How to Close an App on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

AppSwiper allows you to manage running apps on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Air, Mini. Its a Cydia tweak that brings easy option to close any app with RAM usage details.

AppSwiper was released recently under BigBoss repo which is developed by David M and you can buy it from BigBoss source at $0.99 for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Its a Cydia app, so, you need jailbroken iOS device to use it. If you have already jailbroken iOS device, you can instantly download it after purchasing or jailbreak your iOS by EvasiOn.

iOS 8.1.1 Jailbreak is ready! : Evad3rs team has developed EvasiOn 7.1 for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini.

When you install this Cydia tweak, it will let you know how many apps are running in the background and when you tap and swipe that app, a pop up menu will be come up with the RAM usage details and the option to close it.

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Simply, it gives you a better control on your running apps with an easy option to close running apps on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Its must have tweak, if you run multiple applications at once and wanna clean up your RAM by closing unused apps.

How to Close running Apps just by Tap and Swipe

You need jailbroken iOS device whether it is iPad or iPhone, it must be jailbroken in order to use AppSwiper. Take a look at features…

1 AppSwipe allows you close running iPad, iPhone apps by tap and swiping particular application. when you tap and swipe, a confirmation window will be open with RAM details and the option to close. You can disable this additional confirmation window to speedily close apps from iPad. By default this option is ON.

2 It displays RAM usages. It shows the running apps under app categories and when you tap and swipe that category, total RAM usage details will be appear. You can individually close those applications.

3 A bunch of stock images that can be used to get running applications’s details.

4 Numerous image effects with cool interface has been added in updated AppSwipe application.

What about Non-jailbroken iPad, iPhone

Suppose, you have purchased a brand new iPad Air or iPad Mini and you are unable to use these jailbreak tweaks in your iOS to close apps, then you can use other alternative ways to do so.

  • To know running applications in your iPad, just double click on your “home” button.
  • Swipe left to right or right to left to find out what application you wanna close.
  • Now just “Swipe UP” any application to close it. Note: You can close all your running applications by swiping up.


If you have jailbroken iOS, then Cydia tweak is the best solution to close running apps quickly. However, it might possible that you have purchased a brand new iPad Air iPhone 5S that can’t be jailbreak at the moment, in such situation, you can use alternative way to close apps.

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  • Peter

    how to close apps on iPad mini? I’ve iOS

  • Micah

    Does it really close iPhone apps?

    To close an app with just the touch screen: Slide from the left side of the screen to pull out an active app, then without lifting your finger off the screen pull the app to the bottom of the screen. This closes the app.

  • Wyatt

    How to close apps on iPhone!
    The X might not be an option if we want touch functionality, as it would be mighty inconvenient with the imprecision of our meaty claw-hands. That said, the dragging down gesture should theoretically work better on new laptops with touchpads that support gestures.

    • George

      You can follow simple tips to close apps on your iPhone or iPad Air, Mini or whatever you have. By the way, I don’t believe that is correct. There is imprecision, which is why (or a strong reason as to why) iOS and Android and Windows Phone have all decided to leave closing apps to an app manager at this point. Selecting options is one thing, but for a few alright reasons, everyone has decided that closing apps cannot happen from within the app itself (the only exceptions to this I have seen are games, and that option is still buried). Personally, I would like for the right-side swipe in app to present the option to close the app in Windows 8. I’ve used both Surfaces quite a bit, and there is no issue with the screen response on either. It’s just not part of the paradigm because it’s not good for business/code.

  • Dominic

    I love Windows 8, its easy to handle it, there is a even better way to close apps with mouse and keyboard. Grab top of screen with mouse and pull to bottom. Pull to the sides to dock any metro app, including the desktop. So you can have the desktop open (with multiple windows open in it) side by side with like the mail app or Skype.

    • Chase

      I just bought a new laptop with Windows 8. I thought I was missing something as it was rather a two step process to close out an app. But alas, nope, I was doing it right. I did not get the whole grap the app at the top option, I did try it worked, but most of the time I can’t get the app to drag low enough before my touch pad runs out of space. I guess I could adjust my touch pad speed, but na, I will get used to the two step action. Or simply the clt f4 option, which might just be the easiest way to go. Bring back the X. Ugh. I still like windows 8, but an x would make it that much better.

  • Devin

    Thanks for that answer. It just highlights the fact that Apple really screwed up with iOS Why do we have to look for answers on the internet to learn how o use this mess. Why didn’t the writer know this?

  • Ayria

    It worked for me. And it was simpler than trying to figure out yet another swipe motion.

  • Guest

    Thanks, that was the info that I was looking for. I knew there had to be a better way than closing them. Not exactly obvious but now that I know..

  • Guest

    I’m sorry, but this is the most inaccurate iPad article I have ever seen.

    To close an app with a touchscreen, simply swipe from the top edge all the way to the bottom in one motion (if you just “flick” from the top edge, it invokes the app bars)

    To close an app with a mouse, move it to the center of the top of screen until it looks like a hand, then click and drag all the way to the bottom of the screen.

    • Bell

      Are you serious about closing an iPad app by flick from the top edge?

    • Nathan

      Guest, which app are you referring to exactly?

      you are correct that it’s the easiest way to close out of apps, and I haven’t had any issues with any of the built-in apps not closing this way, nor any add-on apps I’ve tried.

      I sense bias against iPhone, considering you minimize the easiest method, dismiss it as not working, and then complain that there is no easy method.

  • Russell Holly

    Does iPad Air contain the gesture to close application like Cydia tweak?

    • iPhone Tweaker

      The gesture that you are referring to does not close every app every time. As mentioned in the article, many applications remain in the task manger even when they are not in the Modern UI side panel.

  • Russell Holly

    The gesture that you are referring to does not close every app every time. As I mentioned in the article, many applications remain in the task manger even when they are not in the Modern UI side panel.