Open App Mkt Gives Application Errors: Gone Shut Down or Just Server Issues iOS 10.2

We have monitoring Open App Mkt and found that it is facing “Application Error” and not working properly. The large number of fans are looking forward to fix this issue…

Since couple of days, a lot of users reporting Application error for OpenAppMkt website. We are getting large number of request to fix the issue. I would like to clear one thing here that we are neither affiliated with them nor associated in their activities. We are just providing news that we know confidently.

We had tried to contact admins of the site, the reply was that they are working on fix. Openappmkt has great amount of registered users and as well as guest. Its not good for the site to take down at this stage. Suppose, if it is a server issue, it will put huge impact on Search Engines for rankings.

What is OpenAppMkt?

If you are new there and don’t know what is it, I would like to introduce it. Open App Mkt is most famous app store. Their Cydia installer, Siri tweaks and games for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch are too popular.

However, most of the users always complain that all those packages never work on iOS. The developers claim that user can use those packages without jailbreak your iDevice.

It seems like that could be one of the most correct reason why its not working. I have noticed that we can still access their help page. If you have any query or suggestion for them, you can contact them at

How to install Cydia on iOS 10.2 without Jailbreak

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  1. I have heard OpenAppMarket have completely shutted down over the past few months, however they reported they MAY make it back and running again if not try it on your PC Or Mac, or try buying the full version not Free go on the offical website, Regarding to what they reported it may come as good news in the future.

  2. I dont think it works on iOS 10 so try it on iOS 6 -10.11 if not try contacting the owner then reporting the error !! 🙂

    1. I’m not sure about the exact timings, however, I have seen some movement from the developers over the web regarding open app mkt app
      Most probably, it would be online within three or four upcoming months

  3. I just heard it and I feel like I was missing something good for my ipod for everything I could do so FIX IT OWNER PPPPPPPLLLLLLEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSEEEEEEEEEEE

  4. Most of the iPhone games, apps have stopped working since last week,
    I had posted about 20 posts on their help page, but answer was blank
    my most of the ask had no reply from the officials

  5. Hey same application error here too. I’m trying it since couple of days, its not working anymore. I wanted to download games from their website.
    I tried Google Chrome, Firefox mozilla, internet explorer

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