WhatsAtor, AirPlayServer, AppOnLock, EasyWakeup Full Gets Updates

Today WhatsAtor, AirPlayServer, AppOnLock, EasyWakeUp apps were released on Cydia store. BigBoss has released almost all these tweaks…

This could be a perfect start for new year, 2015. Numerous top jailbreak apps have released today. This release includes WhatsAtor, AirPlayServer, AppOnLock and EasyWakeup Full and all these tweaks have released by BigBoss Repo.

BigBoss has proved once again that it is one of the most active Cydia sources. Today, tens of apps have released under BigBoss repo source and all were superb. Here I have picked up top 4 tweaks from them for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

WhatsAtor is the best tweak of the day. Its a addon for WhatsApp app. While AppOnLock, AirPlayServer and EasyWakeup are the tweaks that can be useful in daily workout.

Take a look at those tweaks…

1 WhatsAtor: Its like addon for your regular WhatsApp app that can be downloaded from Cydia for free. It allows user to send text message from any place of your iDevice. It doesn’t have any configurable option, however, you can activate it by triple click on home button and use WhatsApp. Its works like an alert which let you know about new message from WhatsApp and allows you to respond. It is developed by iMokhles.

WhatsAtor is free hack and can be found under BigBoss Repo.

2 AppOnLock: It is developed @uGuer_FYA under BigBoss repo source. We have talked about many good LockScreen tweaks, but AppOnLock is something different from others. So, we have added it here. It allows you to add up to 5 apps on the lockscreen that can be access without unlock your idevice. These five applications can be counfigure from settings menu of the app. It will cost you $0.99.


Search AppOnLock on BigBoss repo source and install it after purchase.

3 AirPlayServer: It is developed by Iolate under “System” section. AirPlayServer is also hosted by BigBoss. Its free tweak that turn your iDevice to Airplay Speakers. It specially developed for iOS 11.1.2 and further new firmware, however, may work on iOS 5.x.x, 6.x.x too. Currently, there are no screenshot available, so, try and submit your own screenshot here.

4 EasyWakeup: It is developed under “Productivity” section by Speakus. Simply, if you wanna wake up easier, you need EasyWakeUp app. It allows you to customize the alarm for wake up time. Its paid Cydia tweak so, you will have to pay $12.99 for it.


Today, we have an app for iOS 9. It seems like, we can see a jailbreak for iOS 11.1.2 very soon. AirPlayServer is the app which is developed for iOS 9+.

iOS 11.1.2 Jailbreak: Evad3rs confirmed that evasiOn is ready to rock iOS 9.

Evad3rs announced that they can release EvasiOn, Untether jailbreak for iOS 9, anytime now. Take a look at that new…

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  1. Blamb92790 says:

    I have an iPhone 5 with iOS 6.1 and evasion JB. Paid for and downloaded AppOnLock and it will not open any of the apps from my lock screen. Anyone else have this problem? Tried respring, restarted phone, nothing is working. Pretty frustrated since I paid for an app that isn’t working.

  2. Hakuna says:

    WhatsApp alternative WhatsAtor is nice app for iPad air and iPad mini

  3. KK says:

    WhatsAtor is wonderful hack for WhatsApp. I can now send text message from anywhere I’m. It gives me alert that you got a new message and I can instantly response to it.
    Thanks for the update

    • Paylo says:

      Can I install it on my iPad Mini? I have iPad Mini runs on iOS 10 and I have installed WhatsApp using the trick posted on this blog. Can I install Wahtsator with it?

      • Michael Edward says:

        I’m sorry, not now. EvasiOn jailbreak tool has not released publicly. without jailbreaking your iOS device, you can’t install any Cydia tweak. WhatsApp can be installed without jailbreak, however, this Cydia addon works on jailbroken iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

        Please wait for month or so on for iOS 10 JB

      • Helper says:

        yes now evasiOn has been released. if you have jailbreak iDevice then you can install it on iPad air or iPad mini too

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