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How to Download and Install vShare/AppVV iOS 10 on iPhone, iPod and iPad Air, Mini


vShare allows you to download paid applications at free of charge. It also known as AppVV. Recently, it changed it’s name from AppVV. It simply adds Free apps to your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Jump to vShare.

vShare (aka AppVV) is one of the best alternatives to installous. Hackulo.us is the developer of Installous. Since hackulo.us has confirmed that they are going to shut down due to hosting issues, it’s users are searching Installous Alternatives. Actually, it was the Cydia app installer that used to install paid apps and a variety of tweaks available on Cydia on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

We are getting a lot of request to share a best Installous alternative. So, we’d put hands on couple of top alternatives such as AppCake, vShare, iFunBox and AppAddict. Now we have some findings about these alternatives. Today, we will share those findings about vShare which was also one of them. vShare got a huge popularity after Installous.

vShare also has the same features to install .IPA files and many of those paid apps, tweaks and games from Cydia Store. It is free and regularly updated app. It is also known as Appvv. If you have tried installous before, you were aware of those captcha codes and annoying waiting time. vShare provides you simplicity. You don’t have to face any captcha or waiting time before each and every app installation.


How to Download vShare

Before downloading vShare, I would recommend to read all the requirements for the installation.

1 You must have jailbroken iDevice. If you have iOS 11.1.2 or the newer, use TaiG or PanGu to jailbreak your firmware.

2 Your jailbroken iOS must have Cydia and AppSync installed. Actually, vShare requires AppSyncapp for better performance. You will not able to install vShare without AppSync.

3 There are two ways to Download vShare and both ways require a working internet connection. You can download it from Cydia by adding vShare repo and alternatively over the air using direct download link.

How to Install vShare

Once you have jailbroken your iPhone or iPad, you need to download and install AppSync from Cydia. There are so many sources offer AppSync. I would recommend that you go with Official Repo.

1 First of all, launch Cydia store and tap on Manage, then Sources, Edit and finally tap on Add.

2 Here you need to add official vShare repo so that you can search and download AppSync. Official Repo: http://repo.appvv.com

3 Once you have added above official repo, it will start showing apps from their database. Now search “AppSync” in Cydia. vShare repo will download the result. Click on AppSync and install it.

4 Now its time to install vShare app from Cydia. Again tap on search and this time search for “vShare” or “Appvv”.

5 Cydia will come up with the relative results, install it and reboot your iPhone, iPad whatever iDevice is.

From Editor’s Desk

When we were trying vShare, we noticed some really nice changes. As we have hands on Installous too, vShare is better in terms of compatibility, download process and installation. However, I would recommend you to check other Installous alternatives too, before installing vShare.

We also noticed that Installous was facing some issues with latest firmware, while this Appvv works great on iOS 10. We have test it on iOS 10, and if you have iOS 11.1.2 or iOS 11.1.2, you can jailbreak it using PanGu, TaiG to install it.

We would love, if you will comment and share your experience about vShare.


Rocker says:

  1. It is not letting me add the repo because it is a legacy repo installer? It saying that these are not supported??

  2. David says:

    I downloaded Vshare but the downloading apps are not working it said re-download and nothing happened ????

    • Bryan says:

      First of all tell me one thing that have you tried vShare helper on computer to fix these issues? I’m asking this question because the developers of AppVV has introduced app fixing utility which can be access using computer and easily fix vShare not working issues.

      I would suggest you to head to their forum or website to download their helper utility for Mac or Windows and once you found it, you can install on Mac OS X or Windows to fix the issues related to vShared app.

  3. Dave says:

    I downloaded Vshare but the downloading apps are not working it said re-download and nothing happened ????

  4. Dave says:

    I tried to download it but it won’t ????

  5. Alan Aurmont says:

    I need updated vShare iOS 10 for iPad. I just got crashed my iPad Pro after installing iOS 10 and I had to come on iOS 10 beta but after upgrading to this firmware, I don’t have any app or games. Please provide download link for vShare Pro or any other variant. Please note that AppiShare is not working anymore. The developers of vShared has stopped maintaining this app. Help me please.

  6. Afif says:

    How to download vshare without jailbreak

    • Anonymous says:

      ah, you can head to Mojo Installer and download vShare without jailbreak. Try it on iOS 10 or iOS 10

  7. […] depend on you how you install iPAWind on your device. I’d say, both the methods are great. vShare also offers installation file and would install the app on your iPhone directly from their website […]

  8. […] if you’ve changed your mind and you’ve decided to go for vShare or HipStore which is available in English language with all these apps available for free, you can […]

  9. […] 2 vShare: It is on the second position on our Installous alternatives list. Actually, when we hands on vShare, we feel the same experience which we’d with Installous. It offers same paid apps at free of charge with better features. It download and install .IPA files faster than any other alternatives. When, we visited their forum community, we met all the same professionals and users who were actually using hackulo.us forum and community. With the same stuff, supports and better interface and features, vShare is on the second on this list. vShare also known as AppVV. […]

  10. […] easy to use this app without jailbreak, but thanks to the developers specially thanks to the AppVV who developed and improved vShare for the iOS 10 and iOS 10 that works without jailbreak on […]

  11. Nick says:


    • Yeah, according to AppVV, this app is able to get place on your iPhone without jailbreak. It’s completely depend on you how you use their application for iPhone or Android.

  12. Shiki says:

    Somebody please help me! I think I’m the only one who has this problem but whenever I download Minecraft: Pocket Edition version 0.13.1 it says ‘Vshare wants to install Mincraft: Pocket Edition’ then of course I tapped yes then I went to my homescreen but I can’t see the game. Please help! Oh yeah I’m jailbroken on IOS 8.1.2

    • Vicky says:

      It means you device contains couple of cookies so that it says to vshare app that Minecraft is already installed and so that app refuse to install Minecraft using vshare after download.
      I think, you should clean reset your device or clean cookies before trying to install Minecraft using this app.
      Please take care before doing any thing.

  13. Traetoocrazii says:

    I can’t install anything on the share app . It just says failed to install running iOS 9.1. Jailbreak

  14. Maria says:

    I cant look in vshare

  15. Theocelotgamerog says:

    I have iOS 0.9.2 and I can install vshare but then when I tap on the app, it tells me it hasn’t been trusted in this iPad. Can anyone tell me what’s wrong?

  16. Bel says:

    Is there any updated version of vshare9? I’m looking for the updated app for iOS 9.0.1

  17. Lucy says:

    Who is gonna update vShare iOS 9? I’ve tiredly upgraded to iOS 10 beta and now looking for vshare iOS 9.1
    is there any?

  18. Juan says:

    I have a iPad Air 2 with iOS 10 and vshare apps are crashing…how do I fix them without deleting all my apps like mine craft ,5 nights at Freddy’s ,etc

    • Tony says:

      Look, vshare not working on older version of taig
      So I recommend you to update your jailbreak tool to use vshared

    • Goms says:

      Which version, you’re using? I mean about TaiG.
      Tony is correct. Sometimes, you can’t install vshared type apps with older jailbreak tools
      Anyways, install it on iOS 10 without jailbreak

  19. Peter says:

    Is there any expert of this kind of apps? I wanna install vshared iOS 10 without jailbreak. I heard that it works without jailbreak, but don’t know how to download iPA and install without having ipa installer!!!

  20. Tahsin Nawer says:

    I currently have iOS 10 on my iPad. I cannot get vShare. Why is this the case? I have tried numerous methods, but none work. Help?

  21. sean eidref says:

    Where is the download button?

    • Peter says:

      I’m searching the download button from the morning and still i couldn’t download vShared.
      I wanna install moviebox iOS 10 using this app without jailbreak
      please help me

  22. tyler says:

    I installed vshare iOS 10 without jailbreak
    I works

    • Michael Edward says:

      Yeah, vShare iOS 10 works without jailbreak, but it would have some limitation without jailbreak. You can install only free app store apps which are listed on app store, but if you wanna download and install Cydia tweaks or jailbreak apps, you still need jailbroken device to install Free apps using vShare.

      After jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad, you need to install vShare which is specially developed for jailbroken device.

      I hope, you got it.

      • Antonella Toma says:

        can you explain how to install step by step? i’ve iOS 10 without jailbreak and cannot install vshare!

  23. Boop says:

    It’s really annoying

  24. Boop says:

    It won’t let me download apps

  25. please help im in pain says:

    my vshare application wont show up, what to do ?

  26. Hunain Ahmed says:

    Goog guide

  27. Gyle says:

    I couldn’t understand why the jailbreakers are not releasing iOS 10 jailbreak right now. The TaiGs are claiming that they have jailbreak iOS 9, then they should release it. I wanna install vShare on my iPad Mini 3. There’re a lot of apps that I’m missing without them.
    Please gimme the download links if any

    • vShare Download Links says:

      Don’t forget that vShare iOS 10 can be installed just after jailbreak iOS 10 release. So, keep patience and wait.

      The next jailbreak would be released on 27th March. Get full coverage on vShare iOS 9 TaiG Official blog.


  28. PTSans says:

    I just jailbroken iOS 10 with TaiG and installed vShare iOS 10 on my iPhone, but it gives me error, now I’m confused whether i keep it or uninstall from my iPhone.
    I had successfully installed couple of Free apps using vShare in the past on iOS 10 jailbreak.
    One thing that could be important to you is, i didn’t install appsync Unified iOS 10 yet.

  29. Ben Parker says:

    It’s official

  30. Ben Parker says:

    You mean vshare can be installed without jailbreak?

  31. Ben Parker says:

    Uninstall vshare and repeat installing it from official repo source
    This step has fixed my problem

  32. Ben Parker says:

    Jailbreak 10 is released and now I’m looking couple of best Cydia tweaks such as one is vShare iOS 10 update.
    I know that the appvv, the developers are too active and very soon there would be vShare 10 on their repo source.
    Please mAil me download links for iphone

  33. Kiwii says:

    Appsync doesnt seem to want to dowload, does anyone know why?

  34. Rose P. says:

    v Share iOS 10 needed. I’ve now on iOS 10 and searching on their repo for updated version but without jailbreak i can’t install it. Please suggest a good advice

  35. AliDanwer says:

    unable to install any app after downloading it in vshare .. on ios 8.1.3… tried many times besides this my appcake works flawless..

  36. Anthony says:

    It takes forever to update the game I installed and it finished downloading but it didn’t transfers to the installed sections so can u help me

  37. bbbbb says:

    if you have ios 7 use linkstore.

  38. Confised says:

    I installed vshare through the post, both AppSync and Vshare, it rebooted and I cannot find Vshare anywhere. The app isn’t on my device and I can’t spotlight search it

  39. anthony says:

    I used pangu a while ago and just came across the thread,I did everything and still get the error about not being able to instal the downloaded app

  40. Heffleu says:

    I downloaded without jail breaking :p

  41. DaVreD says:

    Won’t install apps on IOS8

  42. john says:

    How to install

  43. Memo says:

    I have problem with them

  44. me says:

    Why do we need jailbreak to download vshare

  45. Fabricio Mendes says:

    Guys I have a big problem, I use Vshare without Jailbreak, right?! work super normal, but today a update for IOS 8, abd after this the apps from Vshare don’t Instal, WHY?? 🙁

    • Heyitsme says:

      Why would you update to ios8 when everyone around the world sais that it messes up iPhones

    • Carlie says:

      I need your help? I want to take some wedding and event design courses, but I do#2&8n17;t know where? I’m located in the city of Orange in California. Do you know where can I go??Thank You!

  46. mohammed elsayyed says:

    I have a problem were the application has been on waiting for like 1 week now and i cant delete it (vshare) is there any other way i can remove it ?

  47. MrSwimmerZ says:

    When I try t odownload anything from Cydia it comes up something about some changes that can´t be done bec ause of conflicts that can´t automatlicy can be find

  48. richguybigdick69 says:

    I installed plague inc. but when I tried to open the app after all of the installation and stuff the app just crashes without any hope of working. any fix for this? and when you start vshare it said there is a update but when you try to update it it does nothing. plz help

    • Aridan says:

      I have the same problem. My ipod touch 3g ios 5.1.1 had installed the plague inc. I 1.9.1 worked fine, then the ipod will collapse and restore, I did the jailbreak, but I install plague inc., the app closed, leave it in multitasking but does not execute, I thought it was the version, but none works. Does anyone have a solution?

  49. Omar says:

    I download a game but when it comes to installation it says installation failed

    • Alternative says:

      Try itools .cn no space. It’s free if up app is there it will install it for free. No need for app sync or jailbreak. Works for jailbreak to.

  50. Blade900 says:

    I have Appsync for IOS 7.0+, but large apps won’t install, and apps under 1GB will, what’s the deal.(the game I tried to install is Infinity Blade 3)

  51. Rebin says:

    Vshare is awsome but i have a question i have downloaded minecraft via vshare but there is a new update of minecraft (version 0.9.0) can u please update it and when i update a app does the data thats on the old version goes on the updated version

  52. SOS says:

    I downloaded Vshare but the apps don’t appear on homescreen and i couldn’t access them even after they are downloaded. How do I use them? Please help. Thanks.

  53. Ben says:

    I’ve installed Free app using vShare – Appvv and the app got updated and now I don’t have Free version; How to crack it again?

  54. Whity says:

    I have a iphone 4 Jailbreak IOS 7.0.6. Appsync7 but i cannot install Vshare, I tryed several times but it doesnt work. Appcake works fine.

  55. Helper says:

    It might possible that you have installed Free version using v share app, so, the issue is your applications which you have installed using v share are out dated and missing app version and so they can’t be update
    Which iDevice you have? iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPhone?
    Please mention iOS 10 version too

  56. david says:

    I know some of the apps I have installed through vShare need updating because the itunes app store is prompting me to update. The problem is that vShare is not prompting me to do that or even giving me a choice. What are my options?? is the only way to update my vshare downloaded apps is to uninstall them and install them again so I get the newest version?? Why is it that I can’t update the apps through the itunes appstore, is there anyway to bypass that?

