GBA4iOS Download Links: Install GBA iPhone Game Emulator Without Jailbreak iOS 10.2 on iPad, iPod Touch


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  1. thanks
    after I read your blog, I tried this thing mention by you and successfully installed this emulator

    1. try alternatives, it’s better to play another game rather than GBA because gba4ios emulator is not working without Jailbreak

      I just tried it on my iPad runnung on ios 10 many times but after failed, I moved to another stock iPhone game emulator

    1. Meine wirklichen Tops waren:- Cleanskin (TOP Spionage Thriller; recht realistisch.. naja, unter Aci-mn-FilmiPräotsse – God Bless America (nicht nur oberflächlich, sondern tatsächlich mit etwas Tiefgang)

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