Cyfix can fix all your Cydia crashing errors. You just need to search Cyfix in any default sources and install it without GUI. Run it.

The developers have to modify entire Cydia source code to make it work on new firmware. The development needs long process and editing many files. It might possible that in some cases, Cydia might not work properly.

Recently, PanGu has announced that Cydia is not working with iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak tool. Saurik, a developer of Cydia, needs to modify it to make it work on iOS 11.1.2 and newer firmware.

However, most of the errors are common and can be fixed simply. But, its depend on the error. Since iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak release, we are getting couple of Cydia errors that we wanna discuss here.

Cydia can handle only 65535 packages. BigBoss, ModMyi, ZodTDD etc. are the default sources. They contain more than 40,000 packages. So, now you have only 25535 packages left to add. Suppose, you have added more than total 65535 packages, you will get “Wow, you exceeded the number of package names this APT is capable of” error. In this case, you have to remove default sources or any other sources that you have added before and now you are not using them at all.

Cydia Not Working – Other Possible Errors:-

1 Cydia not working: If you have recently jailbroken your iOS device and installed Cydia. It might possible that it is not installed properly, in this case, it won’t work. Try to Uninstall it and Reinstall Cydia from official deb file.

2 Cydia not opening: Cydia works on servers. It might possible that its not opening due to heavy traffic load. Try to open it again after some time. I would recommend that reboot your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and try to open it.

3 Cydia Crashing: The most common reason for crashing is, one or more package files have been corrupted. I would suggest to Update Cydia installation to prevent this error.


Comment can be a best solution to get rid of Cydia crashing. Just leave a comment with the query or the error which you are getting, we will try to solve it…


Cole says:

  1. I got cydia just fine but I can’t install anything on cydia! 🙁

  2. Cole says:

    I can’t install anything on cydia 🙁

  3. CHAD says:


  4. Red says:

    I cannot update Cydia or download any tweaks plz fix

  5. Brad says:

    Cydia only crashes when I click on Sources or More Package Sources so I can not add the other packages I need to use. I have tried Reload, no error is displayed. Heartles187 at yah00

  6. Hunter says:

    I installed Cydia into my phone around a week ago. When I did, everything was fine, but then yesterday and today, I went to use it and all of the packages were gone and I couldn’t get any back. Note the fact that I still had all the apps from cydia too. But when I try to download something to delete the apps or to delete cydia, there is nothing to do it. So if anyone knows how to fix this and would like to answer my question please contact me at 4077447005. Thank you 🙂

  7. Caleb anglin says:

    So every time I download or erase a tweak it says it installed but it just stays on loading for forever and the option to restart springboard never comes up and it ends up not installing. What do I do?

  8. Queen says:

    It downloaded fine, but I cannot access anything. Clicking on any given button results in no action. Please advise I have iPhone 7 on iOS

  9. Jonathan says:

    My cydia search option is grey out, any reason why?

  10. Jonathan says:

    My cuida search option is grey out, any reasons why?

  11. Brandon says:

    I was in the middle of loading up Cydia when my friend sent me that bad text that has been going around, and cydia wont work for me. I can’t go into cydia because the second I load the app, it crashes. Please help

  12. Macks says:

    For me Cydia was working perfectly until I downloaded s tweak for ig. The phone started in safe mode and all my tweaks were gone. Now, Every time I download a tweak and restart spingboard my phone starts up in safe mode. As soon as I unlock my phone safe mode turns off but I can’t get any tweaks because they are removed when I enter safe mode. Anybody know wat 2 do?

  13. Belinda says:

    I jail broke my iPad and everything was fine. One day it died and wouldn’t reboot so I rejailbroke it using my computer. Everything went fine but the cydia icon is missing. I can access Cydia using safari by going to cydia:// but I can’t actually access those tweaks so it’s jail broken but won’t work. Any help??

  14. Manjit says:

    Hey I have uploaded jailbrek and Cydia though pangu
    Than enable WhatsApp web but my WhatsApp not opening
    What shoul I do please

  15. Chase says:

    For some reason whenever I am currently jail broken whenever I exit an app my phone does a fast restart thing pls help

  16. Is there someone having issues jailbreak iOS 10? I’m if you’re member of PanGu jailbreak forum and have tested Cydia on iOS 10 iPhone or iPad, you may know the best thing about it.

