Best Tweaks: Axial, DimMe and Atom Cydia Tweaks for iOS 9

Best Tweaks: Axial, DimMe and Atom Cydia Tweaks for iOS 9

Today, we have some great Cydia tweaks updated specially for iOS 9. The tweaks include support for iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod Touch.

Atom iOS 9, Axial and DimMe were the jailbreak tweaks of 2015 which got significant popularity among Cydia users.

All of above tweaks were updated to iOS 11.1.2 support. We’ve had hands on DimMe Cydia tweak before which was updated to latest firmware support that provides options to reduce brightness of your iPhone, iPad screen.

Second one is, Atom Cydia tweak. One of the best free lockscreen app launcher. Without unlock your iPhone or iPad, you can access your favorite tweak or app directly from your lockscreen.

Atom is developed to support for iPhone and iPad. You can try it on your iPod Touch too. Atom Cydia tweak is hosted on BigBoss repository which is completely free.

Atom lockscreen tweak has some basic features, however there is another quick launcher lockscreen tweak available on Cydia store known as Axial which would cost you around $1.5 and it is also hosted on BigBoss repo source.

All of these tweaks can be installed without adding any additional repository on your sources list. Just search DimMe, Atom or Axial Cydia tweak on installer and that’s it.

If you need further assistance, ask for support. We are not developer of these tweaks, but as a user of these tweaks, would try to help you.

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