vShare allows you to download paid applications at free of charge. It also known as AppVV. Recently, it changed it’s name from AppVV. It simply adds Free apps to your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Jump to vShare.

vShare (aka AppVV) is one of the best alternatives to installous. Hackulo.us is the developer of Installous. Since hackulo.us has confirmed that they are going to shut down due to hosting issues, it’s users are searching Installous Alternatives. Actually, it was the Cydia app installer that used to install paid apps and a variety of tweaks available on Cydia on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

We are getting a lot of request to share a best Installous alternative. So, we’d put hands on couple of top alternatives such as AppCake, vShare, iFunBox and AppAddict. Now we have some findings about these alternatives. Today, we will share those findings about vShare which was also one of them. vShare got a huge popularity after Installous.

vShare also has the same features to install .IPA files and many of those paid apps, tweaks and games from Cydia Store. It is free and regularly updated app. It is also known as Appvv. If you have tried installous before, you were aware of those captcha codes and annoying waiting time. vShare provides you simplicity. You don’t have to face any captcha or waiting time before each and every app installation.


How to Download vShare

Before downloading vShare, I would recommend to read all the requirements for the installation.

1 You must have jailbroken iDevice. If you have iOS 11.1.2 or the newer, use TaiG or PanGu to jailbreak your firmware.

2 Your jailbroken iOS must have Cydia and AppSync installed. Actually, vShare requires AppSyncapp for better performance. You will not able to install vShare without AppSync.

3 There are two ways to Download vShare and both ways require a working internet connection. You can download it from Cydia by adding vShare repo and alternatively over the air using direct download link.

How to Install vShare

Once you have jailbroken your iPhone or iPad, you need to download and install AppSync from Cydia. There are so many sources offer AppSync. I would recommend that you go with Official Repo.

1 First of all, launch Cydia store and tap on Manage, then Sources, Edit and finally tap on Add.

2 Here you need to add official vShare repo so that you can search and download AppSync. Official Repo: http://repo.appvv.com

3 Once you have added above official repo, it will start showing apps from their database. Now search “AppSync” in Cydia. vShare repo will download the result. Click on AppSync and install it.

4 Now its time to install vShare app from Cydia. Again tap on search and this time search for “vShare” or “Appvv”.

5 Cydia will come up with the relative results, install it and reboot your iPhone, iPad whatever iDevice is.

From Editor’s Desk

When we were trying vShare, we noticed some really nice changes. As we have hands on Installous too, vShare is better in terms of compatibility, download process and installation. However, I would recommend you to check other Installous alternatives too, before installing vShare.

We also noticed that Installous was facing some issues with latest firmware, while this Appvv works great on iOS 10. We have test it on iOS 10, and if you have iOS 11.1.2 or iOS 11.1.2, you can jailbreak it using PanGu, TaiG to install it.

We would love, if you will comment and share your experience about vShare.


Rocker says:

  1. It is not letting me add the repo because it is a legacy repo installer? It saying that these are not supported??

  2. David says:

    I downloaded Vshare but the downloading apps are not working it said re-download and nothing happened ????

    • Bryan says:

      First of all tell me one thing that have you tried vShare helper on computer to fix these issues? I’m asking this question because the developers of AppVV has introduced app fixing utility which can be access using computer and easily fix vShare not working issues.

      I would suggest you to head to their forum or website to download their helper utility for Mac or Windows and once you found it, you can install on Mac OS X or Windows to fix the issues related to vShared app.

  3. Dave says:

    I downloaded Vshare but the downloading apps are not working it said re-download and nothing happened ????

  4. Dave says:

    I tried to download it but it won’t ????

  5. Alan Aurmont says:

    I need updated vShare iOS 10 for iPad. I just got crashed my iPad Pro after installing iOS 10 and I had to come on iOS 10 beta but after upgrading to this firmware, I don’t have any app or games. Please provide download link for vShare Pro or any other variant. Please note that AppiShare is not working anymore. The developers of vShared has stopped maintaining this app. Help me please.

