MyWi 8 iOS 11.1.2: Install the Best WiFi Tethering Cydia Tweak for iPhone, iPad Air, Mini 2…

MyWi 8 has been updated compatible for iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak. It is one of the best WiFi tethering Cydia tweaks ever. Now users can install it on iPhone, iPad Mini, Air and iPod Touch…

I have seen many jailbreak users who had actually jailbroken their iOS iDevice just because of the WiFi tethering, you guys won’t believe that I’m also one of them. iOS 11.1.2 MyWi 8 is the perfect app for WiFi tethering and it requires jailbreak, because its a Cydia tweak.

MyWi 8 is developed by Intelliborn and hosted under ModMyi. This WiFi jailbreak tweak is not a free one and will charge a handsome money from your pocket ($19.99), but if you need a trusted WiFi tethering, you have no choice rather than MyWi Cydia tweak.

In terms of features MyWi 8 stands out. It has great stability and most of the WiFi users who needs WiFi tethering, install this tweak. There is an add on with this app called MyWi onDemand ($4.99 Additional) to provide on demand WiFi tethering. But, its an optional add on  and you can avoid it. In many cases, MyWi is enough for all kind of WiFi Tethering.


1 MyWi 8 creates WiFi hotspot with just a one tap on a link. That WiFi hotspot is extremely useful to connect your iDevice to iDevice or iDevice to computer and share WiFi signals in good quality.

2 WiFi On demand is an optional feature that’s now available. User can tether WiFi whenever they want.

3 MyWi offers WiFi sharing, USB tethering, Bluetooth tethering features.

4 It is now fully compatible for iOS 11.1.2 iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini

Note: iOS 11.1.2 MyWi 8 is completely redesigned and optimized for low battery consumption, quality WiFi signals and quick performance.


No doubt, MyWi is the best WiFi app, however, its costly too. Suppose, you wanna free or cheap Cydia tweak that provides all these features, then there are pretty good amount of paid (cheap) and free WiFi jailbreak apps including BetterWiFi, WiFi Analyzer.

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  1. Mike says:

    Dont get fooled guys. The article is rip off and whoever wrote is a DICK! I have purchased long back MyWi on 8.4. Worked fine. Installed 9.3.3 not working. Thetherme is stupid too. The best so far PdaNet. 8.06 ver should work on ios 10. IF YOU BOUGHT REASONTLY MYWI DEMAND YOUR MONEY BACK.

  2. Joe says:

    The developers Twitter account is @mariociabarra you can check for updates there.

  3. Joe says:

    Mywi is NOT updated foe 10 as of 8-12-16

  4. Pankti Desai says:

    How to download MyWi Free without paying anything?
    One more thing, I’ve iOS 10 running on the latest released iPhone 6S Plus

  5. clarity says:

    I’m not understanding what the benefit of Mywi is? I can connect my devices to my Wifi signal in my home whose source is my internet provider, or I can connect my devices to my Mywi signal, which is connected to the Wifi signal in my home whose source is my internet provider. It seems that Mywi provides signal strength that is much higher than the Wifi signal, but I was told that with a jailbroken Idevice, I could find an app that would make the Idevice its own hotspot, without any connection to a Wifi signal or cellular data, and thought that’s what Mywi was? And if isn’t, is there such an app, or is a really strong signal dependant on another signal all any of these type of apps for jailbroken phones will give me?

    • Jemm says:

      Its more for people that have sprint (or if they charge you an extra $20 a month for 5gigs for tethering) who does not offer tethering for iPhones. So with this app I get to use tethering and not have to worry about staying within my tethering limit or paying a monthly fee….. I have unlimited data so if I’m tethering my Mac i can watch all the netfilx i want without ever worrying. as far as the app that lets you do this with out any connection its an outdated app that can only be downloaded to IOS 5 and under and i don’t this I’ve seen it in Cydia for like years…… Hope this helps

  6. Rokursoxoff says:

    I downloaded MyWi 8 today. I have a iPhone 5 with ios 9.02 on it. After playing with it for long time, I noticed something that is not apparent when you read about this app. Tethering to a cellular connection only works with the lightening USB cable plugged into your laptop and the iphone. The WiFi hub connection works only if your phone is connected to a WiFi connection already, not a cellular connection. So yes it can act as a local hot spot broadcasting Wifi for laptops, etc…but it only does this if the iphone already has a Wifi connection from a Wifi access point. This is a BIG misunderstanding on my part. The bluetooth connection probably works the same way as the Wifi. So if you can live with tethering via a USB lighting cable hooked to your iPhone via cellular connection, then is works fine. If you are expecting it to be connected to a cellular connection and acting as a hot spot, you will be disappointed. They should just state this on the app when it is purchased! Probably do this so they don’t get sued by the carriers.

