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vShare iOS 11.0.3 is available for iPhone 8 running on latest firmware for free…

Today, we’re talking about the most awaited app for iPhone specially for those devices that can’t be jailbreak for now. The users who wanna enjoy some jailbreak apps without getting hands into Cydia app installer, can install vShare latest version on their iPhone for free.

I was also very excited to hands on vShare because this app got some exciting updates for the new firmware that has been released by Apple with iPhone X. The app provides users to install game emulator along with those apps which can’t be installed on regular non jailbreak devices.

Normally, thousands of iOS users install vShare to get free apps those which are paid. If you’re one of those users, read this article carefully because you’d get some important information about paid apps and free applications as well.

Last week, I was browsing Apple app store that is full of free apps as well as paid too. During searches, I found that there are some paid apps which are really very impressive. Some games have really made me crazy while some apps and games where missing from App Store such as banned apps and the apps that couldn’t get the approval from Apple into their app store.

After two or three days, I downloaded vShare on iPod Touch and when I checked the database supported apps for my iPod Touch, there were some apps and games that I was searching on Apple App Store. The apps that couldn’t get approval for Apple App Store were available on vShare iOS 11 installer.

Now good part is, vShare comes with the exact interface that you get on Apple App Store. And since, this app can be installed without jailbreak, you won’t lose a single penny installing it on your iPhone 8 running iOS 11.0.3.

vShare Features:

I’d redirect your attention to the features and benefits that users get after installing this application.

  • First, you don’t need to jailbreak iPhone X which is nearly impossible these days and since iOS 11.0.3 has new file system and security features, it becomes more harder to install Cydia too. Without Cydia, vShare Helper can be installed freely on iPhone 8.
  • You get number of apps that are not available on Apple App Store, I won’t give the name of the apps because I know you’re already aware of that.
  • vShare iOS has bunch of tweaks as well as games that are paid on iPhone App Store. You can install them completely free using this app.
  • User interface and installation process are quite simple that attract many users because you don’t need to bother on complex settings and process such as jailbreaking iPhone.
  • vShare has active developer team who regularly updates apps for new iOS update.
  • vShare is free.

How to Install vShare iOS 11.0.3

Uses don’t required to jailbreak. If you’ve interest in installing this app, you can simply head to the default browser of your iPhone and search for the app. You just make sure that you want to access their official website rather than some fake vShare download sites. This is really important for you to search official v Share website.

Once you got the official site for this app, open it. You’d get two option there for download or install vShare. Either install regular or VIP app. But, note that if you’re getting trouble installing this app, I’d recommend to download vShare Helper on your MacOS or Windows PC and troubleshoot the issue causing installation error.

You can simply follow below steps…

  1. Open Safari, access
  2. Scroll down to bottom and hit download button.
  3. Tap on Regular version that is free and tap on Install.
  4. Wait until your app is installed successfully.


vShare not working on iOS 11.0.3

I found that there are some really minor mistakes that users do while installing vShare. If you’re doing the same mistakes, you may get the error.


vShare iOS 11.1: Their helper app is getting modified for the iOS 11.1.2 release. If you haven’t updated the app accordingly, please do it fast.

It may be possible that even after successfully installation, you may face vShare not opening or not accessible. I recommend users to comment below.

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