WhatsApp Plus iOS 10.2 Cydia Tweak: Get Stealth Mode And Much More

iOS 9 WhatsAPP Plus Brings the most awaited features like stealth mode and sending music files to your iPhone 6. Install iPad Air, iPad Mini Cydia tweaks…

Do you wanted to hide your online status or last seen status from others on WhatsApp? If yes, then WhatsApp+ allows iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini users to put their WhatsApp conversation on Stealth mode. Not only stealth mode, there are many features like stealth mode have been available through Cydia tweak called WhatsApp+.

WhatsPad iOS 9 Pushed Out

This time, WhatsApp+ got updated for iOS 9 and iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini and all the iDevices that already have WhatsApp installed can install WhatsApp+ from Cydia app store for free. This jailbreak app has been hosted on BigBoss repo source for free.

Other Most Awaited New Features…

  1. Stealth Mode: You can enable or disable stealth mode to hide your last seen stamp.
  2. Disable Read Receipts: Nobody will get double tick even successful delivery.
  3. Night Mode: The most awaited feature has been added to this jailbreak app.
  4. Share Music: Now using WhatsApp Plus, user can send music, photo and videos too.

How to Install WhatsApp on iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPhone and iPod Touch

WhatsApp+ is available for free on Cydia app store for free. It can be installed from BigBoss repo source. BigBoss is the default Cydia repository, so just go to search and type “WhatsApp+”, that’s it.

Before installing WhatsApp+, make sure that you have install original WhatsApp app from App store, so, if you haven’t install it yet, install it first before WhatsApp+ Cydia tweak otherwise it won’t work.


Warning: Don’t update it from App Store before Developer’s confirmation.


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  1. hello.
    i just upgraded my ipad 2 to ios 9.0.1. i also did a semi jailbreak. is it possible to install whatspad using the semi jailbreak? thank you.

    1. The same thing happened to me, I just upgrade my iPhone to iOS 10 and now did semi jailbreak. Can I install WhatsApp for iPhone Plus version
      I’ve iPhone 6S Plus

  2. my iphone 4 ver10.1.2
    in cydia when i search whatsapp +
    it doesn’t show any whatsapp + app…
    is ths access on iphone 4 ver10.1.2 ???

  3. Stealth mode is not working and for dublication u can download slice from cydia it works perfect and for other whatsapp features u can use watusi bcuz in whatsapp plus update is not showing in settings so it does not worth any more till a new update arrives.

  4. I keep on getting install failures. I’ve used IPA Installer and appcake.

    I’ve redone steps 6+ a few times and same result.

    Any ideas?

  5. I installed whatsapp on my iphone 6 ios 8 . It was installed , and I can find it in my settings, however everytime I open whats, and try to open a chat with new message notification , my whatsapp closes suddenly, what is that? how to fix it ? thank you

  6. Hi Michael, I installed successfully but while every other feature works, it can’t duplicate. It runs through duplication process and says ‘COMPLETE’ but no changes afterwards. ios7.04, Iphone4s. Even installing Appsync didnt change anything. 🙁

    1. Same iOS 10 version, but on iPhone 6.

      But, with me the situation became worse.
      I started to get duplicated messages, but only one icon.
      So, I removed everything related to Whatsapp and Whatsapp+, but, after reinstalling Whatsapp from AppStore, those duplicated messages started to appear again.

      Sent e-mail to developer and got no answer. Don`t know what to do. I don`t want to restore it, because of the jailbreak situation. 😉

  7. its working perfectly on my iphone 5s but the problem is that when i plug my phone to charge it… the screen keeps on turning on and off then my phone switches so safe mode… what might be the problem in this case ?

    1. do you have installed WhatsApp plus on iPad air, iPad mini or iPhone?
      purpose you have installed it on iPhone, go to the settings and look for settings for the app. There you would see all the options for the plus version
      I hope this would help you

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