    Thanks in advance

  57. Aj says:

    I download a game but it never installs, I have app sync ios7 and vshare both from the appvv repo.

  58. AppVV Help says:

    Looking for Best vShare alternative. I’m tired with iOS 10 version. Its crashing all the way. I can’t even open. Should I install any other tweak additionally to make it work?

  59. Lugo999 says:

    When i press download, it pops w window with a message in another language and stays blank and never downloads the app….what is happening??? Btw it’s iOS 10 ipad2

  60. Hayden says:

    When ever i try to download a game it says sources may have changed. What does that mean? How do i fix it

  61. Smjpo Knfyl says:

    use this link featu. re/8x7gz2 to get iTunes Amazon gift cards or PayPal cash

  62. Morgen says:

    Somebody please give me working v share repo source for ipad air iOS 9


    Works great

  64. Helper says:


  65. George Lee says:

    i downloaded minecraft pe and doenst show up on home screen

  66. Zerauskire says:

    I’ve always felt that vShare was a little shady. There’s a finance app/service called Mint that is provided by Intuit. It allows you to track all your funds by putting in all your financial information. That app itself works great but this leads me to my issue with vShare. For some reason vShare ALWAYS shows an update available for this app. It makes me think someone may be trying to intercept people’s financial information with a backdoor in that update. The update has been there for years and I have reached out to the owner of vShare regarding this but have gotten no response.

  67. lalo says:

    It won’t work for me. I keep getting a “source may have changed” when I try and download an app. I was trying appcake before this and it would at least download apps. Vshare won’t let me download anything because apparently the sources have changed…

  68. gyle tom says:

    It works on iPad Air iOS 10 too

  69. Tmt says:

    Don’t work direct files never d/l this is trash save some life don’t D/L

  70. mike m says:

    Oh and my device is iPhone 5 I also have it installed on iPad 3 works fine on both.

  71. mike m says:

    Works fine for me. Followed the above and made sure to install app sync for ios7. Just note some of the sources don’t work so just download the app from a different source. Usually direct links are your best bet.

    Thanks vshare team!

  72. Mc says:

    Is there any way to download Appvv iOS 10 compatible for iPad Air?

  73. Dimasik says:

    I install vshare on ios7, and can’t install jailbreak apps, I help myself: delete vshare, and reinstall app sync 7.

  74. tuok says:

    AppVV iOS 10 is not working, how to fix vshare 7

  75. pwn says:

    does appvv 7 work on 8.1

  76. ihacks says:

    i’m looking for vshare ios 7, do you have any repo that works to download v share 7?

  77. Can says:

    Is there any update for appvv 7 or 8.1? I have upgraded my iPhone 5C to iOS 9.0.3 and looking for vShare repo for my iOS 9.1
    Please help me

  78. Michael Edward says:

    Hi all,

    It looks like vShare is facing server issues. Perhaps, you all don’t know, after Installous shut down large number of users turning out to AppCake and vShare. Due to this heavy data load, they may be facing issues.

    Furthermore, try to add this updated source, if you are getting installation error. vShare Repo: http://repo.appvv.com

    I hope everything will be fixed, if you have any other issues, please let me know.


  79. Banny says:

    Please help someone urgently,
    I have installed vShare, AppSync with the repo mentioned above, however, it shows errors while installing those apps.

  80. Hey Edward,

    Thanks for such a nice review on AppSync and Appvv, but it seems like you have missed the disadvantage. vShare never compete Installous. It has many issues installing apps. Cydia is great, but someone should work on Installous alternatives.


  81. Alex says:

    I have downloaded vShare and AppSync both on my jailbroken iPhone 4 and installed it successfully, However, when I try to install any apps or tweaks, it give me installation error.

    I figured out everything, but still the same error comes. I don’t know what to do. It seems like I should donate Installous to reopen it.

    Please help me as soon as possible. Thanks

  82. Lucy says:

    Same download issue, I downloaded a game successfully, but after download, installation error appears.
    What is wrong with vShare app?
    Please help



Download HipStore iOS 10.2 – A Best Alternative to Install0us

Download HipStore for IPhone, iPad, Android and PC.

Hipstore is one of the best Installous Alternatives. It also known as Hip Store. It allows users to install .IPA files. It is developed by Vietnamese developers.

Recently, it got noticeable popularity in jailbreaking world. After getting numerous requests, we have put hands on Hipstore Cydia repo and here is the report.

Hipstore is another alternative to Installous like AppCake, iFunBox and vShare. We have published tutorials about How to install AppCake, vShare and now, its time for Hipstore repo. You can use it by adding Hipstore source into Cydia.

We have seen great spike in Hipstore users. Their reports are also positive, so, we have also tried it and here is the report. To get this repo installed on your Cydia, you need jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch that runs on iOS 10.2 or later.

How to Install Hipstore

A few steps you must take to install Hipstore cydia source on your jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Take a look at those requirements.

1 First must requirement is jailbroken iDevice. If you have iOS 10.2, you can jailbreak it using PanGu and if you have iOS 9.3, you can use iJailbreakPro to jailbreak it. As always, don’t forget to install Cydia during jailbreaking otherwise Hipstore will not be install. In short, you need jailbroken iDevice and Cydia.

2 Many Cydia apps require AppSync. Hip Store also requires it. AppSync is available for all iOS firmwares except iOS 9.3. If you have iOS 10.2, you can install AppSync. Download them and install in your jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Get Latest Jailbreak & Cydia Apps for Free

Email Updates Powered by Google FeedBurner

3 Now finally add Hipstore repo into cydia. It is pretty simple and if you have used Installous, you are well aware of those things.

  • Just tap on Manage, and then Sources, then Edit and finally tap on “Add” to add Hip Store source.
  • Now you need to add the HipStore repo source, enter http://cydia.heaveniphone.com and proceed to next step.
  • Search “Hipstore” in above repo on Cydia. A result will come up with either Hipstore or Hip store. Tap on it and install it. Cydia will download and install it within couple of seconds.

Congratulations! you have successfully installed Hipstore on your jailbroken iOS iDevice. Do you know how to use it? No? Okay follow me.

How to Use Hip Store Repo

Once you have Hip Store installed, head over Safari or any other web browser in your jailbroken iDevice. Now you need to open http://ipa.heaveniphone.com and search any app that you like. If an app available on the database of Hip store, it will come up with download link. The good thing is, you don’t need to fill captcha, before download any file.

HipStore is a nice alternative to Installous to try paid apps before purchasing. I would recommend all of you who are trying those paid apps that purchase them, if it is useful to you. If you are using Hip Store, then I will request you to share your experience for our readers.

How to Download and Install vShare/AppVV iOS 10 on iPhone, iPod and iPad Air, Mini

vShare allows you to download paid applications at free of charge. It also known as AppVV. Recently, it changed it’s name from AppVV. It simply adds Free apps to your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Jump to vShare.

vShare (aka AppVV) is one of the best alternatives to installous. Hackulo.us is the developer of Installous. Since hackulo.us has confirmed that they are going to shut down due to hosting issues, it’s users are searching Installous Alternatives. Actually, it was the Cydia app installer that used to install paid apps and a variety of tweaks available on Cydia on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

We are getting a lot of request to share a best Installous alternative. So, we’d put hands on couple of top alternatives such as AppCake, vShare, iFunBox and AppAddict. Now we have some findings about these alternatives. Today, we will share those findings about vShare which was also one of them. vShare got a huge popularity after Installous.

vShare also has the same features to install .IPA files and many of those paid apps, tweaks and games from Cydia Store. It is free and regularly updated app. It is also known as Appvv. If you have tried installous before, you were aware of those captcha codes and annoying waiting time. vShare provides you simplicity. You don’t have to face any captcha or waiting time before each and every app installation.


How to Download vShare

Before downloading vShare, I would recommend to read all the requirements for the installation.

1 You must have jailbroken iDevice. If you have iOS 10.2 or the newer, use TaiG or PanGu to jailbreak your firmware.

2 Your jailbroken iOS must have Cydia and AppSync installed. Actually, vShare requires AppSync app for better performance. You will not able to install vShare without AppSync.

3 There are two ways to Download vShare and both ways require a working internet connection. You can download it from Cydia by adding vShare repo and alternatively over the air using direct download link.

How to Install vShare

Once you have jailbroken your iPhone or iPad, you need to download and install AppSync from Cydia. There are so many sources offer AppSync. I would recommend that you go with Official Repo.

1 First of all, launch Cydia store and tap on Manage, then Sources, Edit and finally tap on Add.

2 Here you need to add official vShare repo so that you can search and download AppSync. Official Repo: http://repo.appvv.com

3 Once you have added above official repo, it will start showing apps from their database. Now search “AppSync” in Cydia. vShare repo will download the result. Click on AppSync and install it.

4 Now its time to install vShare app from Cydia. Again tap on search and this time search for “vShare” or “Appvv”.

5 Cydia will come up with the relative results, install it and reboot your iPhone, iPad whatever iDevice is.

From Editor’s Desk

When we were trying vShare, we noticed some really nice changes. As we have hands on Installous too, vShare is better in terms of compatibility, download process and installation. However, I would recommend you to check other Installous alternatives too, before installing vShare.

We also noticed that Installous was facing some issues with latest firmware, while this Appvv works great on iOS 10. We have test it on iOS 10, and if you have iOS 10.2 or iOS 10.2, you can jailbreak it using PanGu, TaiG to install it.

We would love, if you will comment and share your experience about vShare.

How to Install MovieBox iOS 10.2 Using vShare Without Jailbreak

How to Install MovieBox Using vShare iOS 10.2 Without Jailbreak

MovieBox is movie app based on jailbreak and Cydia. It was disapproved from Apple app store and then since then its available on Cydia store from various repo source and on big jailbreak app stores such as vShare, AppCake, HipStore, AppAddict and 25PP store.

However, the most current version of Movie Box iOS 9.3, can be installed without jailbreak using vShare or any other jailbreak app store. You can download iPA file of MovieBox iOS 10.2 and install it using iFunBox or iPA installer.

So, finally, we’ve Movie Box app that works without jailbreak and its confirmed. We’ve personally tested installing it using vShare iOS 9.3 on iPhone. The app works just fine and doesn’t give any error.

If you’ve installed iOS 10.2 on your iPhone or iPad, you can download vShare and install moviebox app on your iPhone for free. Follow below steps to get it in your iPhone.

  1. First of all, go and open Safari web browser.
  2. Visit http://vshare.com
  3. This is the tricky part, vShare would ask you to install vShare installer, Install it.
  4. After downloading vShare, search “Movie Box iOS 9.3” on the vShare app store.
  5. You’d found the MovieBox app, install it.
  6. Done

Enjoy MovieBox without jailbreaking using vShare iOS 9.3.

Don’t forget to install vShare (non-jailbreak) version on your iPhone or iPad, if you’ve iOS device that is not jailbroken. If you’ve any query, just leave your comment.

iPhoneCake iOS 11.1.2 – Best Installous Alternative iPAStore to Get Jailbreak Apps


iPhoneCake is the developer of AppCake app that is the best Cydia app after Installous to get thousands of Free applications.

Installous was the source of apps and tweaks that was updated daily with most useful app store apps. Later on, it because famous iPAStore for jailbreak users.

However, Hackulo.us, developer of Installous, announce that they are going to shut down installous and it’s services. The reason was hosting outage and server fees.

iPhoneCake.COM is the best alternative for Hackulo.us and of course, AppCake is the app that can compete Installous in all matter.

Now, iPhoneCake has been become most popular iPAStore. Jailbreak users can try paid apps for free in the form of Free applications from iPhoneCake iPAStore.

How to Use iPAStore

If you were using Hackulo.us Installous app, then you don’t need any clarification, but if you are not familiar with Installous or Hackulo.us, then here is the steps that you can take to use this iPAStore.

1 You must have jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in order to use this iPAStore. Additionally, your iDevice must have Cydia installed. If you haven’t jailbroke, you can use EvasiOn to jailbreak it.

Cydia Installer: How to install Cydia without Jailbreak from OpenAppMkt.

2 Second step is to install AppSync to your device. AppCake, an iOS app of iPhoneCake.COM, won’t work without AppSync.

3 Now add iPhoneCake repo and search AppCake and install it.


  • Open Cydia and Go to Manage, then Sources.
  • Edit and Add above iPhoneCake repo source.
  • Go to that source and search AppCake.
  • Tap on Install and complete it.


PandaApps, Zeusmos, HipStore and iFunBox are also Installous alternatives. How can we forget about vShare, its a wonderful iOS app for Cydia enabled iDevice.

In short, there is no shortage of services that provides good iPAStore, however, iPhoneCake is the dedicated iPAStore that worth to visit.


  1. Johnson says:

    I’ve iPad mini 2 iOS 9.0.6
    I wanna iPAStore iOS 9

  2. Luke says:

    AppCake is not working, I have installed Appsync from iPhone cake repo, but no luck
    please guide me
    Actually its not opening at all

  3. iPad Guru says:

    How to install iPhoneCake, My Cydia gives me error, saying you have exceeded maximum limit of packages.
    What is this error?

    • Garry says:

      I think you have added a lot of Cydia sources, so that you are getting this error. Try to remove any unused sources, if there is and try again.
      Cydia can handle certain amount of packages per iDevice. Remove one or two unused repo from the list and try above steps provided by Rachel
      hope this will work

      • Guest says:

        Can I install iPAstore apps on my iPad Air? It runs on iOS 9.1

        • Garry says:

          If your iPad Air is jailbroken, you can easily install apps from iPAstore, but if it is not jailbroken yet, simply you can’t.
          The primary requirement is jailbreak and Cydia. Your iDevice must have these both requirements.
          I think there is untether jailbreak for iOS 9.1.x that works on iPad Air and iPad Mini too.
          Try it.

