YouYuanApp iOS 11.1.2: Download the Best Cracked Apps and Jailbreak Hacks

Youyuanapp is Chinese application that is not available in English version. But develops useful jailbreak hacks for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

While browsing the jailbreaking community, you’ve heard about TongBu, iTong Push, Kuaiyong and 25PP which are also Chinese app developers and have developed many useful applications.

Youyuanapp is the best alternative to iAP Patcher and other in-app purchase cracker. The developers in Youyuanapp have created a useful jailbreak hack which is known as iAPCrazy.

Today while updating packages in our Cydia repository, we got update for iAPCrazy which is in-app purchase cracker and that is developed by Youyuanapp.

After collecting each data set, we came to know that they’ve separate iAPCrazy repo, forum and website that is updating various products that they’ve developed.

But, everything listed on their repo and website is available only in Chinese language and normal users can’t read or get up to date data in English language.

We decided to clear few things about Youyuanapp iPhone app…

  • Youyuanapp is not available in English
  • Youyuanapp has created various iPhone apps and iAPCrazy is one of them.
  • iAPCrazy and Youyuanapp, both are jailbreak apps.

So, if you’ve changed your mind and you’ve decided to go for vShare or HipStore which is available in English language with all these apps available for free, you can just search the blog and you’d get a bunch of tweaks available for vShare and other jailbreak apps.

Try Kuaiyong iOS 11.1.2

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  1. Is there any way to download youyuanapp for iPhone?

  2. I want to participate in Youyuanapp forum. Can I get the registration code from their forum. I couldn’t find the registration code from their web forum. Please help me to download iAPCrazy iOS 9

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