Pokemon Go++ iOS 11: Cydia Hack Updated with New Features for iPhone, iPad

Pokemon Go ++ Tweak Updated to the new version available for iPhone, iPad…

Bad luckily, Poke Go ++ tweak is not out there for Android users where they’re waiting for the update for this Cydia tweak in Android play store that can be installed on Android powered devices.

Fortunately for iPhone, Pokemon Go Plus Hack is available and one can install without any issue or afraid of ban of Poke Go account for sure at least for now and till this moment.

Many users out there who are already getting the new Pokemon Go++ update on their devices who have noticed few new features and compatibility with the new update which is available on Apple app store.

The developers from this huge game which can be played on iPhone, iPad and Android devices all over the world has removed the restriction to install new update on jailbroken devices so that users having jailbreak devices can install and play this game without any issue.

And when you’ve jailbreak iPhone why not install the Cydia hack, Pokemon Go Plus Plus which can become seriously useful and make play easy. Actually, Pokemon Go++ unlocks new features and restrictions which is applied to normal users on Android and iOS platform.

Users who have already installed Poke Go ++ tweak on their iPhone or iPad, are reporting that there isn’t any issue installing this new update and it means any one can install and run the game with Pokemon Go ++ tweak with newly released game update for iPhone and iPad.

Till now, we didn’t tested the new update with this Cydia hack on our test device so we can’t confirm anything right now, but according to different report and top blog post and from trusted sources, we came to know that you shouldn’t worry about the new update if you’re planning or thinking to install Pokemon Go++ hack on your iPhone.

If you’ve any issue, or you’re concern about Pokemon Go account ban, you can comment below and confirm the issue. You can read further articles regarding this.

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