    I’m getting some emails requesting to solve Cydia not opening iOS 10 jailbreak error. They’ve got the working jbreak via PanGu app exclusively via their forum.

    If PanGu not opening error is occurring in your case, please report.

    Note: I’m not talking about iOS 10, I’m discussing about iOS 10 PanGu jailbreak. Please consider iOS 10 firmware to fix this issue.

  17. ronak says:

    i have only 4 repo then also cydia is not showing any pakages

  18. ronak says:

    cydia is not showing app in any of the sources please help how to get rid of it

  19. Konfuzedrae says:

    I’ve installed Cydia using the Pangu method and when I launch it it gives me
    Could not open file /var/lib/dpkg/status – open (2: no such file or directory)
    The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.

    Please help

  20. Smac says:

    Hey can someone please tell me what the problem is I keep getting a “usr/Libexec/Cydia/cydo”error when trying to install certain new apps or apps I had before…

  21. chris says:

    i just used the app to jailbreak my phone it worked but cydia opens and then immediatley crashes

  22. Clarissa says:

    So I installed Cydia through pangu and it’ll work for like a week and then it won’t open at all and I already uninstalled it and reinstalled it but it keeps not opening after a few days

  23. wcquinn says:

    I jailbroke last night and all was fine. I went to install BiteSMS and it crashed my Cydia. OK no problem, I could launch in safe mode and open Cydia and uninstall the corrupted file EXCEPT iOS 10 jailbreak is TETHERED… So what can I do now? I am trying to restore my iPhone 6S on iOS 10 to a new phone set-up in iTunes but when I click the restore and upgrade button it gets stuck after extracting software on “waiting on iPhone” and this usually results in my screen staying completely black and iTunes giving me Error 4005. I can get my phone back to working order with Pangu app gone but Cydia and Activator are still present and I can’t for the life of me restore my phone at all. Any help is much appreciated!

  24. Alan Aurmont says:

    I’m on iOS 10 iNOjb and Cydia not working even it’s not opening at all. I was searching to solve the error that causes it and found that we can install Cydia installer without jailbreak using openappmkt, can we download that as alternative to jailbreak?

  25. Guenter says:

    Thanks cydiasources.Net! This helped my iPhone. 🙂

  26. Hextech says:

    This happened to my iPhone 6 as well iOS 8.3 and my iPad is iOS 9.1

  27. Hextech says:

    I downloaded the pp assistant and every single package disappeared any1 know what to do?

  28. Dexter Teh says:

    My setting lost all the tweaks.. Now all my tweaks is not function pls help .. I’m running on i6 plus 9.1.. Now I Don’t know what to do

  29. Bob Bob says:

    I’m on ios 10 and I just jailbroke and when I open cydia it says to udate and I do, but at the end of the update cydia crashes and I cant download anything from added sources. It says to run apt-get update at the bottom but I’m not sure what to do. Can anyone help

  30. Klaas-Jan Huntelaar says:

    Im getting a GPG error, signatures were invalid, nodata 1 nodata 2.

  31. Nelli Jeanne Lucus says:

    I can’t even open cydia! please help!

  32. Chris Chavez says:

    I’m having the same problem as Jaun Luis …

    when running Debian Packager i get the same error code

  33. juan luis says:

    as did the jailbreak, I went all well but when I get a tweak download: sub-procces / usr / libexec / cydia / cydo returned an error code (2) what should I do? I can not install any tweak !!

  34. Raahim Vaquas says:

    please help

  35. Raahim Vaquas says:

    when i install ifile it stucks on running debian package and return to cydia ios 9

  36. Marcelo says:

    my cydia kept crashing when i pushed up, down or put my phone on silent on any app. im running 9.1. so i started to delete what i installed. it started to work until i deleted on file that i downloaded (can’t remember the name) and then a pop up came up and said it is unsafe to delete. but my phone was still crashing so i deleted it. when i did my phone reset itself and then it was back to normal. only difference was that the cydia app was gone only 3k remained. so tried to reinstall which worked but when i go to individual sources like rep.hackyouriphone.orn it wouldn’t add. now i have cydia but i can’t install any jailbreaks 🙁

  37. Jakhongir says:

    my cydia is not showing packages, it is just empty . I rejailbreaked but it didn’t help. What can I do?

