The 100 Best Cydia Themes – Winterboard iOS 8.1, Dreamboard Jailbreak Included

Flappy Bird iOS 11.1.2: Add More Hack, Themes and Mods | Ultimate Cheats Tricks

Flappy Bird is the most popular iOS game among all iDevice owner. If you are one of them, you will be more than happy to learn hack, cheats by applying themes and mods to the regular app for iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone as well…

We are talking about the most famous and popular game “Flappy Bird” and all about it’s themes, cheat sheets and hacks. Flappy Bird got magnificent success and popularity in 2015.

Flappy Bird Themes, Hacks, Cheats

I would love to share a video that could seriously teach you how to change Flappy bird themes, applying mods and hacks and as well as cheats codes. The video is hosted by YouTube by one of the iDevice expert.

 Closely look the video and try those hacks, themes and cheats to the Flappy bird game.


Jailbreak users can easily apply Flappy bird themes using Winterboard. I have personally change default theme and applied mario style theme for iPad Air. It proves that you can change the theme for iPad Mini 2, iPhone 5S/5C too.

If you are getting any issues, mentioned them here…