How to Add iHacksRepo Source – Alternatives


iHacksRepo is the repo source that contains large number of Free apps. Most of these apps are paid which can be easily installed on any iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPod Touch after jailbreak…

iHacksRepo is one great Cydia repo source that has been talked about often not only with this internet site but different favorite internet sites.

It can be reputable as one of the finest Cydia repos due to applications, tweaks, along with online games the item serves. However, this specific repo likewise hosts by far the most required app, Zeusmos.

The quantity of application is usually another thing for being described, an occasion you had is usually how the request are generally up to date every so often. Users can certainly constantly acquire the latest software version from this repo.

If you appreciate Doodle Bounce Compromise, Gangstar 3 IDA, GTA 3 Health Compromise, Angry Birds Hack, Modern Combat 3 IDA Hack, iHacksRepo is really a Cydia repo you should acquire!

What is iHacksRepo

iHacksRepo Resource is the greatest Cydia supplier pertaining to jailbroken Unit. At the moment iDevices end users are generally allowed to jailbreak iOS 9. 1 and 7. 1. 1 in addition to 7. 1. only two as untethered. And so jailbreak your Unit having pangu and Get Cydia. You know when you obtain Cydia you can contribute Cydia sources.

iHacksRepo Source is actually among Cydia options could get from Cydia in addition to iHacksRepo Resource is combined associated with xSellize source in addition to SiNfuL new iphone 4 supplier. You will discover, get along with put in just about all program as well as mods that are available in xSellize supplier in addition to SiNfuL new iphone 4 resource. This specific source is usually favorite for ROMs online game series, emulators as well as HARLEY-DAVIDSON subjects.

Tips on how to include iHacksRepo Supply for you to Cydia

Basically, this may not be some sort of default Solutions while jailbreaking arriving as an routinely. If you wish to put in that Supply for a Solutions listing you must do that manually by means of entering URL of this source inside the Dialog package.

WEB ADDRESS associated with iHacksRepo Supplier

http: //ihacksrepo.com

Most popular Cydia source

  • Inifinifolders
  • iFile
  • iClassic
  • FolderEnhancer
  • FaceBreak
  • Frash
  • Auto3G
  • Instant Looking glass
  • Infinidock
  • Infiniboard
  • Graviboard
  • GPower Master
  • GridTab for Safari
  • Gingerbread HD
  • FullScreen for Safari
  • FreeSync
  • YourTube HD

To begin with this source supply whole Cydia software, however when it reaches this present, they will offers you largely paid for purposes in addition.

Pandora Downloader iOS 11.1.2: Download Songs for Free on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch


Pandora Downloader is the best jailbreak tweak to download songs from this service. It can be installed on iPhone, iPad Air and iPad Mini even on iPod Touch…

Pandora provides free music streaming service that is one of the best in it’s field. Now jailbreak users can download songs from Pandora app using Pandora Downloader on their iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone and iPod Touch. Pandora Downloader is one of the best and unique app to download unlimited songs from Pandora.

12 Best Jailbreak Apps for iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone and iPod Touch

The good part is, there is a solution to download your favorite songs and music from Pandora using this downloader and the bad part is, this tweak has too many ads within the app. Its annoying and you would bother about it. But, fortunately, you could install AdBlocker free app to get rid of these ads from Pandora Downloader.

Do you have tried PanDora Radio? The Best PanDora Radio App for iPhone, iPad

PandoraSkips is also wonderful tweak for Pandora music and streaming. PandoraSkips is also jailbreak tweak that might be useful, if you love Pandora music. Both of the Pandora Tweaks can be installed from BigBoss and xSellize repo source. xSellize is the best repo source to get free paid apps in Free form.

How to Download Pandora Song Downloader

Your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch must be jailbroken. You need to add xSellize repo source, but before trying xSellize repo, I would recommend to look Pandora apps on BigBoss repo source.

PandoraSkips: The Best Music Streaming App

  1. Open Cydia app and tap on Manage.
  2. Now tap on Sources and tap “Edit” to add xSellize repo source.
  3. Add http://cydia.xsellize.com
  4. Confirm and install it. Return to Cydia.
  5. Search “Pandora Downloader”
  6. Install it.


  1. Erick says:

    When I look for any song or album nothing happen after I click on search

  2. Alec says:

    Anyone know the file location where these songs are stored? I want to drag them to my desktop. Thanks

  3. Mzzondo says:

    None of the Pandora Cydia tweeks are working on 10 jailbreak

  4. Ryan says:

    Hello! I’ve noticed for some reason I’m listening to my music on pandora Downloader and random ads start playing and my phone freezes. ( i can touch screen buttons but I can’t swipe or press the volume, lockscreen and home button) I have to reboot every time this happens! 🙁 what is happening?

    • Ryan says:

      I’m running 9.1

      • Bryan says:

        Yeah iOS 10 is perfect for you because the jailbreak available for that firmware. As far as Pandora Skips and Pandora downloader are concern, they’re available for any firmware which can run Cydia. You should update your installer as soon as possible before you get any firmware trouble and download their downloader application for free.

    • Anonymous says:

      Happened to me it was xmod that would do it

  5. Alan Aurmont says:

    I’m surprised, does pandora downloader work without jailbreak? I wanted to download some songs from Pandora iOS 10, but came with empty hands because there isn’t any app that can allow me to download those songs. Please post video for this article to download songs from pandora music service.

  6. Diego says:

    I love the tweek but I put a password and got locked out of the app someone help me please

  7. charedoss says:

    Have you tried Allavsoft?It is very good to download Pandora music, radio, comedy to MP3, WAV, AAC, M4A, FLAC, WMA, etc for playing Pandora music on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, MP3 player and any music-playing mobiles and devices.

    • Michael Bemelmans says:

      I haven’t tried Pandora Downloader anytime before but heard that there are many great features this app contains and we can enjoy ultimate features of Pandora iOS 10 app. What you say?

  8. Anonymous says:

    I’m in iOS11.1.2
    How can I get Pandora installed?
    Tried iTunes and it says I have to upgrade to 8.0 or higher….
    And I can’t find PDownloader on Cydia

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow, you’re still on iOS11.1.2, you should move to iOS 10 and install Pandora apps such as unlimited skips, Downloader and PDownloader Cydia tweak which is available on BigBoss.

      I think you’ve missed this tweak on the Cydia source for some reason.
      Try to search it with the name of Pandora Downloader.

      I hope this would help you.

  9. No doubt, Pandora Downloader is best one, but why don’t you try Pandora unlimited skips only if you wanna that kind of features only. I’ve found many guys installing numerous Cydia tweaks for only few features. And load their device with many apps.
    Install only one Pandora Downloader and that’d do every thing for you.
    I hope this would help you.

  10. matt says:

    pandora downloader wont allow me to download songs anymore, pandora 5.9
    anybody else experiencing this?

  11. Daniel says:

    I want Pandora Skips or ripper
    What is difference between skips and ripper

  12. yum yum says:

    3.5.3 from BYA works! You’ll see a little triangle to click on between the thumbs up and pause buttons.

  13. Joey says:

    Just update pandora downloader inside cydia

  14. Eric says:

    Install pandora downloader from the biteyorapple repo from cydia it’s updated, and it’s working

  15. Eric says:

    Bya repo just got updated to 3.5.3 download it through cydia now, it works.

  16. Ric D says:

    Guys just google search pandora downloader 3.5.3 It wont let me post the repo link here.

  17. Julio says:

    For anyone else who is having problems with the Save button not appearing download AppCake from Cydia and Look for an older version Pandora install it and the button should be back 🙂

  18. Gracie Jaime says:

    What repo??

  19. TC says:

    I’m having the same issue and I have search high and low for the save option and no cydia source has anything recent about resolving the issue.

  20. viv says:

    What in the world…. No more Download option available?

  21. Eric says:

    Anybody know why can’t save or download song anymore? Also, I don’t remember updating pandora, it’s seems that it updated itself?

  22. Jay says:

    What three lines the dots??

  23. Nick says:

    Hit the three lines and the save song button is in the bottom left

  24. Anonymous says:

    U cant save songs anymore. Pandoras update killed that. Now it just gives u the pandora membership options. unlimited skips and no ads of any kind

  25. Efraiin Güero Verdeja Soto says:

    How do you save a song from pandora into pandora downloader can’t find the save option with the new pandora update ;( please help?!

  26. kat says:

    My Pandora app updated so now idk where the button is to download the song

  27. Kitty says:

    I also would like to download songs on Pandora, and finally I use a tool, Tenorshare iGetting Audio, it is so helpful for me. So you can Google search “tenorshare igetting audio” and get more details about it.

  28. Mekaile says:

    How do you save the song

  29. Olivia Davis says:

    How to download Pandora Skips and how to remove these ads within the app

    • Matthew Shellton says:

      Pandora downloader has the option and the ability to remove it’s own ads. You can disable ads from Settings. Just open settings app on your iPhone, iPad Air or iPad Mini and look for Pandora apps.
      You would find this tweak. Tap on it and disable ads

  30. Tanya Alexander says:

    Is it free app to download Pandora songs? and the songs are free?
    I have iPhone 5S and looking for some free ways to download pandora apps that allow me download songs
    Please help

    • Paul Jackson says:

      You can easily download free version from xSellize repo source. It has large database of Free applications.
      The best thing is, you go and add xSellize repo to install Pandora Downloader

      • Jjjjjjjj says:

        while searching through a station for a particular song, if I skip enough times it tells me there is no more music on this station and it does it for every single station!! What do I do?

LocaliAPstore iOS 10.2 – Get Paid Purchases at Free

Download LocaliAPStore iOS 10.2 and latest firmware tweak…
LocaliAPstore is one of the best iOS app that does bypass payment page and redirect directly to item download and installation page in Apple store in-app application.

If you are looking for purchasing paid apps at free of cost, then LocaliAPstore is the best iOS app that does bypass payment page and allows you to get it free.

There are thousands upon thousands apps, tweaks and hacks available on Cydia store. However, still users are looking to get those paid purchases from Apple store at free of cost.

The main reason is, the large number of golden apps and games that are not available even in Cydia itself. We have previously published hands-on iAP Cracker that was biggest hit, but it was incompatible for iOS 10.2 as per user’s review.


LocaliAPstore is fully compatible for iOS 9. It is one of the best alternative for iAPfree and iAP Patcher. If iAP cracker doesn’t work in your iPhone or iPad, you can try this awesome app anytime to get all those paid subscription at free of charge. Local iAP Store requires jailbroken iOS and Cydia installed. It works like a charm on in-app purchases. Most of the users use it to get free paid games.

How to Get LocaliAPstore

It works on iOS 9 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. There are a few things which must be in your iOS that are listed below.

1 Jailbreak is must to get LocaliAPstore app installed on your iPhone or iPad. If you haven’t jailbroken your iTouch device, then I have something for you. RedSnOw is the best tool to jailbreak iOS 5+, while you can use EvasiOn, TaiG or PPJailbreak to jailbreak your iOS 9. Local iAP store is a Cydia app so you must have Cydia too in your iDevice.

2 Now add Cydia repo to download and install this application. First you need to tap on Manage button, then tap on Sources, now Edit and then Add option to add repo for this application. Add http://system.in-appstore.com/repo

3 The final step is, searching the app. Search “LocaliAPstore” in Cydia search feature using above repo source. A result will show up with the application. Install it on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

How to Use LocaliAPstore

# What exactly it does is, it allows you to download and install paid apps at free with a little hack using Cydia. You don’t need to configure any options via Setting menu. Its like plug and play app. Do you wanna try any paid app purchase? Proceed to next step.

# Launch LocaliAPstore and run it in the background. Open in-app application and search for any paid app. Make sure that app or game has one time charge rather than subscription based. Now click on buy button out there from app purchase page.

# You will be redirect to item installation page, it means that LocaliAP store app works for this app. If you are redirected to Apple login page where it ask you for login Id, it means this hack is not working for this app or game. Try another.

From Editor’s Desk

There are other alternatives also available like iAPfree and iAPCrazy that we have mentioned above with links. All the apps have different connection with Apple server, so, it may be possible that none of these tweaks work for any particular app. A list of other alternatives like AppCake, vShare and iFunBox are also nice option to do the same.

If it doesn’t work or you are facing any error, then mention it here. We will try to solve them.


  1. Anonymous says:

    How we load localiapstore I’m unable to load it

  2. Gmergurl says:

    Anyone know if it works on dream city idols?

  3. ip gue says:

    Thankyou for great application. But for real racing 3, localiapstore is not working anymore. Is there new version or setting that i should change in device? I am using iphone 4 iOS 7.1.2 jailbreak

  4. Anon says:

    Does anyone know if it works on Injustice Gods Among Us 2.14?

  5. Anon says:

    Does it work on Injustice 2.14? If not, which ones work? *i did not already ask this

  6. Anon says:

    Does it work on Injustice 2.14? If not, which ones work?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Does it work on 10.2 iOS

  8. Ozwolf says:

    It used to work perfectly with Karafun but now it says payment refused, please contact Apple customer service to check your account details? Help, I need this app cracked!!!!!!!

  9. Najim says:

    I get a invalid error number 1…

  10. Ethan Finn says:

    I tried to use it on a game and got this message “gxerror: message=lap order info invalid” how do I fix?

  11. Yo says:

    It works for jetpack joyride and pewdiepie tuber simulator

  12. Anonymus says:

    When I press an in-app purchase and press cancel since that’s how you should do it, all that happens for me is nothing like literally nothing. It’s just like cancelling a normal in-app purchase. So please fix this problem as fast as possible. Thank You!

  13. Anonymous says:

    It didn’t work on clash of clans

    • XDDDDDD says:

      It shouldn’t work on clash of clans, its a server-sided game

    • Flipout Domi says:

      It doesn’t work on clash of clans because it is an online based server, it runs the code and if the password for your account doesn’t get verified with the server it’s going to know something is wrong and not give you the purchase and it also waits for your money to transfer before getting you what you want. SO any game with good servers no hack should work when you are online like how you can hack clash of clans but when you try to go online with the hack you get an instant ban. If you want an offline clash of clans hack I would use cydia impactor for any non jailbroken or jailbroken devices.