  6. Afif says:

    How to download vshare without jailbreak

    • Anonymous says:

      ah, you can head to Mojo Installer and download vShare without jailbreak. Try it on iOS 10 or iOS 10

  7. […] depend on you how you install iPAWind on your device. I’d say, both the methods are great. vShare also offers installation file and would install the app on your iPhone directly from their website […]

  8. […] if you’ve changed your mind and you’ve decided to go for vShare or HipStore which is available in English language with all these apps available for free, you can […]

  9. […] 2 vShare: It is on the second position on our Installous alternatives list. Actually, when we hands on vShare, we feel the same experience which we’d with Installous. It offers same paid apps at free of charge with better features. It download and install .IPA files faster than any other alternatives. When, we visited their forum community, we met all the same professionals and users who were actually using hackulo.us forum and community. With the same stuff, supports and better interface and features, vShare is on the second on this list. vShare also known as AppVV. […]

  10. […] easy to use this app without jailbreak, but thanks to the developers specially thanks to the AppVV who developed and improved vShare for the iOS 10 and iOS 10 that works without jailbreak on […]

  11. Nick says:


    • Yeah, according to AppVV, this app is able to get place on your iPhone without jailbreak. It’s completely depend on you how you use their application for iPhone or Android.

  12. Shiki says:

    Somebody please help me! I think I’m the only one who has this problem but whenever I download Minecraft: Pocket Edition version 0.13.1 it says ‘Vshare wants to install Mincraft: Pocket Edition’ then of course I tapped yes then I went to my homescreen but I can’t see the game. Please help! Oh yeah I’m jailbroken on IOS 8.1.2

    • Vicky says:

      It means you device contains couple of cookies so that it says to vshare app that Minecraft is already installed and so that app refuse to install Minecraft using vshare after download.
      I think, you should clean reset your device or clean cookies before trying to install Minecraft using this app.
      Please take care before doing any thing.

  13. Traetoocrazii says:

    I can’t install anything on the share app . It just says failed to install running iOS 9.1. Jailbreak

  14. Maria says:

    I cant look in vshare

  15. Theocelotgamerog says:

    I have iOS 0.9.2 and I can install vshare but then when I tap on the app, it tells me it hasn’t been trusted in this iPad. Can anyone tell me what’s wrong?

  16. Bel says:

    Is there any updated version of vshare9? I’m looking for the updated app for iOS 9.0.1

  17. Lucy says:

    Who is gonna update vShare iOS 9? I’ve tiredly upgraded to iOS 10 beta and now looking for vshare iOS 9.1
    is there any?

  18. Juan says:

    I have a iPad Air 2 with iOS 10 and vshare apps are crashing…how do I fix them without deleting all my apps like mine craft ,5 nights at Freddy’s ,etc

    • Tony says:

      Look, vshare not working on older version of taig
      So I recommend you to update your jailbreak tool to use vshared

    • Goms says:

      Which version, you’re using? I mean about TaiG.
      Tony is correct. Sometimes, you can’t install vshared type apps with older jailbreak tools
      Anyways, install it on iOS 10 without jailbreak

  19. Peter says:

    Is there any expert of this kind of apps? I wanna install vshared iOS 10 without jailbreak. I heard that it works without jailbreak, but don’t know how to download iPA and install without having ipa installer!!!

  20. Tahsin Nawer says:

    I currently have iOS 10 on my iPad. I cannot get vShare. Why is this the case? I have tried numerous methods, but none work. Help?

  21. sean eidref says:

    Where is the download button?

    • Peter says:

      I’m searching the download button from the morning and still i couldn’t download vShared.
      I wanna install moviebox iOS 10 using this app without jailbreak
      please help me

  22. tyler says:

    I installed vshare iOS 10 without jailbreak
    I works

    • Michael Edward says:

      Yeah, vShare iOS 10 works without jailbreak, but it would have some limitation without jailbreak. You can install only free app store apps which are listed on app store, but if you wanna download and install Cydia tweaks or jailbreak apps, you still need jailbroken device to install Free apps using vShare.

      After jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad, you need to install vShare which is specially developed for jailbroken device.

      I hope, you got it.

      • Antonella Toma says:

        can you explain how to install step by step? i’ve iOS 10 without jailbreak and cannot install vshare!

  23. Boop says:

    It’s really annoying

  24. Boop says:

    It won’t let me download apps

  25. please help im in pain says:

    my vshare application wont show up, what to do ?

  26. Hunain Ahmed says:

    Goog guide

  27. Gyle says:

    I couldn’t understand why the jailbreakers are not releasing iOS 10 jailbreak right now. The TaiGs are claiming that they have jailbreak iOS 9, then they should release it. I wanna install vShare on my iPad Mini 3. There’re a lot of apps that I’m missing without them.
    Please gimme the download links if any

    • vShare Download Links says:

      Don’t forget that vShare iOS 10 can be installed just after jailbreak iOS 10 release. So, keep patience and wait.

      The next jailbreak would be released on 27th March. Get full coverage on vShare iOS 9 TaiG Official blog.


