SpotiuM iOS 10.2: Get Spotify Premium at Free of Cost for iPhone, iPad

You all are well aware of Spotify premium features such as unlimited songs, Unlimited skips and much more. Many of us love Spotify that can be installed app store. To get these premium features, you need to pay subscription fees.

SpotiuM Cydia tweak bring all these premium features free of cost on your jailbroken iDevice. You don’t have to pay anything.

SpotiuM has many great features such as…

  1. Can Play all songs
  2. Unlimited Skips on Spotify
  3. Can Go Backwards
  4. Can Seek feature
  5. Available in all countries
  6. No Shuffle playing feature
  7. Can Restart Songs
  8. Incognito Mode

What you need to install this tweak?

  • Jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
  • Cydia Installed
  • BiteYourApple Repo Source
  • Spotify App Installed

So, first of all install Spotify app from app store and then open Cydia and add BYA repo source to your source directory.

Search SpotiuM Cydia tweak on Cydia app store and install it. Finally, reboot or restart your iDevice.

Once you installed SpotiuM and started your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings app and enable features what you wanna use on Spotify app.

That’s it.

If you are facing any issue, let share with us…


  1. Compton says:

    Confirmed working on Ios 10.2 Iphone 6+ with this method

    1: Download appcake
    2: download Spotify 4.9.0 From app Cake and install
    3: Open Cydia and download and install
    – BdaySpotify 2 (insanelyi repo)
    – SpotiuM ( BYA repo)
    4: open Spotify and enjoy

    • Anonymous says:

      Spotify crashes when I open it.

      • ////SGK//// says:

        Install “app admin” tweak
        This tweak allow you to install older versions of apps from AppStore itself.
        Install Spotify older version and install the tweak
        : )

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    Does it have ads

  4. DANNY says:

    does it work with 9.0.2

  5. DANNY says:

    does it work with 9.0.2

  6. Costa says:


    Download Bdayspotify 2
    download spoiium

  7. M. says:

    Can you Play with this offline?

  8. mcpissed says:

    I downgraded to 0.9.3 version of Spotify and I have spotium installed but it’s still now working what should i do?

  9. BarkyTheGreat says:

    Do you want works perfect?
    Follow this steps if have problem
    1.Download from Cydia App Admin(this tweak downgrade any app).
    2.After Install SpotiuM(this tweak works only for version 0.9.3)
    3.Go to App Store (Go to Pucrhe History and find Spotify)
    4. When find Spotify app press for 2 sec the “open” when do this, open window who told you continue or downgrade
    5.Select downgrade & after this, open all available versions, scroll down and find 0.9.3.

  10. Tyler says:

    Okay, this is what I’ve done: (10)
    Installed appcake
    Installed downloaded through appcake
    Download 0.9.3 Spotify IPA through downloader
    Click on the ipa and install it through appcake
    install spotium

  11. Elijah says:

    Spotium works on IOS 10 but it has effects only on the 0,9.3 version of Spotify

    This means that u gotta first download the old version
    Then u can use spotium

    You can Install Spotify 0.9.3 innthi way

    From Cydia , Install AppCake
    From AppStore, install T-Download
    From T-download search on the web the IPA and download it
    Then select the file download and chose the voice “Open With’ and selecting AppCake you can inStall Spotify 0.9.3

    Good Luck

    • Bryan says:

      I tried all the specified steps by you, but found that it stopped working on latest firmware. I tried it on iOS 10 which gives me error. Please note that before trying spotium Cydia tweak, I updated spotify iOS 10 to my iPhone and it should be noted that I’ve had previous version when it was working fine.

  12. Rick says:

    23rd of June, spotiuM does work with the current Spotify Version 🙁

  13. Alan Aurmont says:

    I’m trying hard to download spotify iOS 10 after upgrading the new firmware on iPhone, but I’m not able to do so. Plus, can we install spotium Cydia using Mojo installer without jailbreak?

  14. OnePunchEverything says:

    Actually you can do all of this in Ipad, PC or other tablets even without installing this… I hope to see a hack for the ad removal

  15. Fuegoh WavyBoss says:

    If you want it to work, just download “LinkStore” from cydia then go to app store and search for spotify, then choose “LinkStore” as download… Then choose an older version and download it 🙂 Thanks me later… Enjoy

  16. It needs to be updated for the latest version of Spotify. Currently, it does not work.

  17. täikï says:


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