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xCydia iOS 11/11.1: Install Cydia on iPhone Without Jailbreak

Install Cydia iOS 11 without Jailbreak even on iPhone older version and iPad…

Having iPhone, you may want to install Cydia as well. As jailbreaking is like having a expert device that has many utility, tweaks and jailbreak apps, many users love to install it’s App Store application for just to show off.

Now, I’m gonna talk about xCydia aka X Cydia that is so called alternative to original jailbreaking app. Users who have tried this app say that you can actually download paid apps without spending any money on purchase.

While some users say that xCydia works brilliantly on iOS 11 without having jailbreak. Its unbelievable as we’ve seen many popular apps such as OpenAppMkt, iNoCydia, vShare, iNoJB, Mojo Installer and many more than that, but none of these jailbreak apps work like original Cydia installer.

Many users consider as AppCake, HipStore, 25PP and Kuaiyong alternative, but I never found such games, apps and tweaks on XCydia ever that we can install using above listed names of apps.

So, Why you should download XCydia?

You can still download X Cydia and install it if below conditions meet in your case…

  • You’ve iPhone, iPod touch or iPad that can’t be jailbroken.
  • You’ve device that can’t handle Cydia iPA installer app for some reasons.
  • You just wanna show off the installer app.

How to install xCydia?

So, if you don’t have jailbreak to play original Cydia app, its time to have fun with XCydia. You can download it once you’ve activated WiFi or mobile internet network and follow steps that I’m gonna tell you.

You’d add X Cydia on your home screen and thus, you need internet connection to get it…

  • You’d need Safari to access their website.
  • The website on Safari browser would ask you to tap on Install button. You want to tap on it.
  • The next step would force you to create X Cydia profile on your device.
  • Once you’ve added profile and enabled Passcode, X Cydia would be added to your home screen.

Make sure that the app icon is added to your springboard or not. Once its there, you can tap on it and start downloading your favourite jailbreak apps or games.

My personal experience says X Cydia is good for show off, but if you want to install iFile, BioProtect, Eclipse or Winterboard like apps, you need to download Cydia with iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak.

You can comment if you wanna jailbreak your iPhone…