  28. PTSans says:

    I just jailbroken iOS 10 with TaiG and installed vShare iOS 10 on my iPhone, but it gives me error, now I’m confused whether i keep it or uninstall from my iPhone.
    I had successfully installed couple of Free apps using vShare in the past on iOS 10 jailbreak.
    One thing that could be important to you is, i didn’t install appsync Unified iOS 10 yet.

  29. Ben Parker says:

    It’s official

  30. Ben Parker says:

    You mean vshare can be installed without jailbreak?

  31. Ben Parker says:

    Uninstall vshare and repeat installing it from official repo source
    This step has fixed my problem

  32. Ben Parker says:

    Jailbreak 10 is released and now I’m looking couple of best Cydia tweaks such as one is vShare iOS 10 update.
    I know that the appvv, the developers are too active and very soon there would be vShare 10 on their repo source.
    Please mAil me download links for iphone

  33. Kiwii says:

    Appsync doesnt seem to want to dowload, does anyone know why?

  34. Rose P. says:

    v Share iOS 10 needed. I’ve now on iOS 10 and searching on their repo for updated version but without jailbreak i can’t install it. Please suggest a good advice

  35. AliDanwer says:

    unable to install any app after downloading it in vshare .. on ios 8.1.3… tried many times besides this my appcake works flawless..

  36. Anthony says:

    It takes forever to update the game I installed and it finished downloading but it didn’t transfers to the installed sections so can u help me

  37. bbbbb says:

    if you have ios 7 use linkstore.

  38. Confised says:

    I installed vshare through the post, both AppSync and Vshare, it rebooted and I cannot find Vshare anywhere. The app isn’t on my device and I can’t spotlight search it

  39. anthony says:

    I used pangu a while ago and just came across the thread,I did everything and still get the error about not being able to instal the downloaded app

  40. Heffleu says:

    I downloaded without jail breaking :p

  41. DaVreD says:

    Won’t install apps on IOS8

  42. john says:

    How to install

  43. Memo says:

    I have problem with them

  44. me says:

    Why do we need jailbreak to download vshare

  45. Fabricio Mendes says:

    Guys I have a big problem, I use Vshare without Jailbreak, right?! work super normal, but today a update for IOS 8, abd after this the apps from Vshare don’t Instal, WHY?? 🙁

    • Heyitsme says:

      Why would you update to ios8 when everyone around the world sais that it messes up iPhones

    • Carlie says:

      I need your help? I want to take some wedding and event design courses, but I do#2&8n17;t know where? I’m located in the city of Orange in California. Do you know where can I go??Thank You!

  46. mohammed elsayyed says:

    I have a problem were the application has been on waiting for like 1 week now and i cant delete it (vshare) is there any other way i can remove it ?

  47. MrSwimmerZ says:

    When I try t odownload anything from Cydia it comes up something about some changes that can´t be done bec ause of conflicts that can´t automatlicy can be find

  48. richguybigdick69 says:

    I installed plague inc. but when I tried to open the app after all of the installation and stuff the app just crashes without any hope of working. any fix for this? and when you start vshare it said there is a update but when you try to update it it does nothing. plz help

    • Aridan says:

      I have the same problem. My ipod touch 3g ios 5.1.1 had installed the plague inc. I 1.9.1 worked fine, then the ipod will collapse and restore, I did the jailbreak, but I install plague inc., the app closed, leave it in multitasking but does not execute, I thought it was the version, but none works. Does anyone have a solution?

  49. Omar says:

    I download a game but when it comes to installation it says installation failed

    • Alternative says:

      Try itools .cn no space. It’s free if up app is there it will install it for free. No need for app sync or jailbreak. Works for jailbreak to.

  50. Blade900 says:

    I have Appsync for IOS 7.0+, but large apps won’t install, and apps under 1GB will, what’s the deal.(the game I tried to install is Infinity Blade 3)

  51. Rebin says:

    Vshare is awsome but i have a question i have downloaded minecraft via vshare but there is a new update of minecraft (version 0.9.0) can u please update it and when i update a app does the data thats on the old version goes on the updated version

  52. SOS says:

    I downloaded Vshare but the apps don’t appear on homescreen and i couldn’t access them even after they are downloaded. How do I use them? Please help. Thanks.

  53. Ben says:

    I’ve installed Free app using vShare – Appvv and the app got updated and now I don’t have Free version; How to crack it again?

  54. Whity says:

    I have a iphone 4 Jailbreak IOS 7.0.6. Appsync7 but i cannot install Vshare, I tryed several times but it doesnt work. Appcake works fine.