    • Nicholas Goh says:

      Im having the same problem. its not showing packages and sources. When i add a new source it shows me an error. when i uninstall a tweak it shows me error. the whole thing is not functioning anymore. I dun have iFiles downloaded from cydia yet and i couldnt access the directory files to make proper corrections. I NEED HELP !

  38. Trey says:

    When I download something like bootlogo or ichangeslide or something like that, that goes to the settings it always says error loading preference bundle and idk why. Help? I am on 9

  39. Remi RC says:

    Every time I try to install any tweak it goes through the whole process but gets stuck when it says loading I am trying to install cydia impacter so I can get rid of the jail break help???

  40. Tiffanie says:

    I have an iPad mini 2 running iOS 8.1.2 and I jailbroke it awhile ago. Until recently, everything was working fine. In the past couple of days, I have been unable to get any new downloads to work. Specifically, I have been searching for a free, unobtrusive wether widget, but all the ones I try to download do not show up at all. Not where they should be, and not in settings. Cydia says they are downloaded, but that’s the only cog working properly. What am I doing wrong?

    • The AppleTechBros says:

      Ok if you jail broke with PP you must restore update and jailbreak TaiG iOS 10 on windows or their new Mac tool. Do not jailbreak with PP on Mac though. If you have a Mac Jailbreak with TaiG and there new tool. Have windows? Then do everything but install TaiG on that iOS 9

    • Jayce says:

      Thanks for your thhtsoug. It’s helped me a lot.

  41. jd says:

    I add a lot of sources and search tweaks, it didn’t bring up any tweaks to download

    • The AppleTechBros says:

      Removal a lot of your sources. Sometimes when you have to many it will overload cydia and packages won’t show up

  42. Nicholas B says:

    Please help

  43. Nicholas B says:

    Whenever I try to install a package, it goes to the black background with all the words and stuff like installing Debian or whatever, finally it says installed “package name” but then it just gets stuck on loading.

    • The AppleTechBros says:


      • Marty says:

        what is the process of re-jailbreak, itunes won’t let me restore. error 3194. (its not the local host file). when i open pagua 10 v 1.3.1 says already jailbroken. everytime i load cydia it shows in the changes tab that new”cydia installer” from Unknown / local (packaging) graphical iPhone front-end for APT. also when i try to download an app when running Debian Packager having same problem when running Debian Packager i get a code in red sub-process / usr / lib exec / cydia / cydo returned an error code (2), also when i try to download a source it says timed out or can’t verify Url. how can i save my jailbreak?

  44. MJ Dizon says:

    Why does my Cydia seems to not work properly after a few days after I jailbroke my device. Im using iphone 5s in ios 10 version. My problem is I can’t finish installing tweaks/removing tweaks on my cydia now. It always stucks on the process. Please help

  45. Cris says:

    My Cydia says the cannot locate package even though I have t even touched any thing in their I haven’t even downloaded anything Cydia u failed me 🙁

  46. Ethan says:

    I tryed Cydia and then my phone turn off for no reason and then I turn it back on then my Cydia and App Store, mail, camera is now gone

    • Dungeon jb says:

      Same here I installed the air blue sharing and after the reboot all of my downloaded apps from App Store including the tweaks from cydia and most importantly the pangu/pp app r gone which means I can’t rejailbrake after reboot and the cydia is not opening im stuck and i dnt wish to restore the phone”the pain of having to download all apps from the app store is unbearable”

  47. John says:

    I downloaded cydia on my iPhone 5s on iOS 10 and after adding sources it still will not bring up any tweaks to download.

  48. Morgan Fuller says:

    I have a Iphone 6 I updated to ios 10 and jail broke it with the taiGJBreak_EN_2200. the jailbreak was successful, but after a couple days cydia starts crashing as well as any installed apps. I think its also causing problems with incoming calls. I’ve restored the phone and re-jail broke it again successfully. but after a couple of days, i get the same problems.

    • The AppleTechBros says:

      Ok make sure when you jailbreak that you have airplane mode turned on and find my iPhone turned off and sign out of icould. Restore again and try doing these things and also make sure you have iTunes 12.0.1 or it might now be successfull

    • Johnie says:

      Thanks for meinointng the “NYC Traffic Camera” mashie. Please note that it has recently been upgraded to include A9 Blockview photos. Wow! Catchy new name too..

    • pm says:

      if u have find a fix for this

    • pm says:

      u find fix for this problem… incoming calls ?