  14. Anon says:

    Can i use this on ace attorney cause i have tried this a lot of times and it still dosent work btw i used this on the walking dead it worked

  15. Anon says:

    Can i use this on ace attorney

  16. Anonymous says:

    It quit working for Afterpulse.

  17. Confused says:

    It doesn’t work on bike race free, Even though it’s basically an offline based game, It says “unable to connect to App Store” please help thanks

  18. Just need the good says:

    Can you guy hack Monster&co

  19. Anonymous says:

    doesnt work on fallout shelter

  20. NOT supported games says:

    LocaliAPstore will not work for server based games like Pokemon GO and others. Just to let everyone know who is asking/complaining…

  21. Dips says:

    It worked for Candy Crush but within an hour it stopped workinng and the message says that there is a connection issue and therefore cannot complete purchase

  22. Sauce Queen says:

    Only online based game it works on is pixel gun 3D flawlessly u can buy everything and use it online against others it works as of 8-26-16 u just need xcon in the AppStore anyone who needs help let me know

  23. Alex2323 says:

    Can you make a version that works with Covet Fashion?

  24. Anonymous says:

    Modern Combat 5 has black listed me I am not able to play this game after installing Local iAP kindly suggest what to do.

  25. Kerem says:

    Works with TD 5, Hill Climb Racing, Call of Mini Zombies

  26. Anonymous says:


  27. Giancarlo says:

    salve non mi fa acquistare soldi e oro su csr racing 2

  28. Anonymous says:

    Pokemon go isn’t working

  29. MMyiWg says:

    I’m add source have error. The source renew at the end have “Host Unreachable” and “Cached Failure”. Source no any apps. Please help me how to be add it source. Thanks!

  30. Josh4224 says:

    LocaliAPstore doesn’t work with marvel avengers academy, when I try to get the max shards it cashes my game then when I try to reload it there’s no loading bar. Plz help

  31. Ali says:

    IAP use to work on Sims FreePlay and now with some update it no longer works and I keep getting an error. Is there a fix for #SimsFreePlay iAP?

  32. […] LocaliAPstore iOS 10 – iOS 10 – Get Paid Purchases at Free – If you are looking for purchasing paid apps at free of cost, then LocaliAPstore is the best iOS app that does bypass payment page and allows you to get it free. […]

  33. Anonymous says:

    Mine doesn’t work at all, it shows that I can download only the localiap for ios5.1-8.1

    • Csr says:

      Eu gosto muito desse app

    • Bryan says:

      You can get LocaliAPStore list 2016 which supports apps and games but for iOS 10 and iOS 9.0.2. We all are hoping that the PanGu became more active towards jailbreak for iOS 10 and would release Cydia iOS 10 then you can download this in app purchases for free using this app.

  34. Dani says:

    Britney Spears American dream!

  35. I got updated that PanGu Jailbreak iOS 10 is coming and it’s under testing. Please hope that this team would update it so that we can download localiApstore in new avatar with lot more supported games and apps.

  36. Shawn says:

    Sorry to say this but this thing doesn’t work on 99% of the apps out there ( for in app purchases that is). I had very big expectations from this but it’s pretty much a useless tweak.

    They need to update this tweak big time and make it work with a lot more apps because this way it’s a very weak tool and as said does not work 99% of the time.

    • I’m really surprised and sorry about LocaliAPstore because these apps really work great if there is latest jailbreak available to use. 99% apps and games that use in app purchases are updated to the latest firmware and without updated LocaliAPStore how can you crack them? tell me

    • Anonymous says:

      If the app is stored on servers then it will not work, clash of clans, boom beach, and other games like that will not work with this.

    • IDIOT says:

      You’re stupid and don’t know how Localiapstore works

  37. Alex says:

    I cAnt find the settings button D:

  38. maiza says:

    please my sims free play dont have enough life points and money

  39. Remag501 says:

    I am having a problem with the Roblox app it won’t work 🙁 it just app crashes

  40. kari yuss says:

    please my kendall and kylie stopped workinh for free inapp purchases????️????️????️

  41. Happy says:

    It worked for my Smurfs Village game on iPhone 6 ios 10. Thank you!!

  42. Olivier Goms says:

    I’m sure they would have update for the great application such this one.
    It would be great if there would be Jailbreak for iOS 10
    I would download this cydia tweak

  43. Alex says:

    Why doesn’t it work on clash of clans????????????????????????

  44. Drai Lindfield says:

    All half brick games except top farm

  45. mehdi says:

    hi everybody, i have an ipad air 10 jailbroken with pangu 10 but localiappstore is not working .

  46. Rick Grimes says:

    Does this work with Walking dead road to survival? Somehow I can’t get it to work. It shows the added coins, but then it reloads and the coins aren’t there anymore. Im using IOS 8.1.2

  47. Musa says:

    Not my local my Cyril say “/var/mobile/library/…….. Delete error….
    I don’t have if I’ll I must download nonjailbreak becuase Codina is unknowning all thing!!

    Can anyone help me too, to download ifile without jail?

  48. Kelevra says:

    Works fine for me with some games. iOS 9.1

  49. Hajir says:

    I can’t use it in my iphone 6 10 ! installed it with different repos ! donno why it doesn’t work 🙁 does it have any problem with any other tweak?!

  50. Cyndi Verdecchia says:

    IPad Air 10 and IPad 2 localiapstore works on iPad 2 but not on IPad Air running same iOS (9.1) is there a difference in the version for each iPad?

  51. dimas samid says:

    work fine for me. ios 9.1. Offroad Legends 2

  52. Zona Memori says:

    Not working for MataNewstand iOS 10, working properly iOS 8.4.1

  53. TROJANVIRUS says:

    Troll article localiap is not yet working on ios 10 with PL update

  54. Tenzing Brown says:

    It is so powerful. Just got microsoft office 2016 for free!!!!

  55. Alex says:

    yes it works on Jetpack Joyride but why not at TapTitans ?

  56. Alex says:

    Since PreferenceLoader is updated, localiapstore still work on iOS 10 ? Because I seen many iapcracker app that don’t work anymore. Thx 😉

  57. Matt says:

    I saw that I can use this for purchases for server based games. Like I wanna use it for Era of Heroes. It says I need the in-AppStore DNS. How can I get that and use so I can buy stuff for that game or other server based games?

  58. Danilo Ljujic says:

    Ios 10 i jailbreak with pangu why i don’t see a localiapstore in settings nad how to enable that? I too install localiapstore

  59. App guy says:

    Does this work on mynba2k16 yet? All I get with the localapstore is unable to verify receipt.

  60. Alex says:

    Doesn’t work on candy crush anymore since the game update a few days ago :/

  61. Austin Mbata says:

    please make it work on games like, game of war fire age (this game needs a lot of money and not all of us can afford to play it, its a fun game though), clash of kings, sims city, avakin life, and other online games

  62. Syed Mohammed says:

    Hey guys pls make it work for wifi games.And I love your app it makes most of the Iap free but pls make it work for wifi games

  63. Pia says:

    Does it work with Kim Kardashian Hollywood?

  64. Coco says:

    What about sims freeplay?

  65. Data says:

    whats a good tweak for the game blast i have tried a lot like AppCake, LocalIAPStore, and Vshare? Also does anybody know the source for AppSync? please??!!!!

  66. Daniel says:

    It doesn’t work for games that check if the purchase was sent to the Purchase history in your ITunes account.

  67. Ronal Lopez says:

    You know of a tweak that works with my singing monsters?

  68. COC says:

    M8 calm down it works fine watch this video it should help

  69. Angelica says:

    It doesnt work with Sims Free Pay ): it always says “Server Timed Out”

  70. roman romany says:

    please i want tweak of cydia work of game (Road Riot)

  71. Nicho says:

    hi guys does this work with gamevil games?

  72. Wong Yi Kai says:

    It doesn’t work on the new version of sas4 version 1.4

  73. SuperZing says:

    Just 2 weeks ago hack a sideserver game with the new update for this cydia tweak. But it got ban fasts, but its possible that any app could be hack.

  74. Reekz says:

    Just to let you all know that this sort of hack wont work with games that are playable online as the server checks that the purchase has been received before releasing coins/gems etc

  75. Gjoko says:

    it says purchase successful but bars dont appear in the candy bank.. what should i do? First time i tried it it worked, like a week ago, but ever since it is not functioning…

  76. Robert says:

    whenever i try to add a source it always says “Request timed out” anyone know a fix?

  77. Vova Andrienko says:

    Please help! I can’t download it at all! It gives me this message: the requested modifications cannot be applied due to required dependencies or conflicts that cannot be automatically found or fix, Depends: “preferenceloader” how to get it to work? I never had this problem on my iPhone 6 or iPad Air, right now I’m trying to install it on iPad Air 2… How to get this preferenceloader?

  78. Un Improved says:

    Works with Marvel Storm of the Champions?

  79. John says:

    Can you find something to work with Boom Beach

  80. Ubaid says:

    I have recently jail broken my iPhone 5s iOS 10 and installed localiapstore but when I am trying to buy anything in sims free play it’s showing store error. Help plz?

  81. Daniel G. Singlaterry says:

    Works with Fallout Shelter?

  82. Cj Daniels says:

    Thanks works perfect on iOS 9.1!! One question do I turn it off after I’ve used it or leave it enabled all the time???

  83. then… why do you own something with ios 8 on it, if you can’t handle imperfections?

  84. not working in 10 .. i know that just came out today, but just tried the LocaliAPstore, and the app doesn’t show up anywhere, and nothing shows in settings either (but as with the one on my other iphone, i know there isn’t a area in the settings app to begin with lol..) ..
    i have iphone 6+

  85. Nba fan says:

    It’s not working on Nba Game Time app. After the app’s updated.

  86. Hendra Tandiary says:

    What happen if I buy gems in Clash of Clans with credit card when LocalIAPSTORE enable?

    • COC says:

      when i tried it on clash of clans it just made all the gem offers grey and didnt return to normal. Also to use LocalIAPStore you dont need to put in your name and stuff. Just click cancel.

    • Alex says:

      You will get charged but will not receive the gems and have to try and get a refund. I had this issue because I didn’t realize I had localiapstore turned on :/

  87. PurpleWold2002 says:

    What does “create custom receipt” do

  88. Sebas1234 says:

    I keep getting “failed in buffer_write(fd) (7.ret=-1)” what did i do wrong, please help me.

  89. Yo mudda says:

    Guys this wont work on Online Multiplayer games such as Clash of clans, Boon beach and such. They are connected to a security server which makes sure that money gets transfered before sending gems/coils watever

  90. gg says:

    Does it work with Throne Rush?

  91. sanjib says:

    Hey is there any way to get free purchase for subscription type payment?

  92. Lucas Bradford says:

    Hello, I just downloaded LocallApStore and enabled it, but I keep getting a “Cannot Connect to iTunes Store” when I try to get coins and such – can you help me with this problem, please?

    • Hayden says:

      This means that the app you’re trying to “fake” the payment with knows you’re trying to do so. It only works on offline games like Angry Birds, Jetpack Joyride etc. with the exception of a few online games.

  93. Apex says:

    Works great thanks p.s can you guys add a list of apps that work with it please?

  94. asdf says:

    I tried but doesn’t work on iPod 5th Gen ios 9…. help?

  95. Carl Jacob says:

    how to download app sync repo?

  96. Peter Jackson says:

    I’ve iOS 9, installed iapstore, but it doesn’t work! Is it require anyother tweak with it? or core plugin?

  97. Odedo1 says:

    hey, is LocallAppStore and local iap store are same tweaks? I have heard about LocallAppStore many times and it also works to get free in app purchases. Hey, tell me how to get LocallAppStore cydia tweak. I wanna install LocallAppStore iOS 10 on my iPhone.

    or any LocallAppStore repo source?!

  98. Chheng long says:

    Can you tell me name score ?

  99. Pito perez says:

    Does it work on Contest of Champions?

  100. Sophia says:

    wanna install on iOS 9

  101. NEBBBBBBBIES says:

    Dude your an idiot !!!! WORKS FINE FOR ME !!!

  102. shwan says:

    works on candy crash any one?

    • prasad says:

      No It did not work for me. I’m on 10 jailbreak.
      I get the message purchase successful but actually not.
      So i did not get any lolly-pops added.

      Please help.

  103. Barwari D Samyan says:

    I cant install localiappstore
    No matter how many sources i try

  104. harrie says:

    no solutions for 9?

  105. Dankblaz0r420 says:

    Does this work with tales from the borderlands?

  106. Wasi Al Rahman says:

    Does it work on clash of clans?

  107. wacko1312 says:

    I have used localiapstore on marvel puzzle quest can they track that i used cos every time I try to join an alliance it say there is a prodlem with my account contact customer service

  108. Moon_Child says:

    Hi! I have an iPad Air in iOS10.2 and no longer works with Smurfs Village. Can somebody explain me what can I do? PLEEASEEEE

  109. Calvo says:

    I recently downloaded both app cake and iapstore.. Every time I try to make Am in app purchase it just gives me an error..

  110. Bebs says:

    Hi. Maybe this is a bit off topic, but I have the local iap store. Couple months ago, that U2 album was sort of put in the music without consent. So there’s that page where you uninstall it and put in your Apple ID and pass. Now my question is, can Apple have access to stuff related to the local iap store? Just paranoid before putting my apple stuff on there.. Feeling like they could see stuff haha ._. Please let me know.. Anyone. Thanks

    • odedo1 says:

      Ok, the way I do it and you should is go to Settings-iTunes & App Store touch your Apple ID you’ll get 4 options, go for View Apple ID, Sign in, Payment Information, you’ll have 5 options, the bottom one says None, touch it and press on done on top right, one more done and you are back to the main screen.
      Now if an IAP bypassing don’t work Apple will ask for payment information so you can’t go wrong.

