iPadian iOS 11 Emulator for Windows: Download Simulator

iPadian, the coolest way to enjoy iOS apps on Windows…

Users having Windows operating system always look for Mac and iOS style themes, platform and apps icon either using theme transformation or using theme or icon changer.

We’ve found that many users love to play iOS games on computer having Windows platform on it and iPadian can be a great option for them to play them just like on iPad or iPhone having iOS 11 or newer.

There are bunch of popular games available only for iOS and they don’t have anything to do with Windows powered phones or PC. In such conditions if you’ve installed iPadian, you can play those games on your Windows operating systems very easily.

This can be done once you installed iPadian on Windows PC. To do this you need to download latest version of iPadian iOS Emulator on your PC which is limited to Windows computer.

Note: If you’ve MacOS powered PC, you can try XCode to have fun with iOS Emulator on your iMac, MacBook or any MacOS PC. Users having Google Chromebook, Android platform can search those games on Google Play Store or Google Chrome Store or you can also search the latest version of iPadian for Google Chromebook or for Android.

Super Mario Run iOS game is recently released for iOS 11 and would be available soon for Android OS too, but it won’t be available for Windows PC or phones, but you can play that game too for Windows using iPadian.

Now, you may want to know that how to download iPadian and install on Windows. And suppose there is Android apps too available for PC, it would be great. Fortunately, it’s available for Windows with both iOS Emulator including option for Android Simulator also.

There are two options available with iPadian. You can enjoy iOS 11 apps, games and themes with completely custom Apple App Store for free while other option allows you to run Android apps too on Windows computer for $10 which allows you to play Android games exclusively on Windows PC.

Good News: iPadian developers have recently updated the iOS emulator, Android Emulator – iPadian for Mac PC too that allows MacOS users to run this Simulator to run Android, iOS games, Apps on Mac.

Recently, the developers have added iMessage with this iOS Simulator. It means without having iPhone you can run and can start chat with iPhone users having iMessage.

iPadian iOS 11.1: As other applications, you can update iPadian also to the latest firmware release and that is iOS 11.1. This is beta version of the app, but offers some new features.

Our comments are open and you can ask any question about download, install and other configuration details.

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  1. cruz says:

    This is “not” a free app. It is a $20.00 purchase. You should make that clear in the description.

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