Top 5 Cool Cydia Tweaks Compatible for iOS 11.1.2

A few Cydia tweaks are really cool that you can’t miss out. We have sort it out for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad compatible for iOS 6+, iOS 9+…

There is no shortage of users who jailbreak their iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad just for fun. They always try to look for some cool stuff out there on Cydia Store. It contains thousands upon thousands of apps, tweaks and hacks available as free or paid (a few pennies).

To make everything easier, we hands on couple of tweaks that are really cool and you should try once. So, if you wanna test some cool tweaks, then these hacks are the first that you should try.

Cool Tweaks of the Month

We have picked up a few coolest Cydia tweaks that match in this category. You should keep in mind that if you will try each and every little hacks, your battery performance can suffer a lot. You dashboard will also mess up, so, here are 5 awesome tweaks that you should try.

1 Grooveshark: It is actually an app that is not available on Apple store yet, because of iTunes issues. Grooveshark is exclusively available on Cydia. What Grooveshark exactly does is, it adds music play functionality to your iOS.

New Tweak

It allows you to search any song out there on Grooveshark database. A cool part is, it allows you to download and bookmark your favorite song. Grooveshark also offers radio player at free of cost.

2 Cyntact: This is one of the coolest tweaks out there on Cydia. A must have hack for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. What it does is, it adds a tiny image or the contact person name at the left side.

Coolest Hack

It really looks something different and you should try this cool hack. Cyntact was released recently and rock the Cydia app store. Many jailbroken iOS owner install this cool tweak.

3 IntelliID: Did you ever wanna know the identity of the miss caller or the caller whose number is not in your contact list? IntelliID is the tweak that does exactly same thing for you. It finds out the caller name and display while he or she will call again.

The Caller Identity Hack

IntelliID is another cool hack, if you are looking to find out the person who annoying you, then this is the right tweak for you to find out them.

4 IntelliScreenX: We have previously discussed about IntelliScreenX in our Top Cydia tweaks. It was on second number on that list. If you wanna use iOS 11.1.2 notification center in your iOS 5 or iOS 6, then IntelliScreenX is the best for you.

It adds a lot of important information on your homescreen just above lockscreen. It includes your important emails, calender events and other social networking updates with cool weather information.

5 ProTube: Recently, Apple have decided not to include YouTube app on their iOS. ProTube is just an other YouTube app that can be easily find in Cydia app store. This cool app allows you to watch, download or comment on YouTube videos.

You can make your own playlist or watch your downloaded videos from My Videos category. There are many other cool features in this Cydia tweak that makes it perfect YouTube player. If you are currently using ProTube, then don’t forget to share your experience with us.

From Editor’s Desk

We also search new tweaks and hacks that can be useful to you and try to publish them here. If you have any tips or tricks related to Cydia, then we love to publish them here with full review and report. You can use contact form or comments to give us advice or tips.

Isn’t it cool? No? Then why are you waiting for. If you have something that is cool enough to beat this list, then we would also like to check it out. Just express your experience in the comment form in a few lines or words.

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    Composer don’t understand about Jailbreak…Wrong something…!

  2. praetas says:

    I see Cyntact on the list but in Cydia it doesnt show its compatible with iOS 9. Is it in another repo?

  3. julia says:

    I was looking for iSnap for ios 9, how can I install it on my iphone 4s

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