  7. Charles Spurgeon says:

    The author of this article clearly wants click bait so he can get paid for advertisements. Miwi does not work yet for iOS 9. Cydia won’t allow installation.

    • Markus says:

      well that’s a possibility, but you CAN get it for ios 9.3 JB if you previously bought the tweak on an older JB

  8. Luis says:

    it doesn´t work for iOS 9.1

  9. Mac says:

    I wanna get MyWi iPhone app for free, is there anyone who can guide me to get it for free?

  10. KingofJungle says:

    I have purchased the MyWi8 and all else, I have Iphone5s with 10 jailbroken. No signal is detected and shown. No wifi to display or tether. Have used mywi6, and mywi7 previously, so I know there is a problem. Anyone else experiencing this?

  11. Fro says:

    After 10 upgrade and jailbreak, mywi8 isn’t working. No connection availability.

  12. good___guy says:

    after installing jailbreak 10 (06272015) Mywi 8 (paid) wifi does not work when using wpa2 using a windows laptop. I also tested this using an android tablet. USB and bluetooth seem to work fine

    • good___guy says:

      I also did a clean ios 10 environment and clean latest jailbreak environment with nothing else (no other apps) installed

  13. cody says:

    Mywi 8 no longer works form me. My carrier blocked my hotspot usage yesterday. It worked great for a few months, but now not at all .

  14. Cody says:

    I downloaded Cydia Jailbreak on my iPhone 5C and downloaded MyWi 8 too. It doesn’t working to connect to any devices. It’s so frustrating. Even it’s my first time to do this. I just need some help to solve this problems, please. Thank you.

  15. Guido Unternährer says:

    Hi Michael i don’t Understand your question. I’got installed mywi8 like mywi7 on the iPhone 4. on iphone4 it Works perfect, now i can Start mywi8 and can connect to iPad, but i have no Traffic to Internet. If i Turn of mywi8 and connect via Personality Hotspot i have Traffic on My ipad. What should i Check ?

  16. Michael Edward says:

    you’re right

  17. Guido Unternährer says:

    MyWi8 dosen’t work with iphone 6 and iOS 9

  18. CassherN says:

    When will it be available for iphone 4?

  19. EM1NEM says:

    iPhone 6 iOS 10 cannot open mywi 8.

  20. JStevns says:

    Cydia 1.07 will not work for IOS 9

  21. ismael says:

    I guess the difference would be in which radio uses the most battery life: Bluetooth or WiFi?

    If Bluetooth uses less battery life, then it would be a good update! If not, then I will keep tethering via WiFi.

    • orlando says:

      I don’t get what the big news are. I too, have my iphone jail broken just for the use of myfi with my ipad. It works just fine wirelessy until now and never occured to me to use it through bluetooth. Myfi works as a wireless hotspot for quite some time now.

  22. Elliot says:

    Yeah… It’s really odd that they failed to mention it already worked as a Wifi hotspot… That’s the most convenient way to use it IMO… So I fail to see how this update warrents a headline. I like appadvice alot

  23. Logan says:

    I have not tried this yet, but if it really works as good as you say, MyWi will be my favorite thing about jailbreaking =)

  24. more says:

    How can i get MyWi iOS 10 for free?
    is there any Free version available for download?

    • Culprit says:

      Yes, but you have to Google it. I have read somewhere that the Free mywi iOS 10 is available for download, but i forgot the link.
      try to search Free Wifi tethering app for iOS 9

      • Stefan says:

        with mywi, you do not pay for tethering because you’re running a hack. its less-than-legal, detectable (via inference of data usage spikes, or so i hear) by the network, but not provable. the only real problem is if you do not have an unlimited data plan, you can run out of bandwidth sooner rather than later. as far as the itouch, it doesn’t have 3g to share, only the iphone does. you CAN keep the wifi network your phone creates running all the time, but beware that this will murder your battery very quickly, since the phone is doing double duty running both the wifi and 3g antennas.

        the small network mywi creates is in no way connected to your own wired network. your itouch can either be on your “wired” network (i sure hope you have wifi…) OR your miwi network, not both.

        I really have no clue exactly what you’re asking, but i hope the answer is in there somewhere..

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