Today’s Jailbreak Apps iOS 11.1.2: WiPi, iCaughtU, FlipLaunch, ShadowSocks and LandscapeVideo for iOS 9

Today, there were WiPi, iCaughtU, FlipLaunch, ShadowSocks and LandscapeVideo tweaks new release. All these apps are especially updated and developed for iOS 9.x and are compatible for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Air, iPad Mini…

iOS 11.1.2 Untethered Jailbreak has released, a lot of new developers and existing creators are releasing new Cydia apps, tweaks and hacks especially for iOS 9.x. As all we know, Cydia is adjusting itself for the new change and it seems like, we will see a lot of new Cydia tweaks and apps in upcoming days. Its better to subscribe free email updates for the new apps notifications via email.

My favorite app of the day is WiPi, it removes signal strength of the WiFi picker. Since, iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak has released, all apps and tweaks are for iOS 11.1.2 and further new firmwares. Of course, you can use them on older firmwares like iOS 6.x and 5.x

Today’s Cydia Tweaks



1 iCaughtU: Itay is the developer and creator of iCaughtU and iCaughtU Pro. It is the perfect app for your iDevice security. If you have this tweak, nobody can steal your phone. iCaughtU and iCaughtU pro simply takes a snapshot from front camera, if the password is entered wrong. You can easily configure iCaughtU from the settings menu for more features and information like map location and other details. It can be found under BigBoss Repo source as free app.



2 WiPi: It is the best new WiFi tweak that removes the signal strength limit from the WiFi picker. It is compatible for iOS 11.1.2 and adds WiFi picker to the activator. You can enable or disable WiFi just within a few taps. WiPi is 100% free Cydia app that can be downloaded from BigBoss repo source.

3 FlipLaunch: It is developed by Jack Willis and hosted under BigBoss repository. Another great app from BigBoss at free of cost. FlipLaunch works on FlipSwitch framework. All the apps and tweaks that work on FlipSwitch framework, they would work with FlipLaunch. It adds quick app launcher to your iDevice. It was so quick to launch your favorite app ever before.

4 LandscapeVideo: It is created by Xeros and again hosted by ModMyi repository. Its a free tweak that forces orientation to landscape mode. Its useful especially when landscape lock mode is activated. You can enjoy video in landscape mode without turning off lock mode.

5 ShadowSocks: Its just like SSH tunnel that creates secure proxy. Its a free tweak that has been hosted under BigBoss repo source. Its a free jailbreak tweak.


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This is the best out of best to get the most out of your jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Air, iPad Mini…

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  1. Guest says:

    I wanna iPad Mini jailbreak apps for new year 2015 Christmas related

  2. manny says:

    I subscribed your email updates of new apps, but somehow I didn’t get any new tweaks yesterday.
    Today there where 5 new jailbreak apps, why?

  3. john carl says:

    I was looking new apps 2015 for my iPad Air, Is there any? iPad Air Cydia tweaks? 8.1

  4. peter ben says:

    WiPi is really a wonderful app despite its newest tweak for iOS 9,
    iOS 10 rocks 2015

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