  49. Ghost says:

    I updated Cydia and now it crashes when I try to open it. I tried using MTerminal and rejailbreaking with Taig and nothing worked. Help? I’m on 9.1.

  50. Anonymous says:

    i try to open Cydia and it crashes. and i already installed tweaks

    • Jaxon says:

      Thanks for your comments, Loreto. Keep on making those healthy choices but we all need a bit of a treat now and them. Helps to keep us moetavitd.

  51. Ajay Shub says:

    Unable To load ( A Server With the specified hostname could not be found)

  52. Joey Brollini says:

    Whenever I try to download something from Cydia it says it finished but then it gets stuck loading I have even left it for hours loading and it will still be stuck at the black screen with all the worlds where it says whats downloading.

  53. Napovlee says:

    I just jailbreak my iPhone 6 plus and I tried to install activator tweak then my cydia got crashed and every time I open it show warning iOS – crash report
    Thanks for help solve

  54. Michael Vincenti says:

    ment to say cydia

  55. Michael Vincenti says:

    I had cystic working fine on iOS 10 but now every time I go on it it says loading and crashes so I can’t get ifile what do I do

  56. Osama says:

    Help me guyes ive a problem ive downloaded the prefect cydia but when i downloaded the things like winterbord and zeppilin there things didnt aper in the settings what should i do please help

  57. Helpme says:

    Help I installed cidia but don’t have a cydia Id so it just says the content is locked

  58. Tim Allen says:

    Congrats we have same problem but I hav temporary solution reboot in SAFEMODE but 1st turn off then turn on while holding volume up button then AppStore will work and Cydia won’t be stuck

  59. Tim Allen says:

    I can’t install tweaks without being in SAFEMODE the manual way holding the volume up button then tweaks work also it takes 2mins to boot up from power off

  60. jeoscool says:

    i jailbroke my ipad 1st generation but the cydia app is blank and wont open itll flash like its about to open but wont itll remain on the home page..someone know why this is?

  61. Brandon says:

    i just jailbroke my ipod 5th generation with PP and when i open up cydia it says i need to upgrade a tweak, but everytimei try to upgrade it give me the error ( sub-process /user/bin/dpkg returned an error code 2.) somebody please help it wont let me download any tweaks or do anything with cydia.

  62. Donroach18 says:

    I jailbroke my iPhone 6 and I have never oped cydia yet but it keeps on crashing when I try! Help please!!

  63. Fitz says:

    I just jail broke my 5s and I tried downloading some tweaks but it say the package cannot be found and that I might need to download more sources.

    I also noticed that bigboss wasn’t already installed, what should I do?

  64. vanessa says:

    i also keep getting the sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2) for ios 10 how can i fix this??????????

    • x says:

      for those who have yet to encounter this, try d/l “icleaner pro” and clean ur cydia app…

      for u vanessa, have you d/l ‘ifile’… if so, find the dpkg folder and clear the broken d/l… as a precaution, pls move files to trash instead of deleting straight away…

      • Jackson says:

        Lol well I get the same error code on my iPod and litterally everything, including updates, I cannot install, and I just jailbroke my iPod 5 (iOS8.4) using TaiG, and I cant even do anything with it… so how can i fix this if I cant even install ifile to fix this error??!

      • Lawanda says:

        Malén, las preguntas son disparadoras. En cada caso, se responderán algunas. No siempre todas. Y otras nuevas ta©.aÃmnbLeindro, ¡gracias por la observación! Ya lo edito. Es que cuando adapté este trabajo a las circunstancias de este año, se me coló una parte de la propuesta del año pasado. No hay que esperar a la próxima clase. Es todo esta semana.Cariños a los dos.

  65. Ruben says:

    My cydi works but whenever i download any tweak it brings up that sub proccess error & i cant even download cyfix

    • x says:

      did u install any repositories….? delete try deleting those…

    • Millicent says:

      semoga cepat sembuh.. tabahkan hati..kuatkan semangat… dekatkan diri pada yang esa..ini bkn utk kak abby sorg.. tapi utk semua… peace!!laff u&ol032;We8l-l#ved.

  66. Nicholi says:

    Downloaded cydia but it said there was an error . Cydia is on the and seems to work for the most part but when I download certain tweaks they work and others download but never work. Any suggestions?