      • Bebs says:

        Thanks. I’m not really all that tech savvy which is why I asked. I had the jailbreak installed by a friend and showed me basic knowledge with tweaks. The rest I wasn’t sure about. Thankyou again!

        • odedo1 says:

          I’ve been bypassing IAP’s for many years without one problem from Apple. I’m guessing Apple don’t see it or don’t care, in a way it works like when an App goes free for a day so people will install and show their friends and when the friends want it they got to pay because the price went back up so in a way we do the same with the IAP’s ( advertising)!

          • Vikas Shree says:

            i am trying this with “the game of thrones-the game” i can click the inapp purchase and purchase it. but it keeeps on spinning (it says purchasing) but the spinning never stops

  111. RoboticOverlord says:

    I have iPhone 5s iOS 9, tweak not working with Castlestorm, Angry Birds Racing, The Walking Dead, and Pixel Gun

  112. Munkhorgil Tumenchuluun says:

    it doesn’t work on Dungeon Hunter 4 1.9.0

  113. RRivals Reaper says:

    Does this or anything work on racing rivals? So many ppl have 300+ cars half being “gem” purchased cars. There is NO way they bought them all through in game currency!!! I want in LOL

  114. Heresy says:

    Or Angry Birds. Works in Contract Killer though.

  115. Heresy says:

    Doesn’t work in Infinity Blade 3.

  116. Lee says:

    Plants v zombies 2 and Zynga – hit it rich pelase 🙂

  117. İos8 says:

    Thank you so much man!!! I thought this site is fake but its work in ios8 !!!
    Marveolous by the way sorry for bad english its my 3rd language.

  118. sambhav says:

    it is not workering in teen patti

  119. Dan says:

    When I download anything in cydia I get an error in red words when you have to hit restart springboard and it doesn’t work

    • Srujal says:

      Bhai just refress the cydia after search app and download remember that when u open cydia let completely refress and then download the apps

  120. Angelica says:

    It doesn’t work on 10 days with my devil, like app, sims freeplay, covet, etc. but it worked on kardashians. Every time I try it on my other apps, it either crashes or doesn’t do anything at all. Please help!

  121. Austin Garcia says:

    Does it work with high school story?

  122. Nfreckle says:

    Store error on sims freeplay?

  123. Crazy Funny says:

    It works on subway surfer on ios iOS 10 ipad 2 really im not joking i just got tons of keys and coins Thanks Guys

  124. solomon says:

    localapstore does not work for any game that are multilayer game like clash of clans, fifa 14 and many many many more

  125. Big Joker says:

    Confirmed – works on DragonVale iOS 9… Enable it in Settings –> LocalApStore–. enable. restart the game. try to buy something… Good luck!!

  126. KEVIN says:

    please answer me does it work for summoners war sky arena

  127. KEVIN says:

    does it work with summoners war sky arena?

    • Common Sense!! says:

      Instead of asking, try seeing for yourself!!!!

      Do you really expect these people to know if this 1 app works on over 5 MILLION apps? – Stop being stupid and just try it out.

  128. Help mayhaps? says:

    This isn’t working on my ipad 2, ios 8.1. Try Jurassic Park Builder and Dragonvale. All it does is crash the games before the item can be “purchased”. Reinstalled LocalApStore to no avail. Made sure it was enabled in settings. Receipt is turned off.

    • kuyaeyik says:

      So far (July 2015), LocaliAPStore works with Jurassic Park Builder.

      When I was on iOS 10 (iPhone 4s) the game would crash, but once in a while it will work and you’ll get your “Purchase.” (I’m not sure of what my settings were)

      I’m now running iOS 10 (iPhone 4s) and it still works with JPBuilder.
      LocaliAPStore ENABLED
      Generate custom receipt DISABLED

      When you “Purchase” cash, JPBuilder will ask you to login to iTunes, just hit cancel and you’ll get your hacked currency.

  129. Secret squirrel says:

    I’m getting a payment verification error in kingdoms of camelot battle for the north…any suggestions?

  130. Scared says:

    Im scared of getting in trouble for using this on dragonvale! Will i?

  131. Try iAP Crazy says:

    I wish this worked for Dragons World

  132. mop says:

    does it work for racing rivals

    • IDIOTS says:

      Do you really expect these people to know if this 1 app works on over 5 MILLION apps? – Stop being stupid and just try it out.

  133. Unknown says:

    does it work with high school story

  134. Jeffrey says:

    Brave frontier doesnt work.

  135. Harold Benjamin says:

    Candy crush doesn’t work

  136. Nate Page says:

    Why won’t it work for clash of clans

  137. ? says:

    Is this illegal?

  138. Eric says:

    Can someone tell me y it don’t work with mynba2k14 only once it does

    • matias says:

      it worked only once, i got so exited though, I think it only works once, DAMN. Its either us having this problem or is only just a malfunction

  139. Andy says:

    Guys this works (even on iOS 9.1)
    You just have to enable it: go to Settings > LocalIAPStore > then press Enable
    When the iTunes login box pops up press cancel
    then magic happens

  140. Yari Bambust says:

    it works, but i’m not sure if it is real ,i’m so scared that i have to pay ,can anyone prove me if this is 100% real? thanks a lot.

    • Andy says:

      You wouldn’t have to pay if you press cancel.

    • Bert says:

      yes, I was scared as sh*t as well.
      But you don’t have to pay, as you don’t fill in your apple ID credentials; you can look at your purchase history in iTunes.

  141. Raihan Ananta says:

    Hay day and clash of clans please..

    • Why are people so stupid says:

      No, this does not work on ANY game/app that uses multiplayer and/or a server.

      Those two apps you just mentioned use servers and multiplayer, so it will not work! – This only works on single player apps like fruit ninja for example. NOT multiplayer games.

  142. MJ says:

    hi guy what is the source?

  143. roy says:

    it work when i cancel the purchase, thanks 🙂

  144. roy says:

    the LocaliAPstore dosen’t work

  145. Boomshakalaka says:

    Jailbreak iPad mini iOS 10 use pangu windows only

  146. Ixis says:

    Please get this to work for dragon bane elite omgggg

  147. Ayoub Younes says:

    Hi I have iPad mini my version iOS 10 i need A jilbreak help me people

  148. Johnny says:

    Make sure to Take off your billing info since i accidently got charged .99 but after i took it off, it still worked.

  149. Alex says:


  150. Angel says:

    I followed the directions perfectly but when it restarts my Ipod the LocaliAPstore is not showing in my settings. I tried every way possible and even did it a couple times and it wont show up in my settings. Help please!

  151. Freddy says:

    Can you get Game of War to work?

  152. Andrew Carl says:

    LocaliAPstore list of games
    clash of clan
    candy crush
    angry birds
    talking tom
    Please update game hacks, or local iAP store hacks trick

    • Zlayer says:

      You Cant hack any of those games because there server based any game serverbased you can NOT Hack

      • hackerdude1010 says:

        talking tom
        candy crush
        and angry birds are all not server sided but clash of clans is server sided meaning your data is accesed via servers online thats why you need internet to play so if you wanted to hack clash of clans you will have to hack into their server which requires more than some basic jailbreaking skills

    • MJ says:

      hi what is the source????

  153. Priest says:

    Hello, I have recently tried to install the jailbreak, it does not work via online registered apps or does it? As I have seen?

  154. Rook says:

    It only worked once after which an error came up which said transaction could not be completed

  155. Shame says:

    I need HayDay and clash of clan hack

    • hackerdude1010 says:

      Both of those are server sided making it impossible to hack unless you hack into their servers

  156. iPad Team says:

    This works if you uninstall Cydia Substrate but before you due, backup using some kind of backup. the mobile will remove bitesms, pandora downloader, winterborad etc. Then you can restore after re-installing Mobile Substrate. 😉

  157. Pawn says:

    works like a charm..
    if you still not see the local appstore try reinstall Cydia substrate first then reinstall the localiapstore > reboot device.. works for me

  158. teenpattiaddict says:

    not working on teen patti

  159. Justin says:

    the author should update the list of working apps and games for iOS specially for iPad mini, iPad air, iPhone and iPod touch

  160. kyo says:

    racing rival also can get free ?

  161. ZR says:

    Any chance this works on arms cartel?

  162. yolo says:

    Can you guys please! get this hack working for Clash of Clans!! Please it would be amazing if you did!

  163. poo says:

    I wanna download Best localiapstore apps and tweaks
    can someone will update the list for iPad air or iPad Mini or any other iPad Model?
    I have iOS 9.0.5 and wanna get the working list of all compatible apps and games as well as in-app purchases

    • Helper says:

      I hope someone will update the list of all compatible app and games for iOS 9

      • moron says:

        There’s over 5 million apps in the appstore, if you want a list of every single app, you’ll be reading until you’re dead as new games and apps are released every single day. You will never get a list.

        You know should that it only works on client sided games, this will not work for games that require you to be connected to play. Simples.

  164. Ryan says:

    Can you purchase music tracks with localiapstore?

  165. Helper says:


  166. Alex says:

    Do we pay afterwards

  167. k says:

    Try installing/reinstalling cydia substrate, then don’t forget to also reinstall local IAP Store on iPad Air iOS 9.0.5

  168. maria says:

    you can just use the actual appstore apps but it doesn’t work for some apps and yes gamecenter does remember your account on ios (unless you sign in on android, which it could get glitchy)

  169. julian says:

    Try BiteyourApple Cydia repo to download and install localiApstore iOS 9.1
    iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone 5S

  170. Helper says:

    I would love to try these games with iAP Free rather than local iap store iOS 9

  171. HuSkFeedz says:

    can you do racing rivals, car racing, or snap save?

  172. HuSkFeedz says:

    and dead trigger 2 plz

  173. HuSkFeedz says:

    can you make the LocalIAP store work with clash of clans please?

  174. Helper says:

    It supports large number of games and that’s being said that it works only on games, so, better luck next time

  175. nishaan jariwala says:

    how can i use in teen patti indian poker

  176. Guest says:

    Can it be made to work for high school story?

  177. Potato says:

    Any poker games that it works with?

  178. ibrakadabra says:

    Server Sided games will never work. And DLC packs will never be available..and for all who are afraid of being charged, calm down if you always PRESS CANCEL when the iTunes popup comes then everything is safe, and if not it asks you again to confirm.

    • Helper says:

      absolutely right. it never works on my iPad air and mini iOS 9.0.5 jail broken

    • Anonymous says:

      This isn’t entirely true. I had free IAP’s on Afterpulse which is server based for about a week using HYI’s localIAP. Unfortunately, they patched the opening so I sit waiting for a new update to the tweak. Might want to try that one before the rest of the server sided apps repair as well.

  179. Peter Just says:

    I have a portuguese music magazine on my iPad, I bought the issues but a error comes off when I try to download it, even if I turn LocalIapstore off. Does anyone knows how to fix this?! Now, I can’t not even legally buy any issue cause all of them says “FREE – Press to download”

  180. poal says:

    It works in some apps and games, but doesn’t work on subscription based apps
    how to fix local iap store

  181. Cailin5 says:

    All of the apps ” shall we date?” Does not work 🙁 anyone else have a problem with it or know how to fix it?

  182. Rodneybuddy says:

    It Crashes with every app I try

  183. xbekoolx says:

    m in iphone 4, ios 8.1 it works with some games, it worked in fightback. Thanks anyway. cheers

  184. Raj says:

    Does it work for zyngapoker ????? Please help me.

  185. Michael says:

    Is there anyway to hack clash of clans

  186. KidJayCity says:

    Can the Developer please fix how this works with “MyNBA2K14”? after i do it once, i get the credits, but after that, it tells me the credits have been added to my account but its still at 0

  187. guest_1 says:

    ios 8.1, ipad 4 not working on candy crush…

  188. guest says:

    Can someone kind help me try out era of sail if it works.

  189. Dylan says:

    Does not work for clash of clans anyway of fixing?

    • tucow says:

      First, you go to your search bar in cydia, then search “mobile substrate”.
      Then you reinstall it and reinstall Local IAP Store and it should be in your settings

    • Helper says:

      If cydia substrate doesn’t show up, go to cydia wait until you see the black thing up on the top left corner, you will have to wait for it to download,after that you should see cydia substrate in the changes tab. I hope this helps you guys and if it still doesn’t show up, well something is wrong with your device.

  190. Edwin says:

    Apps that are working with LocalIAPstore:
    Fruit Ninja
    Subway Surfers
    Gun BRos
    Jurrasic Park Builder
    HUngry Shark
    Angry Granny
    Temple Run 2

  191. iluvkupcakez says:

    High School Story does not work. Please update Localiappstore to hack this game! This game was a major reason why I jail broke my device.

    • Iluvkupcakez says:

      Textfree EX seems to purchase , but my minutes are not added. Also, Asphalt 8 does not work. Please fix these 3 games!!!

      • LocaliAPStore iOS 7 says:

        Perhaps, you don’t know, but the developer of local iap store is watching this articles closely and noticing the comments

        • Edwin says:

          True, I appreciate the developers hard work already! 😀 Dont ruin it for anyone people, if its free for most games that good enough for me. We need to be alittle more thankful ya!

          • Helper says:

            The reason you may not be able to get some IAP from certain games is the way it actually verifies the purchase. Most games that require WiFi will not work. This is because the purchase isn’t just verified with the App Store, it is also check with the Application’s Server, so it is much harder to send a packet to the server and bypass its verification.

          • Helper says:


  192. Peter Just says:

    does anyone know if Local iap store works on 64bit jailbreaked devices (iPhone 5s, iPad mini 2 or iPad Air), I want an iPad but I only want it if Local Iap store works…
    I can tell you that in my iPhone 5 (8.1) it works even better!!! that on an iPhone 4S (6.1)

    • guru says:

      First install Cydia Substrate to make it work

      • Peter Just says:

        Hi, LocalIapstore auto installs Cydia Substrate as a dependent component, the question was, does the LocalIapstore works on a 64bit device? I can tell you now that the new version of LocalIapstore should work because it’s it’s reported on the changelog. Great peace of software!

