Jailbreak & Cydia for iOS 11.1.2 – Round Up

Evad3rs team members are ready with jailbreak iOS 9.1. Evad3rs already started tagging latest 7.1 iOS on their portal.

iOS 11.1.2 Jailbreak Confirmed

There are various tools like EvasiOn, RedSnOw,  and SnowBreeze work on untether jailbreaking. Previously, these tools have jailbroken iOS 6.1.0, 6.1.2, 6.1.3 and so on. Since couple of months, they are silent. It looks like they are ready with Cydia for iOS 9, however, waiting for stable version that works wonderfully on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

iOS 11.1.2 Cydia

If you have noticed, there are a lot of bugs in iOS 9, 7.0.3, 8.1. Upcoming version of this operating system may be 7.1.x, but, it will be only a fix and not a stable release. It seems like Evad3rs team is waiting to prepare EvasiOn for iOS 11.1.2 Jailbreak that may be stable enough.

Evad3rs Team has started Tagging iOS 11.1.2 Cydia

If you are fan of evasiOn, then you have visited Evad3rs’s blog and their upcoming projects. The evasiOn team has already started to tag upcoming most wanted 7.1 for Cydia. What does it mean? It makes it clear that they are also waiting for stable version to release Untether EvasiOn Jailbreak for iOS 9.1. We have seen one of the most stable version from Apple was 6.1.3

Now it appears that there will be no jailbreak for iOS 9.0.x series. At least till yet, none of above jailbreaking tools have released iOS 9.0.3 or 8.1 jailbreak method.

Recently, we have seen many tweets from Evad3rs team members, but, none of them have told about release date, all they are just waiting for right time. Keep connected with us for updates…


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  1. RISHABH says:

    It has already been released to ios10.1 to iOS 10
    I also have but do not have the archive password.

  2. Omran says:

    I want any one help me to download the Eavsion10.1.x on my computer
    I have never find it untel now>>>

    i need any link to load it right now Please .

  3. Guest says:

    When is iOS 10 jailbreak coming out

  4. Mark says:

    I just read that the jailbreak is already in existence.. So what does all that mean.. Someone as already hacked iOS 9.1… So I guess my question is why is it taking you all so long?

  5. John says:

    Guys, I’m a newbie here. The only thing I know about jailbreaking is that you can use an iPhone with any carrier. Is this true? I have no idea what else jailbreaking does but I want to do something else to my iPhone. I hate all of the different colors of the apps on my screen. I want to make everything on my screen monochrome. Is there a way, with jailbreaking, to change all of the colors on my screen to “amber” on a black background? I had a phone that had this palate once and it was so stealthy, simple, and elegant. I could actually read my phone faster and easier. All of the colors on the iPhone gives me a headache. Is there a solution?

    • Alex says:

      Unlocking and jailbreaking are different. unlocking allows you to swap carriers depending n the GSM carrier. jailbreaking is a way simply put breaking your device out of jail. in the olden days included being able to change wallpaper and such which has evolved to entire themes for ui and being able to change the way the phone processes. you can now add apps found in Cydia that allow you to modify all of this. happy jailbreaking and be wary of the CLAIMS on jailbreaking ALWAYS use valid sources such as this site or may your iDevice forever rest in piece unless you manage to fix it!

  6. Marissa says:

    isn’t ios7.1 already released???

    • Thomas says:

      I’m currently waiting on 8.1 for a jailbreak is it safe to update to ios10.1 as I heard there will be a jailbreak available for that soon

  7. Lindsey says:

    Been here since they were selling sim-unlocks and geohot won himself a Nissan for being the first person to unlock the iPhone.. it’s too bad we scared him away for being so demanding.. I’m sure he would have contributed a ton to this jailbreak.. same with Comex.. too bad he signed his life away to Apple, then got fired for it.

  8. Caleb says:

    I love how I can make some subtle changes to the UI. I also find certain tweaks very practical such as Swipe Selection. With ios 7, there’ll be lesser tweaks I would need (since ios7 has them already) but I still want that freedom of control over my iDevice

    • Jennifer says:

      At least wait till10.1 to be released. Don’t rush the JB, we want a stable nice version JB, not some beta 8.1

      • Jack says:

        With all the problems being reported with iOS8.1, it would be crazy to release it before10.1 is released

        • Alan says:

          I’ve been rocking with the JB community since 8.1, so the waiting period is nothing. Plus i understand that they probably maintain regular lives outside of their JB personas, so take your time, do it right!

          • Holgi says:

            Hi. Lade Dir Pangu-Jailbreak runter. Die Seite findest du bei Google. Aber nur direkt von der Pangu Homepage. Damit geht das schon lange …

        • rishabh says:

          It has already been released to ios10.1 to iOS 10
          I also have but do not have the arcive password.

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