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iAPCrazy is the Best Free In-APP Purchases


Download iAPCrazy iOS 10.2 for iPhone, iPad

Are you looking for free In-app apps or to get free in app purchases? Nowadays, a cydia app known as iAPCrazy working great in free in app purchases.

iAP Crazy is the same jailbreak app that free iAP Apps, games and different stuffs in app. iAPCrazy made jailbreak users crazy. Many jailbreak users have reported that it works just like iAPFree and LocaliAPStore.

iAPCrazy 1.2.6 is the latest version, but we saw 1.6.x with many bug fixes on the Chinese website. iAPCrazy is Chinese app, so, the update also comes from them. It supports iOS 10.2 and all prier versions of iOS operating system on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Air and iPad Mini.

How to Install iAPCrazy

To install iAP Crazy, you must have jailbroken iPhone or iPad with Cydia installed. So, first of all, get some jailbreak 10.2 tools like TaiG, PanGu or PP Jailbreak 10.2 and jailbreak your iPad or iPhone.

These jailbreak install Cydia on your iDevice. Now, you just need to add Cydia repo that has iAPCrazy iOS 10.2 supported version.

Youyuanapp.com is the original developer of this app and they have repo source that have the working and updated version of iAPCrazy on their repo source. They updates the core plugins and all other plugin that support this app.

  1. Open Cydia in your iPhone or iPad and tap on repo sources tab
  2. The second step is adding repo, add http://repo.youyuanapp.com/zhn
  3. Follow on screen process and complete the installation of repo source.
  4. Now, find out iAPCrazy in that repo source. Install it.
  5. Restart your iPhone.

Don’t forget to enable plugins from the settings menu. Without enabling iAPCrazy from settings, you wouldn’t use this Cydia app.

If you are facing any error, comment here, we’ll try to look into it. You can try iAPLocalStore too to get free in app purchases.

  1. ImDaman says:

    Ha Ha…Did you really think it was going to work Suckers!!!!!!!

  2. Maria Elena Bernuy says:

    I like that you can buy for free😍😃😆

  3. gadoo says:

    First step is to launch Cydia
    Next add the below mentioned repository to your source list:
    After adding this repo search for iAPCrazy
    Make sure iAPCrazy version is compatible to iOS 10
    Also make sure you look for AppSync Unified
    This is the most important step for installing any Cydia tweak on your device
    In case this exists then go ahead and process free in-app purchases like iAPCrazy
    In case your phone is missing it, install AppSync iOS 10 on your phone
    Then go ahead and download iAPCrazy
    The completion of these steps successfully marks the downloading of iAPCrazy on your phone

  4. Bullshitter says:

    Uh-huh I doesn’t work the director should be killed

  5. Puro weso says:

    What’s up with golf clash? Anything on that. I’m on 10.2

  6. Zerme says:

    Dragón city pleaseeee any hack
    Does it work

  7. Isnxnxjsjsjs says:

    It doesn’t work it just gives me adds >:(

  8. Anonymous says:

    It doesn’t work it just gives me adds >:(

  9. Cydia sucks says:

    Fuck this it Fake and gay

  10. Anonymous says:

    You mother fucker it don’t work bitch

  11. anna says:

    doesn’t work for candy crush. is says “unsuccessful purchase”

    • Apex says:

      It doesn’t work for server-based games such as Cany Crush. They don’t give you the items until they receive the money, which they will not.

  12. Anonymous says:


  13. -Anon says:

    I’m having the same problem guys.
    I installed IApCrazy from many sources, even the original repo. But even if I respring/Reboot, there’s no IApCrazy app and nothing under the settings.

    Also tried other iap crackers but to no avail. what to do?

  14. Costas says:

    I can install iapcrazy but I can not see it on screen or in the settings I’m on iOS 10

  15. Covet?? says:

    Does anyone know if this works for Covet Fashion?

  16. TheBob says:

    My device is not IOS9 and whenever I open the app it tells me to update it and it just crashes. What should I do?

  17. ochko says:

    thanku bro s

  18. ShifterDarkHack says:

    If you’re wondering if it doesn’t work for some games because the plugins and other stuff in there is sometimes outdated and for iap it doesn’t work because its server sided or high leveled anticheat

  19. poo says:

    work on my ipad…cant see settings to enable them….

  20. Anon says:

    iapcrazy contain adware which pops up ad when opening gmail and a few other apps.

  21. Omar says:

    Hello, has anyone experienced a “failed to purchase” on injustice gods among us version 2.8 if so were you able to fix it or do u know of another app to hack injustice version 2.8.
    Thanks .

  22. Symon says:

    Not worked for me in iOS 10, iappcrazy crashed



  23. Ryder says:

    Does it work on iOS 10?

  24. hole on the wall says:

    Lost in-app purchas hack when update FlightRadar24 Pro, it’s normal? The app says: Store verification failed, what i should i do?

  25. Raouf says:

    hi we need it to work with ClashOfCans

  26. Seth Stanley says:

    Hello! I was wondering if you could possibly add a plugin/crack for the app DragonCity. My son loves the game but is killing me with the in-app purchases. If you wouldn’t mind looking into this to see if that’s possible at all, (I don’t what setup DragonCity uses to connect purchases) I would really appreciate it.

  27. jack ward says:

    Error b/c of dependencies or conflicts that can’t be auromTically fixed?

  28. Lu says:

    What to do, I keep getting the please update to 1.2.9 in the games screen…

  29. Ben Parker says:

    Does it work on clash of clan and candy crush?

  30. Ban says:

    How to Get free in app purchases Cydia tweak

  31. Miss E says:

    I am on 10 and installed iapcrazy 1.2.6 from repo mentioned above but whenever I start games it tells me I have an old version of iapcrazy and need to update to 1.2.6 but that’s what I have already installed.

  32. Sophia says:

    wanna try iapcrazy iOS 9

  33. Tony says:

    Sir, I have tried many apps and hacks from your blog and website such as iAPPatcher, iAPStore and iAPCrazy.
    I’ve a question, how does iAPCrazy work? I installed app sync, restarted my iPhone, but still it doesn’t work. I did everything, please help
    I’m trying clash of clan and candy crash