  193. mandva jailbreaker says:

    after reboot, it works. However, how to download and install Free apps using local iap store?

  194. concerned jailbreaker says:

    it works on iOS 10 iPhone 4 i dont know with others. download the app then bootstrap then reboot your device

    • Concerned in app purchaser says:

      Really? it works on ios 8.1? ok for me I am using a ipad 3 I installed localiappstore but when I try to use it in temple run. When I click on the purchase the whole game crashes but it stays open in multitasking. Any advice thanks!

  195. Jon Kent says:

    I’m on ios 8.1 it doesn’t work for me. Please help.

  196. Jack says:

    It doesn’t work for me I’m on iOS 5.1 please help

  197. Conan says:

    I am trying to get LocalIAPStore to work for Dragon Bane Elite. Makes it all the way to authenticating then gives me invalid order error in game. Any thoughts or recommendations.

  198. Guest says:

    any iOS alternatives to local iap store for iPad mini 2?

  199. Amanda says:

    Localiapstore working on the latest ipad air 8.1 jailbreak
    Can confirm

    • Brian says:

      It didn’t Work on my ipad mini 2 8.1 jailbreak
      What is your version of the LocalIapStore?

    • carl says:

      thats great amanda, can you put screenshot for working localiapstore? i have doubt that it actually works, but yes, there are many apps to try
      or you can just try any good alternatives

  200. guru says:

    24 hours passed, still testing a lot of ios8.1, apps for compatibility

  201. alan tou says:

    localiapstore works like a charm
    thanks man

  202. Texan says:

    How can I get this to work on Sims Free Play v5.1.0?

  203. Guest says:

    It works on ticket to ride for extra map. Too bad it doesn’t work on wayang force, now I cannot buy local magazine even if i want to pay for it… Is there any way to temporary disable it?

  204. Guest says:

    So just to confirm I installed LocaliAPStore and used on Dragonvale. So when I click on purchases it says making purchase but doesn’t ask for apple Id and pe. Assuming that means it worked?

  205. Guest says:

    Just tried it on Smurfs Village again and Big Win Slots. Neither one of those work for berries or money. Both games say Cannot purchase without Internet connection, BUT I am connected on both counts and was playing. Any ideas on how to fix this?

  206. Guest says:

    Doesn’t seem to work on “Tiny Farm” even though it’s on the list.
    Shown “Your inApp purchase was made” but nothing happen.

  207. Guest says:

    Are you trying to purchase a jet pack? Because you have to go through the process of getting the coins first… I have tested this with jetpack joyride and it works fine

  208. Guest says:

    People that are asking why it doesn’t work for all apps, it’s because some game maintain a server while others do not. So for most games, if it doesn’t work you’re out of luck…. and Tweaker tester, it works with jetpack joyride, I’ve used it.

  209. Guest says:

    I tried the Sims 3, TS- ambitions, TS world adv., Bonnies brunch, Antrim escape3 deluxe, big fish, oh! edo world, it doesn’t worked. it always showed payment information required…

    oh yeah when I tried purchased story in pirates in love, nothing happen..
    it worked in dlc like shall we date ninja, konkatsu marriage, dragonvale (inf money n gems)

  210. Guest says:

    no its just the real thing because before I download localiAP store. I can’t buy some thing so its not LocaliAPStore and if you try : castle age its say you buy it but don’t have so some game are the same thing its doesn’t work for all and urban rivals say it too: error you always buy this pack

  211. Guest says:

    Can anyone tell me if local iAP Store works with monopoly hotels? I need gold and lots of it… Just not sure if the cracker works for it… Can anyone confirm please? Monopoly Hotels…

  212. Guest says:

    i used it with surviving high school, it says it was purchased cancelled, does anyone know an app like LocaliAPStore that works with surviving high school?

  213. Guest says:

    Does not work with ANY comic app. It buys it, but you can’t download it.

  214. Guest says:

    I want download the comic but it isnt working, the iappcracker only work on the smurfvillage, help

  215. Guest says:

    Works on Paper by FiftyThree, the new art/drawing app. Unlocks all of the additional tools

  216. Carl says:

    Is there any update of localiapstore ios 10 without jailbreak?

  217. John says:

    Localiapstore is really such a wonderful app that works on my iPhone smoothly.
    Thanks for the share.

  218. Michael Edward says:

    Hi all,

    these are the games on which LocaliAPstore works…

    Need For Speed
    Real Boxing
    Real Racing 3
    Temple Run 2
    Motor Racing
    Call Of Mini Brawlers
    Slotz Racer
    Roar Rampage
    Sonic Jump
    JetPack Joyride
    Uber Racer
    Banana Kong
    Subway Surfers
    Pocket Trucks
    Stunt Car Challenge
    AR Defender 2
    Last Knight
    Photoshop Express
    Table Top Racing

    If anyother apps are working, please submit here or submit the issue

  219. Parker says:

    Try iAPfree or iAP cracker. Both of these work similar to Local iAP Store.

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  5. Alan Aurmont says:

    If you’ve updated version of Cydia, there are bunch of tethering apps available on their app store. You just rule that you’re on jailbreak device. Without it, you can’t even think to tether your iPhone.

  6. Voncile says:

    . Your favorite reason appeared to be on the web the simplest thing to be aware of. I say to you, I definitely get irked while people consider worries that they plainly do1&;82n7#t know about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top as well as defined out the whole thing without having side effect , people could take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Thanks

  7. Freebie says:

    Download the other libs that have the cracked free versions of pdanet etc and thus they are free. I use pdanet to play halo 5 and COD just fine, usually go thru 47-120 gigs a month with Verizon and nothing has ever been said to me

    • Anonymous says:

      What libs man I’m tired of not being able to use tethering and I have no card to pay for anything

  8. Zuza says:

    please help iso 10 hotspot tether me won’t work, i bought tetherme ios8+

  9. Zuza says:

    i just bought tetherme i got i phone 6 plus ios 9, and i cannot tether hotspot??? why 🙁

  10. Ben says:

    How to tether my wifi

    • Kevin says:

      The latest version of TetherMe is called TetherMe for IOS 9 & 8. If you purchased a previous version the upgrade should be free, and I can attest that it works flawlessly with 10.

  11. Gary Brooks says:

    “Top 3 Free Cydia Tethering Apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch”

  12. Jose says:

    Hello!!! How can use the pdanet in my iPad Air ??? Please I need help!!! Thank you so much!!!

  13. TotalLoser4This says:

    Ive had metro pcs in my iphone 5s for about 2 months now on a 60$ unlimited plan. With high speed 4g lte data. I truly love this plan right now. Im currently using mywi. I have been passed 15-20 gigs a month and with no threshold at all.

  14. Smitty says:

    I use tetherme and just received a letter from AT&T saying that I need to stop tethering or I would be switched to a 5gb data plan. Apparently tetherme does not hide tethering from AT&T as well as they say.

    • Jose says:

      Hello! smitty can you help me ??? Thanks

      • Velvet says:

        Em quedo amb aquesta frase “en los tramos más duros, iba marcándome objetivos, hasta la siguiente piedra, hasta aquella mat12&#82ac;Aquesra es la mentalitat de winner!!! objetivos parciales, para un gran exito!llegint la teva crónica, classifico aquesta prova com a MOLT dura!felicitats figura!

    • Kevin says:

      Smitty, the author of TetherMe makes no claims about hiding the terher. He states clearly that he is merely changing some phone settings to turn on the built in tethering function.

  15. Gustavo says:

    how to use internet thetering cydia

  16. idork says:

    though the title was top 3 free Tethering apps… UMMM 0 of these are free

    • Mike says:

      I believe that the “free” part is referring to apps (not necessarily free) that allow you to tether for free (without being charged for tethering service by the ISP).

    • Wilhelmina says:

      No qusotien this is the place to get this info, thanks y’all.

  17. Paul Miles says:

    I just attempted to download PdaNet from Cydia on a trial basis and after giving all my Credit Card Information it gave me two choices 1) a 5 day trial for under $10 or a Monthly Plan for $34.95. Not quite the advertised price above of $14.95 One Time Charge. Anyone else have this issue?

    • Wesley says:

      It pretty much sucks to be all of you.
      Here in Australia we have original iPhone tethering and not to mention all these other apps. We don’t have to purchase a ‘Tethering plan”.
      We can use what we get.
      I myself am on pre-paid. I pay as much as I want, and Optus (Australian Carrier) takes $2 a day out of that credit and until
      the clock strikes midnight, i get Unlimited texts/mms’s Unlimited calling, and Unlimited HI-speed data which i can tether as much as I want n_n

      • bstnfeeparty says:

        sure, but does your country have nukes?

        alrighty then!

      • Whaaaat:) says:

        I’m just wondering how the heck you made all the way to the comments section of this fine article sice all that free Australian tethering would make a free tethering app for iPhone article pretty useless. :)–

  18. Trevor says:

    I used MYWI and got bagged by AT&T. They now changed my plan without my consent to a 4GB plan where as before I had unlimited. I can’t believe they can get away with that!

    • Michaelcpuckett says:

      Read your terms of service and then you will believe. With unlimited data, carriers have to restrict tethering since one account could use unreasonable amounts of data. The reverse, though, is that anyone with a LIMITED plan should be able to use that limited data however they want – if I pay for 2GB/month, I should be able to use that 2GB regardless of tethering.
      Now, if AT&T also made you purchase tethering along with the 4GB plan (which, I note, is $25, or $5 less than the now discontinued unlimited data plan), I would be right with you. But if they let you continue tethering without charge, then I htink the result is fair.

      • Jo says:

        With a limited data and tethering, would i still have to pay if i go over tethering?

      • Retta says:

        Re. electorate borders: why not have both major parties prepare a proposed electoral map and then submit them either to the state supreme court or to a state-wide rerdefneum?Do it on a pendulum negotiation basis: one proposal gets accepted in toto, so in effect the incentive is to appear as reasonable and fair as possible.

    • Florence says:

      Posts like this make the innetret such a treasure trove

  19. Sebastian Caden says:

    Virgin Mobile USA allows tethering I have never ever had an issue with it. Ive used PDA Net on android, and Now use EasyTether Pro. I prefer easytether pro, but until I discovered it, Pda net worked most of the time. but once you get a new phone its a bitch to try to get a new activation key to refrain from paying for the app again. EasyTether advertises that you will never have to pay for an activation key again. They’ll send it to you anytime you need it, as long as you paid for it once initially. I like it a lot so far. no plans to go back to using pda net. hope this helps you guys choose. I have yet to try anything for the IPhone but it seems like TetherMe is the best option to use once you jailbreak your phone. but again I don’t know for sure.
    Does it work on iOS 9?

    • Claire says:

      Not all US carriers are equally evil. (Or at least they are evil in different ways maybe.) Setting a good example, T-Mobile allows WiFi tethering and USB tethering on most plans and on most T-Mobile phones – I’m on my third Android with T-Mob and tethering has worked painlessly and without subterfuge on all of them. Also T-Mob customers can make calls over WiFi, which helps to make up for T-Mobile’s patchy coverage. But … T-Mobile doesn’t sell iPhones: maybe if they did, they wouldn’t have to worry about pleasing their customers so much …

  20. Juan says:

    Android has free 3G/4G tethering, and apps you can download from the market because Google isn’t a piece of shit, good ol’ Android

  21. Jenna says:

    News FLASH !! Android isn’t a carrier doh

  22. Julian says:

    i pay att for tethering, laptop went down, bought new laptop,dont see how to tether, am using bluetooth to get internet. do i need software from laptop people or att

  23. Brooke says:

    Another cool feature of pdanet for Android is the SMS agent which you can use independent of tethering. Allows me to use my computer as a terminal for my text messages, now I can plug my phone in so it keeps a charge and use my standard keyboard for texting. Really cool app for free, one of the reasons I prefer Android over iOS.

    • Justice says:

      mansuetude – but the titel is don’t turn around, I feel there is a difference, isn’t it (or is it just like that when you can’t speak english good enhuSo?)?gandra- det är priset man fÃ¥r betala (+försök själv klippa ut smÃ¥ händer fÃ¥r du se hur lätt det är 😉

    • ^doh says:

      It’s called messages…syncs across iPhone and OSX devices.

  24. Isaac says:

    PDAnet is a piece of crap. It would connect to my wireless router/broadband connection, but would not connect using my iPhone data connection. There probably is a fix…but that is the developers job, not mine. I’ll gladly pay for something that works.

    • Mackenzie says:

      I used FoxFi / PDAnet on Android until I switched to iPhone. It didn’t always work well on WiFi or Bluetooth, but it did work well on USB after that feature was added when FoxFi and PDAnet were combined.
      The latest version also gave me the ability to use my computer’s WiFi as an AP when using FoxFi/PDAnet for my internet. I haven’t tried it on my iPhone yet. And I think I won’t since I don’t want to jailbreak my iPhone. I wasn’t required to jailbreak my android with FoxFi/PDAnet for Android.

    • Maryellen says:

      That’s really thinking at an imespsrive level

  25. James Logan says:

    TetherMe does not work! When’s it tries to install the phone locks up and it takes all your service away. And your five bucks. DON’T USE!

  26. Samantha says:

    just purchased and used iPhone Jailbreak Easily and it performed seamlessly as advertised. I installed the tether as well and it works perfectly. This software is easy to use and well worth the $$$.

    • Dan says:

      Is “iPhone Jailbreak Easily” an app? I Googled it and had no results.

    • jpainter01 says:

      Well which purchased Jailbreak did you use?

