iOS 10.2 iBlacklist, Cylay and FMF IP Spoofer: The Best Security Jailbreak Cydia Tweaks

iBlackList, Cylay and Caller ID IP Spoofer are the best security jailbreak tweaks that are fully compatible for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Air, Mini iOS 9…

iOS 10.2 jailbreak has been released and since after update “EvasiOn7 1.0.2”, it seems like every tweak is now working on iOS 9. Today, the updated version of iBlacklist iOS 9, FMF IP Spoofer and Cylay have been released in BigBoss and ModMyi Repositories.

I’m excited especially about iBlacklist that is now iOS 10.2 compatible. As per developer note and tested app, it seems like, it can be install and run the updated version on iPhone 5S/5C, iPod Touch, iPad Mini, iPad Air and all former iDevices that are currently running on iOS 9.

iBlacklist comes with a free trial package, so, the interested users can test it, before purchase paid version. Cylay and FMF IP Spoofer are the other two jailbreak applications that have been released for iOS 9. Both tweaks are new and released today.

Take a detailed look at these iOS 10.2 tweaks…

1 iBlacklist iOS 9: Today, the developer has updated iBlacklist for iOS 10.2 compatible iDevice. It runs on iPhone 5S/5C, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod Touch 5G. iBlacklist is paid jailbreak tweak, but user can avail free trial, before making purchase.

It is developed by spektro and hdsq2 and hosted under BigBoss repository. Take a look at detailed specs…

  • iBlacklist user can block unwanted SMS, Calls
  • It now supports iMessage, FaceTime calls, SMS
  • If you wanna block SMS on certain times, you can arrange schedule for that.
  • iBlacklist is fully compatible for the iDevices that run on iOS 9, 8.1, 7.0.3

2 Cylay: It is a security app that is build to protect iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Air, Mini from theft. If you are afraid to lose your iDevice, you can install Cylay jailbreak app to find out the exact location of the device. Its free and fully compatible for iOS 9.

3 FMF IP Spoofer: Its a tiny IP based spoofer. Do you wanna call spoofing or location spoofing? FMF IP Spoofer does the job for you. However, read original review from the developer, before installing it. We didn’t tested it.


iBlacklist iOS 10.2 is only the app that we can recommend. It works smoothly on iOS 10.2 device and offers great features as well.


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  1. After downloading bl my phone goes into safe mode and does not correct itself when hitting the restart button. Is this something that is not only known about but can be fixed?

  2. iblacklist works perfectly on my ios7.0.6 JB iPhone 5. I purchased it and i will not upgrade to ios8 until iblacklist is updated too. Perfect, but settings are a little bit tricky.

  3. Iblacklist isnt working working for me.. I have the iphone 5 i updated and no it wont work and i payed for it so its not on trial version

    I dont know what to do!!!!

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