WiFi Analyzer is one of the top application to analyze channel and sort it out based on various filters. It also provides you a detailed statistics about your connection.

Before couple of months, it was available on Apple app store with the name of WiFi Scanner that allows it’s users to analyze various channels based on filters. User can get detailed statistics data, low crowded channel or free WiFi and much more. But recently, Apple has removed WiFi Scanner from it’s app store.

However, It has been added to Cydia App Store at $1.99 on BigBoss Cydia repo. Now application name has been changed from scanner to analyzer. If you have jailbroken iOS iDevice, then you can download and install WiFi Analyzer from Cydia.

What Does WiFi Analyzer Do

What it does is, it analyze connection data and provides you various details about it. The detailed statistics include network speeds, signal strength etc.

It also help you to find out less crowded Wi-Fi connection and open Wi-Fi network.

More Features…

  • Provides detailed statistics including connection speed, strength, availability etc.
  • It detects and shows all information about Wi-Fi connection around you.
  • It analyzes signal strength and shows details about minimum, maximum and average signal strength.
  • It finds open and secure WiFi connection and allows you to connect to.
  • It offers various filter and sorting options.

From Editor’s Desk

If you have jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, then simply launch Cydia and tap on Sources. Explore BigBoss repo and search “WiFi Analyzer“. You will need to purchase it using credit card or paypal account.

I personally have been using WiFi Analyzer on my MAC OS X 10.6.6 and found it extremely useful. You can get it for free from Apple app store. It will also analyze your wireless network data and offers you detailed stats.


  1. Pranav says:

    Its not in the search menu

  2. Deco9 says:

    why doesn´t work on iphone 5 with ios 8.1 ?

  3. iPad geek says:

    Does it work as scanner or is there any other app for WiFi scanner?

  4. jacob says:

    this Cydia app is too powerful that it can scan all my Wi-Fi connection and provides detailed stats about connection speed, signal strength and free wifi networks. however, it doesn’t offers cracker feature what I was searching for.

  5. Maria says:

    I am looking for Wifi finder app for my iphone, but no luck
    having iphone 4S iOS 10 jailbreak

  6. Diego says:

    my Wi-Fi works too slow and gets hang up again and again, I wanna detailed stats about network. WiFi Analyzer looks useful to me, Is there free app or utility out there on Apple app store? I have iPhone 5C, but no jailbreak runs on iOS 9.1

  7. alan says:

    why we pay $2.99 for wifi app, when we can get it for free!

    • Guest says:

      better to search on Google to get it for free, is there any search engine for cydia to search application database?

      • alan says:

        Open cydia and tap on sources, just choose any the repo out there and search there your desire application. I need wifi cracker or finder to get free wifi

    • Michael Edward says:

      Hi Alan,

      There are thousands upon thousands Cydia apps available. You just need to find your desire app in correct repo. The best idea is to search all the popular repo. You will definitely find WiFi analyzer in any popular repo for free.

      I have done this and found a free wifi analyzer, however, I have not tested it yet. There are two popular cydia repos, where you can get it for free.

      1. SinfuliPhone repo
      2. Insanelyi repo


  8. jack says:

    I have installed Wi-Fi analyser from BigBoss source, but how to configure it to find free wifi connection?

  9. Connor says:

    I have iPhone 4 that runs on ios 6.1.3 with jailbreak
    thanks for sharing Wi-Fi for idevice, is there any free wifi Cydia hack or app?
    I wanna upgrade to iOS 9.1

    • Luis says:

      Why don’t you search it on Google? I am sure you will find any good wifi finder or scanner.
      I am also looking for wifi cracker for my iPad 3 iOS 9.1

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