iOS 11.1.2 Jailbreak & Cydia Update

iOS 11.1.2 is safe to upgrade, if you are already on 7 or 7.0.3. But, if you are using iOS 6.1.3 jailbreak, then avoid this update until the iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak tool doesn’t ready.

iOS 11.1.2 has been released publicly by Apple. After each update, thousands users look jailbreak for that release. There was a huge spike in the jailbreak users who were looking iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak and they couldn’t get what they wanted except just a tweet from MuscleNerd, a jailbreak team member.

iOS 11.1.2 EvasiOn untether Jailbreak

Just after iOS 11.1.2 released, Evad3rs team member, MuscleNerd, has tweeted and said that 8.1 is jailbreak safe and you can upgrade to it, only if you are already on iOS 11.1.2 or newer firmware.

iOS 904 Cydia JB tool

However, you should avoid iOS 11.1.2 to upgrade, if you are already using iOS 6.1.3 evasiOn JB tool. Its better to wait for 8.1 jailbreak from official JB team.

Meanwhile, Evad3rs itself has updated their blog and warned users who are looking official iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak software evasiOn tool that don’t download any faker JB tool from any website, because jailbreak for iOS 11.1.2 not yet.

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  1. Deny says:

    Do you know how to jailbreak iOS 10 beta 1?

    What amazes me is that iOS 10 betas and now up to 8.1 have been out a long time. I don’t expect a JB overnight, but seriously….Evaders should have one out by now. This is taking longer than it ever has. I’m wondering if the team has lost steam on capabilities. Sure, a few holes were plugged, but it’s still basically iOS 6 with minor changes as a Winterboard skin thrown over it. If there isn’t a working untethered JB soon, when Samsung Galaxy S5 comes out, people will forget the iPhone ever existed.

    Now I’m hopping for iOS 10 EvasiOn jailbreak, what you say?

  2. Mark says:

    You can not update all you want, but if you connect to wifi at any point the updated will be download. Unless you have 32/64+ RAM on your device it will suck your device’s storage. Apple does not give you any choice, you have have to update sooner or later. Fortunately, iOS 10 update isn’t very large (around 17 MB), but future updates will be.
    I think, its iOS 9.1

  3. Colton says:

    If its safe to upgrade, then why they are not releasing jailbreak for iOS 9.1?

    • Jorge says:

      Anyone can say they have exploits. It has been almost 2+ months since iOS 10 release and almost 2 months since they announced “They had all the exploits” If you have an exploit that means you now have root access, if you have root access you can for sure make a jailbreak in less than a F#%KING MONTH. My personal opinion I do not think iOS 10 will be getting a jailbreak anytime soon, so evad3rs should stop blowing smoke up everyone’s a$$es. If they do release a jailbreak it will be patched and I doubt iOS will ever be jailbroken again. Apple will win the battle, its just a matter of time. Who knows I may be wrong.. Guess we will see.

      • Ricardo says:

        That is because no one was working on one. Any exploits they had they were saving for 7 release so they don’t show all their hands to Apple all at once and have all exploits patched. If they find 7 harder to exploit and all the 6 ones patched then I’m sure they would release a 6.1.3 and 6.1.4 jailbreak as it would not hinder them for future releases.

  4. Sebastian says:

    Guys, what about if you are on 6.1.4 with no jailbreak, is it safe to upgrade to 8.1, as I have not yet moved to IOS 7 yet?

    • Gracy says:

      I wouldn’t I would remain on IOS 6. Unless you want IOS 7 and don’t care much for a JB. But im still running IOS 6.1.3 on my iPhone 4 and im perfectly fine with it just waiting for the 6.1.3/6.1.4

  5. Kevin says:

    I have 7.0.3. Is there any way to jailbreak that or at least downgrade to another 7.0.x in order to get jailbreak? I’m dying here without it. 🙁

    • Colin_iGuy says:

      No, there is no way to jailbreak any version of iOS 9. You can only downgrade to iOS 6.x if you have an older device like an iPhone 4 and have SHSH blobs.

      • Kevin says:

        Thank you for quick reply. So pissed at myself for upgrading. Just one of those moments you try to do something fast on iTunes, next thing you know your iPhone sucks. God I miss tethering and My3G

  6. Nathan says:

    But when we will see JB for ios 8.1? We’re waiting since a long time

  7. Andrew says:

    Sadly looks like we are going to get JB always on older and older OS…….definitely loosing interest..

  8. Nepking says:

    If we are to remember how the last jailbreaking tool was made as explained by the team, it fairly involves a complicated process to grab from A to B to C to makes the whole thing to cheat the system and patch around…
    When is 8.1 Jailbreak coming this year, do you know about it?
    I won’t expect the game to be easier than that for 7.
    Hence even though loopholes are found for that, piecing them together to work as it wanted will still take some skills and creativity to get it done.
    in the mean time it is good to let the Apple fixed most of the major/minor bugs because after the jailbreak, they will release fix that close them.

    I am already months into “jailed” state…so I don’t mind wait longer..

  9. Carl says:

    It’s the damn animations that are so annoying. they fixed it a bit but double clicking to see most recently used apps every time instead of using Zephyr is SUPER annoying!

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