CCSettings Cydia Tweak: One of the Best Control Center Tweak

CCSettings iOS 11.1.2 is compatible with the latest jailbreak…

The most current jailbreak is just released and many useful Cydia tweaks have been updated to this jailbreak. CCSettings is also one of those jailbreak apps that were lucky to get update.

If you’re looking for best control center tweaks, you don’t want to miss this tweak as its free, useful and have all the basic controls to configure your control center.

CCSettings tweak brings custom toggles that is impossible to add some other way. So, it would be the best option available for you if you wanna some custom toggles such as GPS, Mobile Data settings turn on or off and such other toggles.

If you know, you’re getting some default toggles on your control center such as Do not disturb, Wi-Fi, Airplane Mode, Bluetooth and other. In daily usage, I never use Bluetooth so it’s useless toggle for me and covers main part of my control center. I can add mobile data or other toggles such as location service instead of that using CCSettings Cydia tweak.

This way, CCSettings does some incredible jobs that other tweaks can’t do. You can add more than five toggles on your control center. So, if you’ve added more than five toggles, you can swipe left or right to access those toggles easily.

CCSettings repo is BigBoss and can be installed completely free from that repo source. You won’t need to add any repo source to get it free. Just search this tweak on App Store from where you can install it completely free.

I’ve attached screenshot of CCSettings below that looks amazing:


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