  55. Helper says:

    It might possible that you have installed Free version using v share app, so, the issue is your applications which you have installed using v share are out dated and missing app version and so they can’t be update
    Which iDevice you have? iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPhone?
    Please mention iOS 10 version too

  56. david says:

    I know some of the apps I have installed through vShare need updating because the itunes app store is prompting me to update. The problem is that vShare is not prompting me to do that or even giving me a choice. What are my options?? is the only way to update my vshare downloaded apps is to uninstall them and install them again so I get the newest version?? Why is it that I can’t update the apps through the itunes appstore, is there anyway to bypass that?

    Thanks in advance

  57. Aj says:

    I download a game but it never installs, I have app sync ios7 and vshare both from the appvv repo.

  58. AppVV Help says:

    Looking for Best vShare alternative. I’m tired with iOS 10 version. Its crashing all the way. I can’t even open. Should I install any other tweak additionally to make it work?

  59. Lugo999 says:

    When i press download, it pops w window with a message in another language and stays blank and never downloads the app….what is happening??? Btw it’s iOS 10 ipad2

  60. Hayden says:

    When ever i try to download a game it says sources may have changed. What does that mean? How do i fix it

  61. Smjpo Knfyl says:

    use this link featu. re/8x7gz2 to get iTunes Amazon gift cards or PayPal cash

  62. Morgen says:

    Somebody please give me working v share repo source for ipad air iOS 9


    Works great

  64. Helper says:


  65. George Lee says:

    i downloaded minecraft pe and doenst show up on home screen

  66. Zerauskire says:

    I’ve always felt that vShare was a little shady. There’s a finance app/service called Mint that is provided by Intuit. It allows you to track all your funds by putting in all your financial information. That app itself works great but this leads me to my issue with vShare. For some reason vShare ALWAYS shows an update available for this app. It makes me think someone may be trying to intercept people’s financial information with a backdoor in that update. The update has been there for years and I have reached out to the owner of vShare regarding this but have gotten no response.

  67. lalo says:

    It won’t work for me. I keep getting a “source may have changed” when I try and download an app. I was trying appcake before this and it would at least download apps. Vshare won’t let me download anything because apparently the sources have changed…

  68. gyle tom says:

    It works on iPad Air iOS 10 too

  69. Tmt says:

    Don’t work direct files never d/l this is trash save some life don’t D/L

  70. mike m says:

    Oh and my device is iPhone 5 I also have it installed on iPad 3 works fine on both.

  71. mike m says:

    Works fine for me. Followed the above and made sure to install app sync for ios7. Just note some of the sources don’t work so just download the app from a different source. Usually direct links are your best bet.

    Thanks vshare team!

  72. Mc says:

    Is there any way to download Appvv iOS 10 compatible for iPad Air?

  73. Dimasik says:

    I install vshare on ios7, and can’t install jailbreak apps, I help myself: delete vshare, and reinstall app sync 7.

  74. tuok says:

    AppVV iOS 10 is not working, how to fix vshare 7

  75. pwn says:

    does appvv 7 work on 8.1

  76. ihacks says:

    i’m looking for vshare ios 7, do you have any repo that works to download v share 7?

  77. Can says:

    Is there any update for appvv 7 or 8.1? I have upgraded my iPhone 5C to iOS 9.0.3 and looking for vShare repo for my iOS 9.1
    Please help me

  78. Michael Edward says:

    Hi all,

    It looks like vShare is facing server issues. Perhaps, you all don’t know, after Installous shut down large number of users turning out to AppCake and vShare. Due to this heavy data load, they may be facing issues.

    Furthermore, try to add this updated source, if you are getting installation error. vShare Repo: http://repo.appvv.com

    I hope everything will be fixed, if you have any other issues, please let me know.


  79. Banny says:

    Please help someone urgently,
    I have installed vShare, AppSync with the repo mentioned above, however, it shows errors while installing those apps.

  80. Hey Edward,

    Thanks for such a nice review on AppSync and Appvv, but it seems like you have missed the disadvantage. vShare never compete Installous. It has many issues installing apps. Cydia is great, but someone should work on Installous alternatives.


  81. Alex says:

    I have downloaded vShare and AppSync both on my jailbroken iPhone 4 and installed it successfully, However, when I try to install any apps or tweaks, it give me installation error.

    I figured out everything, but still the same error comes. I don’t know what to do. It seems like I should donate Installous to reopen it.

    Please help me as soon as possible. Thanks

  82. Lucy says:

    Same download issue, I downloaded a game successfully, but after download, installation error appears.
    What is wrong with vShare app?
    Please help

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