      • Maud says:

        semua org buat salah.. hbs tu takyah sedekah la kat anak yatim sbb takot anak yaim sedih tgk org lain ada duit nak sedekah tp diorang xde duit. gitu??? org tu niat baik hati nak berkongsi rezeki dgn anak yatim ko blh plak nk kondem. ni namanya apa org buat smua sal0o&#823a;Well-lhved.

    • Rikkii says:

      You purchased a jailbreak software? Lol ????

  27. Joshua says:

    I have a Apple iPhone 5 with 6.1 iOS can this be Jail Broken? In addition I see nothing on this Photo even to lock on a Hotspot The phone was Purchase through Sprint Wireless. I need to Teather and here’s the reason; currently I have Move to Toledo Ohio to help my Elderly Mother and of my equipment is in Michigan attach to my Computer with Comcast and while in Ohio I have no Internet Access with My Laptop can you Help me?

BDaySpotify iOS 11.1.2: The Best Jailbreak Spotify Cydia Tweak for iPhone, iPad


BDaySpotify iOS 11.1.2: The Best Jailbreak Spotify Cydia Tweak for iPhone, iPad

We’ve great news for jailbreak users who love Spotify music service. Today, a jailbreak app was released specially for Spotify for Unlimited Skips, Music controls and much much more.

While enjoying music on Spotify using BDaySpotify jailbreak app

  • User can enjoy unlimited Skips.
  • And of course you can listen your favorite music without single shuffling.
  • The best Cydia tweak for Spotify to restart any song.
  • User can move next or previous track easily.
  • User can enjoy Spotify premium features without paying for subscription.

Spotify is music service that updates their database of songs every single moment with new hits. They have more than million songs in their playlist. Spotify is one of the best music sharing site where jailbreak users can install BDaySpotify and enjoy unlimited songs without any premium subscription.

Spotify premium features are completely free for Mac OS X and Windows users on Desktop of laptop while the same features are available on Smartphones, iPhone, iPad Air and iPad Mini with a costly subscription.

BDaySpotify is the good tweak that gives users a chance to test Spotify Premium services for free on their iPhone and iPad. But, we recommend to get subscription once you’re satisfied their premium services.

Spotify Premium Free Cydia tweak brings premium spotify features for free known as SpotiUM.

Jailbreak users can install BDaySpotify iOS 11.1.2 from BigBoss and ModMyi repo source. The free version is available on HackYouriPhone repository.

Lets share your experience and thoughts on BDaySpotify…


RypeDub says:

  1. iOS 10 is NOT jailbroken yet. What the fuck are you all talking about?

    This tweak is probably fake too. If you are reading this, get my Twitter off my google.com/+RypeDub about page and tweet me if you have any questions.

  2. Jaden says:

    BDaySpotify is working on the current version of Spotify! 🙂

  3. Alan Aurmont says:

    Bdayspotify is one of the best spotify Cydia tweak available, but I don’t know why the developers are not updating it for iOS 10 support. How to update it for the latest firmware support. I have to look for other alternative apps for Spotify iOS 10

  4. Jansen says:

    Works with the current 5.x versions. But no offline playing. ;-;

    • I highly recommend Spotium Cydia tweak if you are not getting full featured Spotify iOS 9.3.1

    • Carlos says:

      Jansen, get 3G unrestrictor and add spotify into the restrictor app. This will fool your phone thinking its always on wifi thus allowing you to always be able to listen to your music just like it was saved offline.

      • Anonymous says:

        So I want to do this because my music takes up like 5.0 Gigabites on my iphone does this method take up space or no? Thanks for letting me know that 3g unrestricted works though

  5. Callisto Forfoque says:

    Works with the latest version but you have also to install anywhere and change the version for spotify into ipad

  6. spotititi says:

    your spotify version has to be 2.3 otherwise it won’t work

    • khan says:

      its not working, i tam trying it on spotify 2.3 version with Bdayspotify from hackyouriphone repo. how did you get it to work, did you download spotify first or bdayspotify (Does the order matter?)?? Please help

iAPFree iOS 11.1.2 – Get In-App Purchase for Free – Compatibility List

iAPFree offers free in app purchases using Cydia tweak for iPhone, iPad…
Previously, we have discussed on iAP Patcher that also works similarly. Actually, all the apps have different methods to connect Apple server.

Some app works for some applications and others do the same for other. If you want any app, you have no option other than try. LocaliAPstore is also one of the best in-app purchase cracker.

iAPFree comes handy where other apps don’t work. I have seen a common issue that if you are looking for any game or app that is subscription based, in most of the case, you won’t install that app using these apps specially with iAPFree.

So, how to use these apps and what is the list of apps that are working with these hacks? This is what, we will discuss today.

How to Use iAPFree

First thing is Jailbreaking. You must have jailbroken iOS device to install and use iAPFree. Second thing is Cydia, without it you won’t be able to install even a single app.

So, if you have jailbroken iOS, then you can proceed to next step otherwise jailbreak it. PanGu is the perfect tool to jailbreak any iOS 11.1.2 firmware. But, if you have older firmware such as iOS 9, then use PanGu.

1 First of all, add iAPfree repo to Cydia. Tap on “Manage” and then “Sources”, and “Edit” and finally tap on “Add”. Enter http://cydia.crazydoraemon.com in the box and finish it.

2 Now search “iAPfree” in that Cydia Repo section and install it. Install “Core Plugin” too. If you won’t install core plugin, without it other plugins also don’t work.

3 Once you have installed both of above apps in your iDevice, you are ready to use this app. Run iAPFree app in the background and enable toggle from it’s setting menu.

Finally, open in-app app and try to buy any paid app or game, it will directly redirect you to installation page, it means this app is working. Otherwise try another one.

Note: Before dying into purchase page, disable SBSettings’s toggle and installous alternative apps. Make sure that you didn’t installed iAP Patcher or LocaliAPstore and if you have installed them, just remove metadata or whole installation.

Compatibility List

It is not possible to give exact list of games and apps that are working with this hack, however, there are a few of apps that are tested with iAPFree are listed below…

  • Urban Crime
  • Six-Guns
  • GT Racing
  • Infinity Blade 2
  • Japan Life
  • Pinball Arcade
  • Sport Illustrated Swimsuit 2012

Most of these games from Gameloft that is famous game developers. You can post a list of compatible apps that are working this tweak. I would like to see your comments.


  1. […] that also offers same features. If iAP Patcher doesn’t work on your iOS or in your case, try iAPfree. Don’t forget to share your experience, if you are using it or facing any […]

  2. Mac says:

    I recently discovered that iAPFree core plugin is must to run this app smoothly. Using core plugin, it works on Candy crush and clash of clan too

  3. Alessandro says:

    Kritika and Taichi Panda???

  4. Dominic Echo says:

    how about monster strike?

  5. Vince says:

    do sombody know one for ff legacy ?

  6. Randi Moore says:

    only install localstore unistall iap cracker it works

  7. Pat says:

    Hey, iAPFree iOS 10 is not working properly

  8. Eddy Fret says:

    IOn ios 7.0 not working anymore

  9. hidden says:

    Iapfree on iOS 10 not working..only pop ups a apple id login, when i cancel still nothing happens..worthless jb for my ipad 2 now.

  10. MammaLon says:

    I got a registered UDID and I’m a nub. I don’t know what to do with it or how to use it. I was trying to side load apps without jailbreak. Please help I’m dumb

  11. Franklin Carpenter says:

    so far the only in-app purchase tweak that works is LocalApstore
    for IOS 8

  12. Franklin Carpenter says:

    probally not.

  13. Jim Jansen says:

    will this work on clash of clans?

  14. BossMan says:

    Does it work for any of the Angry birds games?

  15. Giwfyl says:

    Do you know anything about UDID FAKER??? Ios iOS 10

  16. Zarna says:

    Does it work for fantasy town!!!!

  17. Zykkuno says:

    does asphalt 8 1.5.0 work

  18. Maths Hi says:

    not working for six guns

  19. Rellik805 says:

    I can’t find the core plugin someone help me

    • Michael Edward says:

      iAPFree is not a active Cydia hack, Better to try iAPCrazy rather than iAP Free. The plugin for this is not updated for a while

  20. Saurav Gautam says:

    How to use genabag

  21. Josh says:

    It will will work on iOS 10 if you use old core plugin 1.9.1. I personally us iapcrazy now

    • Michael Edward says:

      You’re right, but the core plugin is not updated for a long time and iAP Crazy is the right choice at the moment
      Try to search the blog for latest updates about iAP

  22. Caio says:

    not working with ios iOS 10 with Pangu JB

  23. Bob says:

    Does it work with the Kim Kardasian game?

  24. Doll says:

    I wish it worked on spartan wars

  25. JBMaster(not) says:

    When I get the source there is only one Package and its something called GenaBag??? All of the info is in Chinese but it does say somewhere iAPfree in english but all I get from downloading it is a app that has a character face and it has nothing to do about iAPfree! Can anyone relate?

  26. ThisGuy says:

    Infinity blade 3 doesn’t work

  27. Noah says:

    Does anyone know of any tools like this that work with “MyNBA2K14” ?

  28. Nickkk says:

    Local iap and Iap standalone work well together for candy crush , smashed the game in less than a week without paying , must have used at least £5000 worth of iap cracking to do it lol

  29. Nina Phoebe says:

    when i search for iapfree or whatever it doesnt even come up! help omg

  30. Dafuq00 says:

    When i update a app does the data of the old version app go on the new one?? Ty

  31. Markk says:

    Some of my apps don’t even open, they close right away. Anybody else have this issue? or is it just me.

  32. Larry says:

    Anybody tried World Of Tanks:Blitz?

  33. Lol says:

    Im doing it on pixel gun

  34. LAVACREEPER10 says:

    Brave frontier doesn’t work, I get an error code

  35. Jeremy Reed says:

    How do you get a jailbreak for10.1 because , I have a iPhone 5c and I need it jailbroken

  36. Sammy says:

    Addition to previous comment.

    I have another IPhone 5 in that it works but in iPhone 5s it keeps asking for appleID’s password.

    • Daltix says:

      Press cancel and it should work if it says error then the crack doesn’t support the app

      • Sc says:

        I’m having same thing but it just says purchase cancelled and doesn’t work and I know the app I’m using it for works with Iappfree as I used it on my pad before it broke.
        Using IPad 2 iOS 9.0.2 pangu jb
        Any help would be great thanks

  37. Sammy says:

    I have IPhone 5s and I’m trying to get this iapfree working on this but I’m not able to get it working.

  38. Cmc says:

    I need a hayday and csi hidden crimes hack for cydia

  39. Mr Nikolai says:

    I couldn’t download core plugin

  40. Tommy says:

    How do you get the Simpsons tapped out core plug in for 7.0.6? I keep trying all these different techniques but I guess I am doing it wrong. If anyone has directions on how to do it, please answer me 🙂 I just want a lot of donuts haha

  41. Hunter says:

    It does not work on Plague Inc.

  42. tremor says:

    anyone know of a game of war hack?

  43. tomor says:

    Need iAPFree list of games

  44. No Jacket Required says:

    NHL Game Center

  45. killem says:

    does it work on urban crime

    • Mira says:

      I have installed urban crime iOS 10 on my iPad air and unlocked couple of stages with iAPFree
      I wanna know that if I upgrade to iOS 9.3.1, will this app work?

  46. Zephyr says:

    It does work on SAS: ZA 3. It didn’t ask for the Apple password, and it gave me the extra rank, so I guess it worked.

    • Fiji says:

      that’s great
      it means you have installed correct version
      can you give me iAP free list of apps and games?

      • Zephyr says:

        I do not know what you mean. The only app I tried it with was SAS: ZA 3. I deleted it afterwards because I felt bad for the developers of the app.

        • Zara says:

          that’s the right concept, we should respect developers hard work

          • Zephyr says:

            Yeah, if I were a developer I would like for people to actually pay for the IAP. I actually paid over
            $10 on the app’s in app purchases before I got iApFree. However, I still felt bad after not paying for one of them.

            • Zara says:

              don’t worry, this statement will change the view of users

            • boushi says:

              I paid 30 yesterday and over 60 for the week. I haven’t got mine working yet but I do feel justified. I have over 1100 games on my phone and i have put a lot of money out towards supporting devs over the years.

  47. Renee says:

    how do you ensure that you didn’t actually make a purchase? Like for instance I downloaded iAPfree and went into Candy Crush and “purchased” something, It went through and I didn’t have to put in my apple password so does that mean is worked? I just don’t want to keep using it and then end up getting a very large bill..

    • Gibson says:

      if you get the version which is supported by iAPFree iOS 10, surely it would work for free without wasting single penny

  48. Suri says:

    I try it in iPhone 5s ios 7.0.5 and it’s not working :s

    • Drew stangelo says:

      It doesn’t work on every game but it works on a good bit. If it doesn’t work try getting firewall ip in cydia and respring after you download it and it helps to get a lot of games to work.

  49. garan shiv durai says:

    Does not works on gameloft games ?

  50. Chris says:

    World of magic and monster warlord do not work

  51. garan shiv durai says:

    That is ultimate team fifa points ?
    And with news stand ?

  52. garan shiv durai says:

    Does it work with fifa 14?

  53. sarah says:

    anyone know of a souce for free inapp purchases for a game called “dragon era?”

  54. Steff says:

    Dungeon keeper is not working

  55. Se Gs says:

    iPhone 4: Candy Crash Saga Works

  56. Hong says:

    Im using 3rd gen. Ipad. iapfree is working good, but my friend’s ipad mini retina display, iap free cannot working. But what installed in his cydia exactly all same with mine. Why?

  57. jaintex1 says:

    its work on
    miku flick 2
    2013 infected wars

  58. Minu says:

    why it says maintainance
    and service is not avilable

  59. Helper says:

    I have tried iapcracker and iap free iOS 10 at the same time

  60. Coolguy says:

    what happens if we install more than one IAP tweaks?

  61. Fahmi1213 says:

    Do we need sign out when using IAPfree?

