you get any issues with the app, you can head to your computer and after installing vShare Helper app, you can fix the issues related to your iPhone, Android device that has issues with vShared app.

Now when Apple has finally pushed the public beta of iOS 10 IPSW, we’ve also tried it and found some interesting features. We also found that iOS 10 finally supports vShare Pro app which was something impossible with iOS 11.1.2 and prior versions.

We’re just in focus to convey a message that you should ready with vShare iOS 10 update on your iPhone to enjoy endless jailbreak apps and of course the juice of Cydia installer iOS 10.

Of course you can’t install Cydia using vShare, but at least you can install some jailbreak apps on iOS 10 using this app and I think this is one wonderful news for the users who were missing Cydia apps.

We also want to remind you that PanGu has already demoed iOS 10 jailbreak and at least for iOS 11.1.2, they would release jailbreak. So, if you are really missing Cydia, you should wait for the PanGu jailbreak or you can enjoy vShare iOS 10 in the absence of untethered tool.

Our comments form is open where you can leave your response or ask for the download links for vShare Pro app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I need the new vShare Pro iOS 10 download

  2. Anonymous says:

    That’s great news man, I was just waiting for the update. Believe me it was not working on iOS 10 and I was afraid that I would loss all the iPhone apps which were downloaded using vShare.

    Now I can be relax as they’ve released update. I want to ask you one question that how to install vShare iOS 10 because I don’t see any update on their forum and they’ve decided to push updates directly on their portal website.

    Please help. I’ve iPhone 6S running on iOS 10.

    • Jack says:

      I got confirmed from one of the member of vShare who is in the team of development of iOS 10 update that they’re allowing some users to test vShare iOS 10 which is still in confidential beta test.

      I’m afraid that you won’t get their beta program on your iPhone yet. Most probably, you have to wait until Apple release iOS 10 public version and when they’d push the update, AppVV would release vShare download for iOS 10 and new firmware.

      I hope, I’ve replied and solved your query. Thanks

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