  67. Jeremiah says:

    How do I fix a sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2) for ios 10 on my iPod? Every time I try to download a package or update my Bourne-Again SHell it pops up with the error. Help me

  68. Nhgnghgnhtnf says:

    I used Taig to jailbreak my iOS 10 iPad 4. It gives the error “Sub-Proccess /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)” whenever it runs the Debian Packager

  69. Josh says:

    what do i do if it shows this error message “sub-process / usr / bin / dpkg returned an error code (2)” i used pangu 8 to jailbreak my 4s

  70. Justin says:

    Go in pangu app delete Cydia installer and reinstall using pangu app again works for me

  71. Dnims Mahrzn says:

    Cydia crashing on launch, please help!!!!!

  72. Cool says:

    Modmyi doesn’t really work 🙁 anyway I need Modmyi. Someone plz help

  73. Help says:

    my ipad isnt even opening :/ i tried updating, and it crashed and wont work.. i’ve waited 5 days and it hasnt died..

    • x says:

      have u tried tinyumbrella…? or do a hard reset… anyway, been 4 months… think you’re able to solve it by now…

      cheers mate…

  74. Cody meyer says:

    My Cydia worked for about 2 or 3 days and than just today it started crashing ehen i open it and ive tryed everything i could under ifiles and stuff please help me

  75. SOMEONE says:

    i found out it was a source or something

  76. SOMEONE says:

    my ipad crashes when i go in to a folder with my games once i scroll to the left side it crashes and sometimes wont even start again!

  77. cody says:

    i got a tweak that seems to have broken cydia, every time i try to open cydia it shows just the white page but it doesnt say loading, and the home button wont close it, and im forced to reboot my device. Please help!

  78. Oscar says:

    Hi, i’ve jailbroken my phone yesterday but it keeps giving me about packages not compatible on every single thing I try to download, is it because I downloaded Cydia wrongly or something?

  79. Super says:

    How about iphone 4 ios iOS 9.1

  80. Helper says:

    how to fix Cydia for iOS 9.0.5?

  81. Nipun says:

    Cydia is unable to connect to internet due to http proxy! Any suggestions???

  82. Rami says:

    hi i have jailbreaked my iphone 4s running ios8.1 everything is ok cydia is also running but when i try to install any tweak it give sme usr/bin/dpkg error(2) i am not able to upgrade the apt tool neither the cydia installer i tried to re-jailbreak my iphone it didnt work.

  83. Guest says:

    How did it disappear, the only way to get rid of Cydia is to restore an original firmware from iTunes. If you don’t have it, you will have to run through the jailbreak process again (using pwnage for mac, or winpwn for windows)

  84. Elias Bonapartis says:

    How can I reinstall Cydia? Do i need to jailbreak again from scratch? I’m totally confuse and now I need your help to get rid of these errors.
    Wow, you exceeded the number of package names this APT is capable of

    • Azia says:

      If you want to re-install Cydia and you have the jailbreak “blackra1n” then go to home and find the blackra1n icon on your itouch. Click on the icon and if you have an internet connection there will be 3 items under the tab: Available Packages
      Just press on it and then click install!!

      • shiva says:

        I have iPhone 5S iOS 10 beta and I downloaded Cydia without jailbreak it from openappmkt. I have successfully installed it and when I reboot it to start using it. It simply not working!!!
        Does it work on iOS 10 or Do i need to downgrade my firmware to iOS 9.1?
        cydia is not functioning. how to reinstall?

  85. jimbo says:

    It was working smoothly on my iPad, but since I had added a few more sources to default repositories, its not working any more now. Please tell me, how can I reinstall cydia cause it disappeared ?

  86. Arup says:

    I access internet through a proxy server in the Wi-Fi zone. It seems cydia installer is not able to access internet through proxy. It gives an error “unknown host”. When connected directly it works

  87. Cayden says:

    Wow, you exceeded the number of package names this APT is capable of
    How to prevent this error?

  88. Nathan says:

    Cydia not working working, what to do? I have iPhone 4S runs on iOS 10 and jailbroken using Evasion jailbreak tool.

  89. Gyle More says:

    Thanks for the update, I deleted couple of sources that I had added at earlier days of Cydia installation and now I’m not getting any error. Now I have only BigBoss, ModMyi, xSellize, iPhoneCake and couple of other popular sources and removed ZodTDD that contains 2000 packages
    Error disappeared “Wow, you exceeded the number of package names this APT is capable of”


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