xSellize Repo – A Must Have Cydia Source

xSellize is most wanted game source. You can find a lot of games, apps and tweaks for free. Just add it and have fun!”

There are a lot of users I have seen who are actually game lovers and wanted to jailbreak their iOS just, because of installing Cydia.xSellize.com repo. That’s quite interesting because how can somebody jailbreak only for repository!

Update: xSellize Alternatives

However, I would like to add here that xSellize source has been active since a long time now and the fact is this repo never went shut down ever before. Despite of a large number of users, their server have managed all of them and serves a great quality tweaks, apps and game emulators.

Cydia.xSellize.com is the official repo source for their download server. The large number of useful tweaks, apps and game emulators make it most famous in teanagers. If you wanna add xSellize repo, then you need to have jailbroken iOS.

Cydia.xSellize.com Requirements

Well, if you have iOS and want to install tweaks, apps and games, you must jailbreak your iDevice to remove all the restrictions that are imposed by Apple. xSellize also requires jailbroken Cydia device. There is no use of this source without it.

#1 Your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch must be jailbroken. xSellize can’t work on non jailbroken iDevices.

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#2 Your jailbroken iTouch device must have Cydia. I would like to add here that you will need to add this repo source in order to download and install tweaks, apps and games.

How to Add xSellize Source

If you have used jailbroken iTouch device, you are well aware of how to add source package. No? Okay. Follow me…

#1 Once you have jailbroken iOS with Cydia installer, you can add as many repos as you want. First open Cydia. Now tap on Manage, Sources, Edit and Add.


#2 Add http://cydia.xsellize.com. Now go to sources section and tap on xSellize Repo that we have added in this step and search whatever you want.

Note: Cydia.xSellize.com has been added successfully, now you can search xSellize source for Cydia apps, tweaks and hacks.


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  1. Host unreachable,cached failure,unable to fetch packages and index files failed to download too….wtf the repo’s got to be dead ???
    Cuz this is all I get 🙁

  2. error ; the indicated repository could not be found. this could be because you are trying to add a legacy installer repository (these are not supported). also, this interface is only capable of working with exact repository URLs

    can someone please help??

    1. Did you tried the correct xSellize repo? I mean if you type wrong spelling, Cydia installer won’t allow you to download or add repo source. You should think about it.

  3. Wow, this is the best cydia source to get free apps man. I just added xsellize and it starts delivering free apps to my iPhone.
    I can’t tell you how i installed 6 paid apps for free using x sellize repo

  4. xsellize is not loading properly onto my 8.1 version “wow, you exceeded the number of package names this APT is capable of.
    Problem with MergeList
    The package list or status file could not be parsed or opened” what do I do?

    1. @EMTBush try deleting a source that you’re not using. This problem mostly occurs when you’ve added too many sources OR a source that u’ve added has too many files in it. delete a source or two and then try adding xsellize again.

  5. Which are the best apps and games from xSellize repo source?
    I’ve iPad Air and i wanna iOS 10 apps. Do you prefer any xSellize apps?

  6. I have iPad Air 2 and iOS 10 installed in it. I wanna download themes to customize it. My iPad is already jailbroken, is there any theme section in cydia.xsellize.com repo source?
    Please help me, I need some cute themes…

  7. I like one thing about this source that it’s free one. I have seen many top repos are charging huge money for their tweaks.

  8. Hi I am Elijah,
    Is there any good alternative to xSellize repo for game related stuff out there?
    I am a game lover and I can’t live without it.
    Please help

    1. Hi Elijah,
      Why you don’t try Appcake. It has also wonderful collection of games, apps and tweaks. it also offers the same server resources as xSellize source.
      I’m using appcake from a long time back.

  9. What type of games xSellize repo offers? I have iPhone 4S runs on iOS 10 and want to play online games. Should I have to jailbreak? Is there any option to get this source without jailbreaking iOS iOS 9.1?

    1. Without jailbreaking you can’t add this repo. simple thing, no jailbreak no cydia.
      Oh yeah, there are many games they offer that includes game boy, Nintendo 64 and NES game collection.
      They offer games based on emulators too. You can find many of good paid games at free of cost using this source.
      xSellize repo is the best for every iOS users who are addicted to games.

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