How to Transfer iPhone Music to iTunes Library Without PC or iTunes Using Bridge

Bridge is a jailbreak tweak that allows user to import multimedia attachments like song, music and videos to iTunes library. It is iOS 10.2 compatible, so, can be install on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Air, Mini…

Most probably, its impossible to import songs and videos from iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad to iTunes without having computer or iTunes. Bridge does the same thing and allows user to import media attachments like songs and videos to iTunes.

Bridge is developed by Jonas Gessner. It can be found on BigBoss repo. The developer has put $1.99 price tag. With this jailbreak tweak, now its easy to import all your songs, videos and photos to iTunes library. Please take a look on sale page and read properly before purchase.



Bridge is compatible for iOS 9, iOS 6.x, 5.x. And, supports all iOS 10.2 devices whether it is iPad Air, iPad Mini 2 or iPhone 5S.

1 You don’t have PC or iTunes? Do you still import your multimedia files to iTunes? If your answer is yes, then Bridge is for you.

2 Bridge takes only a few seconds to transfer and import songs and videos to iTunes. The songs will be appear on music application and videos will be head up in video application.

3 If you are on iOS 9, you can even sync your media files from iTunes to your PC easily. User can customize the attachment title, description and other details before import procedure.

4 Now, just download YouTube videos using ProTube and import them to your iTunes library using Bridge Cydia tweak.

5 User can import multiple media files at once, that are stored on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad Air, iPad Mini etc.

6 User can take a preview, before import. If you have any doubt on what are you sending, you can take a look at.


If you often transfer songs and videos to your iTunes library even on the go, then Bridge can become real bridge for you between your iPhone and iTunes and even without having iTunes or PC at the same time.

Bridge is little expensive at the same time. PKGBackup is also wonderful jailbreak app that is used to backup iDevice data. If you have tried them, let us know your thoughts about them…


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  1. ProTube with Bridge are mandatory with a few others but what’s cool about ProTube is that you can choose what definition you want the download also you can choose if you want to download the video HiDef or just the song then you use Bridge add information like name of band and song also can add picture of the band and Bridge will move it to Apple Music App unless you downloaded the video then Bridge will move it to Apple Video App.
    I actually bought all three ProTube, ProTube HD ( for iPad ) and Bridge at least 5 years ago and it was always upgraded for free if you paid.
    even now the last few upgrades where free till he got it to work perfectly on iOS 9.

    1. Updated version of Bridge Cydia tweak really helps transfer music from iPhone to iTunes and iTunes to iPhone very easily, but I can’t say anything about this outdated app.

  2. Hi – is this tweak work on WhatsApp Recevied mp3 or songs ?
    if yes how it worked , i go in File but can’t find WhatsAPP can u help me ?

  3. if I sync my iPod with iTunes, it won’t sync and I have to install most of the songs again because everything changed. How can I fix this?

  4. I dont think bridge works for ios 10
    It kept on saying “no license was found for this device”
    Tried cracktool but it didnt help.

    1. I’m on 10 and I use a cydia app called cracktool to provide the license for bridge as well as linktunes if you want to use that, you can find it under several big Free repos like insanelyi, xarold, biteyourapple, and xSellize

  5. same here also…
    tried reinstalling, powering off/on, removing – running icleaner – reinstalling and still says “no license was found for this device”

    1. hi
      I had the same problem. i downloaded Batterypowerdown and did a full shutdown,and now it imports without any problems 🙂

  6. my bridge app doesnt work while trying to import it takes a long time and doesnt import too its always on the importing with a loading sign help

    1. I have the same problem, but when i import videos, it takes forever so i cancel it after 20 sec. And then it appears into videos app and i can play it perfectly so it works partially. I havent tried it with music but i think it’ll be the same.

  7. Bridge says that on IOS 7, it can copy your imported songs back to your iTunes library by connecting your device to your computer and transferring purchases through iTunes. I am on an iPhone 4S iOS 9.0.6 with a legit paid for version of Bridge and while the songs don’t erase from my phone, they also do not transfer from my phone back to iTunes either. Has anyone gotten this to actually work? If it doesn’t, I want my $1.99 back

      1. That’s true but I’d rather just have it work as described and so far, I’m not sure if anyone has gotten it to work or not. I think the feature is really amazing if it does work

    1. I have iPhone 4S on ios 7.0.6. I purchased the bridge v1.1.5. And the app will not download properly. It goes to the black screen that reads off all the files it’s downloading with the status bar like normal, no errors. Then, when finished, restart springboard. When phone boots up, icon not on springboard. Ive removed and reinstalled numorous times with no change. I paid for the new version because the free version from xsellize was bridge v1.1.4 and would not import album art. But other than that, worked fine. But being as OCD as I am, I’m now $2 poorer and still no artwork? How do I fix this or go about getting a refund?

  8. Help! I downloaded A TON of songs using the Protube & Bridge combo, but when i synced my iphone 5s (running on 7.0.3), ALL the songs i imported from Bridge vanished! Is there any way i can find them? I didnt know syncing would delete all the songs. I only thought they wouldnt transfer to the computer but would still stay put on my phone! Please help. Im going insane! :(((

          1. Hi, I’m having the same problem, I have an iPhone 5S on 8.1. I import songs with Bridge, and when I connect the iPhone to the PC and it syncs with iTunes, the songs somehow automatically delete themselves but I still have the MP3 files in my Downloads. The imported songs don’t show up on my Car Stereo either when I add them to playlists only songs added with iTunes show up. I never had this problem on iOS 6.

      1. I didnt have that option though 🙁 the songs that were imported from Bridge just suddenly vanished right after i synced my phone 🙁

      2. Hi Helper, i have also faced the same issue on My Ipad Air with ios 8.1..can please provide the steps so that i can configure to avoid any deletion of my video songs

  9. Bridge for iOS 9.04 on iPhone 5s doesn’t import images from DCIM folder. When you tap on an image to import with your songs, the image space remains blank. The songs get imported but no cover art and it looks bad when songs don’t have cover art. It might be an issue with only the 5s because it’s 64bit. Great app! Hope he fixes it soon! Yes, I purchased it from BigBoss and it worked great on my 3gs. Upgrade to 5s and 7.04 needs more testing.

      1. No, but I will try it right now. I purchased Bridge so I really hope he fixes it. It’s so easy to use. Maybe I can find an earlier version of it. Thanks for the reply!

    1. Which substrate are you using? Is it Cydia substrate or mobile one?
      Second, which idevice have you – iPad Air or iPad Mini?

  10. I have a iPhone 4S and it keeps crashing. The app won’t open it opens then takes me back to my home screen. Anyway to fiix this?

  11. Sorry, but i’m new jailbreaker. I’ve iPad Air iOS 10 and i wanna import some media files to clean my iPad Air. How to install Bridge?

    1. Oh, you are new then, BigBoss is listed as a default repository in Cydia app store, just browse it and search “Bridge”. Tap on install and you are done.

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