  62. macy says:

    this app is under maintenance
    how to fix it

  63. :/ says:

    we need a repo that bypasses the updated security that most apps have now, iapfree works on some apps that I like, but there needs to be added compatibility with other apps if poss

  64. zaylin says:

    why does IAPFree keep saying in maintenance

  65. lucy says:

    I have upgraded my iPhone 5S from iOS 10 to10.1 beta 4. does it work without jailbreak?
    Any confirmation?

  66. Kez says:

    Does this work with Crime city? If not does anyone know a repo that does…

    • CHEMO says:

      Crime City is sever sided so when you buy something instead of the purchase being handled on ur idevice, it’s sent to a server and it checks to see if the funds where provided.. There’s a Source called iModGame.. for Crime City it doesn’t do in app purchases, but it gives you unlimited energy. For a better gaming experience, I’d recommend going that route with a lot of games now days, and iModGame is compatible and has Modifications for a bundle of games.

    • Helper says:

      better check game list for detailed compatible apps list

  67. Klein says:

    Tried to install from both sources. Unable to do so and games crashed once I tried to purchase in app.

  68. talent says:

    Thank you Freyttssie. Working very well on ipad air and iphone 5s. is there any way to turn if off and on?

  69. Mya54321 says:

    I have iPhone 4S and the list I can confirm is:

    Family feud
    Candy crush
    Are you smarter then a 5th grader
    Odd socks
    YDKJ (You don’t know jack)
    Ship wrecked
    Diner dash
    Happy chef

    But can someone email with more games if possible? Thanks so much!! Mya54321@yahoo.com

  70. Keke91 says:

    Hay day

  71. sleepbike says:

    won’t let me install the core plugin keep saying plugin server currently under maintenance is there anyway around this

  72. sleepbike says:

    looking for plugin for simpsons taped out

  73. minu says:

    Installed with iAPFree 2.1.0 and it Works for below games

    kingdom of camelot

    Clash of clans

    Final Fantasy All The Bravest

    Angry Birds Star Wars

    The Simpsons™: Tapped Out

  74. Kikis Kikis says:

    Don’t work for asphalt 8

  75. c4sper says:

    frey i am unable to get this to work on asphalt 8. I am in no way saying it doesnt work as much as im saying im probably doing something wrong. any ideas?

  76. Mac Sagun says:

    Thanks for this man!

  77. Mac Sagun says:

    It’s working on Real Racing 3, Cut the Rope 2. Work’s fine on some photography apps like camera+.

  78. paylo says:

    I found iAP free working on clash of clans and candy crush
    great share, thanks

  79. ponk says:

    After getting Cydia substrate, it worked. Oh my god, I Free a few top games from app store. The first ever in app cracker worked with 8.1
    thanks man, now i can test before purchase

  80. siuagdiufh says:

    please help iapfree wont work on my ipad air

  81. Marcov says:

    Download The new mobilesubtrate Fix (28-12-13) in cydia. It works

  82. iNeedHelp says:

    Hello everybody! I just jailbroke my iPhone 5 (iOS 9.1) and I want to use iAPFree. I downloaded, installed it and everything was good. But when I click more plugins (to install the core plugin) it doesn’t find ANY plugins. Can you please help me?

    Best wishes, iNeedHelp 🙂
    Happy X-Mas everyone!

  83. Valle says:

    Can veryfy (sadly) that iapfree dose NOT work on iPhone 4S 8.1 jailbrak ,just tested it and the normal apple veryfy logo came up, I did press the “unlocker” idk if that’s good or not

  84. peter hash says:

    iapfree is fully compatible for iOS 10 and it seems like it can be used to download a lot of app store apps free of cost.
    i’m gonna add iap free repo source to my jailbreak iphone
    thanks for the info

  85. gk says:

    i’m looking for iapfree alternatives
    iphone 5s ios 7 alternatives to iap-free

  86. disqus_VWFd8bx2Y7 says:

    iapp cracker works on ipad 4 8.1
    but its not working on ipad mini 2 on 8.1? any idea’s why?….

  87. TheHacker says:

    iAP Free stops working after who knows what happened
    Jailbroken IPhone 4 iOS 9.1

  88. dm says:

    anyone pls give me the repo source to download iap free 7 on ios8.1

  89. jvox says:

    iAPfree is not working on my iPhone 4S (iOS 10 Jailbreak)
    When I try to download any app, it redirects me to buy and price page rather than download as you mentioned above.
    However, I found that it works just fine in couple of apps and games. How to get fully functional in-app purchase cracker for Apple app store?

  90. Guest says:

    fantasy town please i love that game but always get stuck me and my friends would all really appreciate it if you could crack it thank you
    iOS iOS 9.1

  91. Guest says:

    There are games that need internet connection in order to do in-app purchases, would it still be free as long as it doesn’t ask for my apple id and password? Thanks! And when a game crashes it means it is not compatible, right? Thanks again

  92. Guest says:

    There would be games that need internet connection to view the in-app purchase choices, in this instance is it still free as long as there is no itunes log-in?

  93. Guest says:

    I have install the iAp free. I DL zenonia 3. I try the in app purchase of the 3000 zen. I got the 3k zens without prompting the confirm purchase from apps store. But before I play the game, I have enter my apple ID AND PW for registration. Do u think the iAp free works? Or it didn’t work?
    Help me pls…
    on iOS 9.1

  94. Guest says:

    really cool tweak love it cannot live without it i use it everyday. it also works on snooker club and that new game tree land also the call of mini zombies and the last stand. awesome!!!

  95. Guest says:

    he guys, when I’m trying to download iap free. it says in red mismatch. it is not downloaded, what am i doing wrong?


    • JailbreakGod says:

      Go to the Changes tab in Cydia. In the top left corner youll see a button called “Refresh”. Click that and once that is done retry the installation.

  96. Guest says:

    I was really looking forward to playing surviving high school but it won’t work ): it says something about the purchase was not successful due to a user cancelation. HELP PLEASE ):

  97. Guest says:

    Hi, Working good for Ghost Trick, Infinity Gene, iStunt 2, Zenonia 4 , And JetPack Joyride. (Buy in ITunes)

    Could you add Car Club Tuning Storm Please ? Thanks =)

    • JailbreakGod says:

      It doesnt “add” apps. It is dependent on how the in app purchase communicates with Apple Servers. If it asks for your Apple ID when you go to purchase it WILL charge and there is no way around it. Youll just have to pay legit or pray they go to a different form of in app purchasing.

  98. Guest says:

    Just giving you a heads up ALL gamevil games will ban your iDevice from every gamevil game if you attempt to buy IAP free in thier games, and all online games do not work((games that need internet to start)Dragonvale,iMobsters, farm games, etc) please post this in your cydia details and this posts desc and app list, hope it reduces the amount of people complaining about online games not working.

  99. Guest says:

    Ok, it’s amazing and it works even better than a dream but…just a question: isn’t possible that when i will add a valid credit card i will got all that stuff to pay at once?
    iOS 9

  100. Guest says:

    Does this work on bigfish games like Enigmatis,Nightingale and such??
    And i think it works on Zombie Panic :3

  101. Guest says:

    Doesnt work with Gameloft games
    I need Order & Chaos 6 month subscription

  102. Guest says:

    does this work with crime city? it says it does in your updated lists. but it still freezes when i do it in the game.

  103. Guest says:

    doesn’t work with iswifter (this app is awesome – can play flash games, flash content)
    please add support this app.

  104. Steven says:

    I have followed each and every single steps that you have mentioned Edward.
    I’d jailbroken iPhone 4 with evasion and installed Cydia. Unfortunately, I made a mistake in iapfree repo. Actually, I added it without http://
    However, in a second try I added correct repo source and install this awesome app.
    I launched it and put it in background. Enabled toggled and all other relative steps successfully.
    Bingo! It Free up a top app for that I have to pay at least $5.99
    I got it at free

    • Natalie says:

      have you iOS 9.0.3 or 6+? Can you give me installation link with the apps list which are compatible to iapfree

  105. Elijah says:

    I looks like you’ve made any mistake in above steps, because I’ve also iPad 3 that runs on iOS 6 and iapfree is just working fine.
    Why you don’t try iAP Patcher or LocaliAPstore? They are good alternatives it.
    hope this is helpful

  106. Eric says:

    I’ve iPad 3 runs on iOS 6, but this app doesn’t work in my iPad, please help

  107. Eric says:

    All gameloft games are included in iapfree compatible list? I wanna download a few of the top games from gameloft.

  108. Ethan says:

    I have tried a few of apps using iapfree. I have iPhone 4 that runs on iOS 9
    As Edward has explain, it seems like subscription based packages don’t work.
    If you wanna compatible list then search for it on Google.

  109. Sarah says:

    Whole compatible list is a game list. Does it support only games or apps also.

How to Add ModMyi Repo to Cydia


ModMyi repository is one of the best and must have Cydia Sources to download a lot themes, apps, tweaks and games on your jailbroken iOS device.

When you jailbreak your iOS, it comes as a default repo with Cydia. We have encountered many cases, especially with jailbreakme, redsnOw and other jailbreak tools, where ModMyi is not listed in the default source list. In such a way, you can easily modify default repository list.

Modify Cydia Sources: If you are getting any error installing repository or missing any default source, you can easily modify them. You don’t need to re-jailbreak your iOS for that.

I Can’t Add Repository to Cydia

Suppose, if you are getting error installing ModMyi repo to source list, you should read this tutorial word by word. I have mentioned all the possible way to add ModMyi into your repo list.

1 1st Method: If you haven’t tried to add this repo in your repository list, I would recommend to try this method first. Suppose, if you got error using this method, skip this step and follow second one. Here you have to manually enter ModMyi repo address that has been provided by ModMyi itself.

  1. Launch Cydia application.
  2. Tap on Manage, Now tap on Sources.
  3. You can add custom sources to the repo list here. Tap on Add button from the top left corner to add repo.
  4. Type below repository address in the box and add it.

http://modmyi.com/repo/ or http://apt.modmyi.com/

2 2nd Method: Many users add sources successfully using above method, however, if you are getting error saying, this repo not found or any other error, you can try this step. In the method, we will try to install ModMyi repository from Saurik’s, a developer of Cydia, repository.

  1. Open Cydia application and tap on Manage.
  2. Tap and “Sources” and click on “Telesphoreo Tangelo” repo (This is the repository that is developed by Saurik).
  3. Now scroll down until “M” letter comes. You will see ModMyi repository listed there. Tap on it.
  4. Tap on Install button to add it.

3 3rd Method: Somehow, all above method do not working on your case, you can finally add repo list manually using SSH program. On average, this is difficult method, you need OpenSSH program and other applications to edit default repo sources. However, if both of above method do not work, you can apply this one.

  • Open Cydia and Search for OpenSSH and install it.
  • Now create a text file on your computer and save it with the name of “modmyi.com.list” as a text file (notepad file). Add below content into text file.

# do not edit this file to add your own custom sources
# this file is subject to be upgraded as part of a package
# either add your own .list file to /etc/apt/sources.list.d
# or add your entry to the global /etc/apt/sources.list file

deb http://apt.modmyi.com/ stable main

  • Now put this text file into your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch using SSH program in the root->private->etc->apt and add above text modmyi.com.list file in sources.list.d directory.

Note: If you don’t wanna use OpenSSH and SSH program, you can still do all the things right from your iPhone or iPad. Install iFile from Cydia and create text file with the above content with the same ModMyi file name and add that file using iFile to above mentioned directory.

Warning: I would recommend that you take Cydia Backup before following 3rd Method into effect. 3rd method can damage your source list, if you will make any mistake.


If you have added a lot of repositories in the source list, it could be one the sure shot reason for errors. Try to remove repositories that you are not using at all from source list and your error will be disappeared.

Wow, you exceeded the number of package names this APT is capable of

If you are getting above error while accessing ModMyi repo, you need to fix Cydia Sources to get rid of this error.

  1. Hi all. I have iPhone 6s with version and I have cydia but still Manage option is disabled. Plz tell me how to hide clock in lock screen plz.

    What’s app me +91 9841882051

  2. Ravikumar says:

    Hi all. I have iPhone 6s with version and I have cydia but still Manage option is disabled. Plz tell me how to hide clock in lock screen plz.

    What’s app me +91 9841882051

  3. Helpless iPhone user says:

    HELP NOTHING ANYONE IS SAYING IS WORKING!! I try to install it in every single way possible and every time it keeps saying that it is no longer signed. WHAT DO I DO

  4. neilson says:

    me salvou gratz top

  5. a says:

    Open cydia main page and select more sources there you will find modmyi

  6. alfonso hall says:

    ok so i fond the problem in my case, im on a jailbroken iphone 5s, i had a few sources installed, hackyouriphone, insanelyi, sinfuliphone, and the bitesms source. i removed hackyouriphone and was able to add modmyi. i dont know if it was a tweak, mod or Free app or the entire repo itself that was broken but at least i can isolate the problem

    • Alex Ferguson says:

      try to go for better way, don’t add too much repo sources

      • alfonso says:

        I had very little sources compared to most people

        • Rose says:

          Look, HackYouriPhone repo is the most active repository to get full version Cydia tweaks which are paid for free. ModMyi apps are also useful, but you would never purchase or install free one from them, because all the updated full version can be installed from HYI or BYA repo source.
          I hope this would clear your doubt

  7. Thona says:

    When you check with iTools 2013, it was not jailbreak for iOS 9.1

  8. Oliver says:

    I deleted repos that I had added additionally and now all errors have gone

  9. roberto says:

    finally, I added a modmyi source again on my iphone

  10. bryce says:

    I had added about 8 repos to the Cydia list of sources and was getting error, thanks to Edward, I removed a few of them and now my it is working without having single issue.

  11. Cody says:

    Good work, now modmyi repository has been listed in the source list successfully
    2nd method worked for me too

  12. Jack says:

    I was getting not found error that has been fixed using 2nd method, thanks for the detailed post.