WhatsPad iOS 10.2 for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone

Download WhatsPad for iPad, iPod Touch to install WhatsAPP…

Normally, WhatsApp is not compatible for iPad and iPod Touch. The users need to follow some tricky steps to install WhatsApp on their iDevices especially on iPad and iPod Touch without jailbreak. WhatsPad allows to install WhatsApp easily without any settings or trick.

If you are getting error like “Error and sorry, your device is currently not support.”, then you should consider WhatsPad to get the famous messenger on your iDevice. What exactly it does is, it forces and allows WhatsApp to install on your jailbroken iDevice.

Yeah, all the users who wanna download and install WhatsPad must jailbreak their iDevices. As WhatsPad is Cydia tweak, it requires jailbreak. PanGu team has recently released PanGu9.3, which you can consider to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod Touch.

WhatsPad simply enables WhatsApp to install and run on iPad, you can try it on iPad Air, iPod Touch as many users can install it successfully. First install this tweak and then try to install WhatsApp.

It works on WiFi and WiFi+3G models. User doesn’t require to configure anything, just install WhatsPad and then try Whats App on your iDevice.


I would recommend to follow How to install WhatsApp on iPad Air, Mini, iPod Touch rather than WhatsPad jailbreak tweak, because many Cydia tweaks are not working on iOS 10.2 properly.

If you get any error, let us know.


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  1. Hey guys I’m on ios 10 and i installed whatspad and then Whatsapp everything went well it opens and you can send messages, but… you can’t receive anything only send… It show you someone messaged you on the lock screen but as soon when you open there is nothing Please help

  2. Am on ios 10 on iPad 2 and is JB I can’t install whatspad on my devices it fail and as me to return to cydia and fix it manualy am,PLS HELP ME COS I WANT TO INSTALL WHATSAP

  3. First I tried installing the app via Iphone configuration manager.the Whatsapp crashed and didn’t even start and give me any error message. All I did was using iFunBox as an installer and then installed whatspad 2.0 on my Ipad Air 1, ios ver 9. Everything is working perfectly with me now. 😀

    1. How did u get it to work on ver 10 since its not working for me on 8.1.3 🙁 , what whatsapp version did u use?

    1. u have to install whatsapp by using vshare or something else. This tweak will only let u use whatsapp not download it from the app store.

  4. Still getting the same error that my divce is not supported , and my ipad is ipad mini and using ios 8 and with whatspad 2 still nothing 🙁 should i wait newer version of whatspad , or it will be a waist of time ??

    1. Short answer : NO you only can use it in 1 device a time
      ¨Long¨ Answer : Search it in google, I believe that its a way to do it (something with WhatsApp+ I believe )

  5. WhatsPad 2.0 doesn’t work on iPod Touch 5th generation on iOS 10 nor iOS 9.1. I’m looking for alternative ways to use whatsapp, but no dice. I hope the dev/devs get on the case ASAP. Until then I’ll try downgrading to iOS 10 or lower with hopes that Apple still signs…

        1. I don’t have whatsapp so I’m trying to install it from appstore. And as we know, when I install it from appstore it comes as latest version already 🙂 So it not works for me now. When I download it gets error about not supporting

  6. WhatsPad is awesome Cydia tweak that allows us install Whatsapp iPad compatible version whether you have iPad Air or iPad Mini 2, it works

  7. It worked like a charm after getting Cydia substrate on my iPad Mini 2. That’s incredible man
    I’ve done it
    My iPad Mini 2 Retina rocks

        1. HI from which repo you get whastpad and cydia substrate for ios 7? cauuse i always failed installing whatsapp with whatspad in my ipad 2 ios 8.1 jailbreak

  8. I tried this with my iPhone 4S running ios 7.0.3 and iPad running 6.1.3. Problem is that my iPhone creates 5 files but no document and library folder in whatsPad app.
    I tried copying them in iPad whatsPad app but it still says not compatible.
    Pls help …

  9. bruv…still haven’t got an idea how it works…since i followed it step by step…when i have to finally copy it from my iPhone using IFUNBOX…it never shows me the options of downloads and the other folder…please help….!!

  10. Thank you. It worked well replicating the same account copied from the iPhone. However, to set it up with a different phone number, whatsapp requested both the old and new phone numbers. It also said the account of the current phone number will be deleted. How to go about maintaining the account in both iPhone and iPad?

  11. GUYS THIS SAME TECHNIQUE WORKS FOR BBM Messenger to work for iPod touch and iPad .. Just replace all the files and folders inside BBM app on ifunbox and boom!

  12. Works great! But once I deactivate my whatsapp in my friend’s iPhone I receive a message saying something went wrong and ask me to verify my device again and then another message pop ups saying my device is not supported. I’m using and iPad 2 wifi only

  13. I’m having trouble when i connect the itouch or the iPhone (borrowed) to my Mac. It’s not coming up under devices. It opens in itunes but without it coming up on the computer i can’t move the files. any advice?

  14. Doesn’t deleting whatspad from my iphone delete all the messages too? :/ I’ve done that before and after downloading it again, the messages weren’t there and it didn’t give me the option to restore them…

  15. To those who fail, did u copy the two folders or not, before u open the apps?

    To the video poster, i wanna ask if the number we use for wechat have to be the same one with the iphone one?

  16. I got it on my ipad 4, ios 8.1 but when I open it say ” Error and sorry, your device is currently not support. so what can I do? please suggest me.

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