vShare Updated to iOS 9.2 for Downloading Third Party Cydia Apps Without Jailbreak

Download vShare iOS 9.2 now and you can enjoy brand new third party apps without jailbreak on iPhone, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod Touch.

Yeah, I like it, because it supports wide range of iOS devices and the same time, it works without jailbreak now. I’m quite happy now that it started working without jailbreak again.

Before, it was iOS 8.4 firmware on which vShare was working without jailbreak and we were able to download Cydia tweaks and jailbreak apps without jailbreak.

Note: I’m talking about iTransmission, GBA4iOS and other apps as Cydia tweaks and jailbreak apps. Please note that without jailbreak we can’t download Cydia apps or any jailbreak app.

However, there are certain best Cydia apps available on web which are modified to work without jailbreak using vShare. Yeah, such apps can be downloaded through vShare iOS 9.2 and can be installed without jailbreak. Those apps can be considered as Cydia tweaks or apps in the list.

So, if you’ve iPad Pro and if you think that you can’t install Cydia stuff on your iPad Pro or iPhone 6S, you can now. Yeah, there are plenty of apps available on vShare database which can be download and install on your new devices without jailbreak.

Make sure that you’ve installed iOS 9.2 firmware and you’ve downloaded and installed most current and most updated vShare app from the AppVV developer website.

Have fun and enjoy NDS4iOS – Nintendo DS Game Emulator or Movie Box app for iPhone. If you’ve any issue at all regarding installing or downloading vShare, please let me know via comments…

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  1. Michael Johny says:

    I’m quite surprised that how can we download gba4iOS and other emulators that have been referenced here with vshare? is it possible to install them without jailbreak at all on iOS 9.2 or any newer firmware???

  2. Sean Hayes says:

    I’ve one doubt that how can we install the best Cydia apps on our iOS device without jailbreak that needs jailbreak!!! Is there any loop hole that vshare is using? I mean if there is any loophole or exploits available on iOS 10, we can use it to make iOS 9.2 jailbreak untethered iPhone tool, what you say?

    • iGeek says:

      Dear noob, I’m sorry that i’m calling you noob. Actually, vshare is developed such way that it can install certain Cydia apps without jailbreak. It doesn’t mean that it can download Cydia and install it on your iPhone without jailbreak at all.

      Note one thing that the apps that are being installed using vshare are specially developed to work on iPhone and iPad without jailbreak for AppStore, but somehow, Mac developer company has rejected those apps and the app developers have no choice but to put those wonderful apps on Cydia AppStore for jailbreak device and on vShare download store for non-jailbreak device.

      This is how, vshare can download and install those apps without jailbreak, but those apps are not specialized Cydia tweaks at all.

      I hope you got it.

      • Michael Edward says:

        You replied the right way,

        • Cambel says:

          Sir, is there any way to download Cydia without jailbreak using vshare?
          I mean such as openappmkt and inocydia do to install Cydia without jailbreak?
          If there is any way using vshare or any other tool, please let me know. I can pay as much you say because I wanna show off Cydia apps without jailbreak on iPad Pro which is non-jailbreak device until now

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