Top 100 Best Jailbreak Apps for iPhone 6 Plus, 5S, 5C, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3 Compatible for iOS 8.1.0

You would have never tested such a great and the best jailbreak apps, tweaks and hacks specially in iPhone 6 Plus, 5S, 5C, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod touch for iOS 9.1 firmware ever and ever. Here is all the things which you wanna see in your iDevice…

Cloaky Cydia Tweak: Now Cloak Annoying items from iPhone

Cloaky tweak available for iPhone, iPad to customize control center, notification center, status bar and many more things…

If you’re customize your iPhone your own way like me then you should look for recently released Cydia tweak that is known as Cloaky.

It’s name looks strange, but believe me if you would manage it to install for free, it’s interesting piece of cake to eat while playing with your iPhone or iPad after jailbreak.

Cloaky Cydia tweak is available as paid, but it’s available on various repo sources for free. The free sources can be achieved by making a simple comment at the end of this article.

Come to the main part, Cloaky is developer by r_plus developers and uploaded and hosted by BigBoss. However, if you want Cloaky repo for free, you need to add HYI or BYA repo source instead of BigBoss.

Once you installed Cloaky app on your jailbroken iPhone, its ready to customize your device with unbelievable features.

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  1. Control Center: You can enable or disable quick launcher, media controls, settings, Brightness and many other things given on control center. It depends on your choice to enable or disable those features using Cloaky settings menu.
  2. Status Bar: I love to add date, time and internet data speed at status bar based on my own choice. I like fully customize status bar. I used Cloaky to make it my choice. I added date, internet speed and time with other things on status bar.
  3. Notification Center: Cloaky allows users to remove certain options and annoying items from notification center too.
  4. Menu Items: You don’t like “Select All” or “Replace” or any other items on Menu items? You can use Cloaky Cydia app to enable or disable such menu items very easily.

There are many more features and options to configure to customize your iPhone. If you need full details about those items, features, you can make a comment and ask us.

If you wanna try this tweak for free, you can post a comment and we’d post a repository address that contains Cloaky free tweak on their repo source.

PanGu iOS 10.1 Jailbreak for iPhone 7, Apple Watch 2, Mac

PanGu 10.1, the upcoming jailbreak for iOS 10.1 for iPhone, iPad compatible for Mac…

What can be expected from upcoming firmware update iOS 10.1 specially when Apple already has already shown their interest in iOS 10.1 with developer beta.

If you’re still stuck on iOS 10.2 jailbreak using PPHelper and PanGu untether tool, then you’re lucky because iOS 10.1 is so laggy on older devices. We’re not talking about lagginess for iPhone 7 and new iPad models, but older devices can’t perform well on this heavy software update.

Yeah, Apple pushed the most advanced, feature rich and secure firmware update for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to developers and within couple of days, public beta would be out for all.

PPHelper and PanGu iOS 10.1.0 is not available yet, however the users having iOS 10.2 or lower version firmware can jailbreak using PanGu tool for free for now. Because, there isn’t any news about iOS 10.1 jailbreak yet.

Today morning, Apple pushed iOS 10.1 download links for developers stating a new feature called Portrait mode for camera app specially for iPhone 7. It means, the new firmware update is focusing on features along with security. It won’t be easy for any developers to inject their codes to develop jailbreak iOS 10.1.0.

According to PanGu, iPhone 7 Plus has some glitch in camera app which would be fixed with iOS 10.1 which may come in November, 2016. It means there isn’t any mean to release untethered jailbreak iOS 10.1 for the first beta for said firmware update for iPhone users.

Meanwhile, Luca Todesco has published a video again demonstrating a new jailbreak on iPhone 7 and proves that nothing is impossible when we work hardly. He has uploaded couple images of jailbreak iOS 10.0.1 with iPhone 7 too.

PanGu 10.1 jailbreak iOS 10.1 Release

At the moment, we can say that it’s possible to see untethered jailbreak for iOS 10.1, iOS 10.2 and for iOS 10.1.2. But, it would be little early to talk about iOS 10.2 and iOS 10.1.2 right now. Yeah, iOS 10.1 jailbreak can be released because it would be most stable firmware update release by Apple and PanGu 10.1 can inject jailbreak 10.1 codes into it to install Cydia iOS 10.1.

There is some solid sign to see upcoming jailbreak for iOS 10.1.0 because PanGu already has some exploits which they tried on iOS 10 beta update and they didn’t release that jailbreak to the public, it means there are some more exploits needed to update final code which can be applied to iOS 10.1 jailbreak.

Suppose, there is jailbreak 10.1 available from PanGu 10.1 team, would you jailbreak this firmware on your iPhone 7? It would be really interesting to install Cydia tweaks iOS 10.1 and of course jailbreak apps dedicating iPhone 7 features.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts…

iNoCydia iOS 10.2: Install Cydia Without Jailbreak

iNoCydia is quick way to install Cydia…

Apple is releasing new and new firmware update for iPhone and iPad. It has new features and functions and ability to handle all the challanges such as Jailbreak and hackers.

In most of the cases, Apple patched nearly all the exploits before release new firmware. This forced jailbreak developers to put their hands down and now, we can see there isn’t jailbreak for iOS 10.2.

In such situations, you can’t install Cydia at all, but if you wanna get Cydia installer in all the way, you can use iNoCydia for your iPhone.

iNoCydia is not Cydia alternative and you won’t able to install any Cydia tweaks that changes features or functions but still you’d have Cydia app on your desktop and you can download iFile, F.lux and other jailbreak apps including GBA, NDS and PSP game emulator without jailbreak.

I think above things are enough to install without jailbreak. You won’t install Cydia, but using iNoCydia, you’d get at least these apps and tweaks.

We found that many sites are creating misunderstanding and thus users look iNoCydia as Cydia alternative and so they install it to get some exclusive Cydia apps which are not available on iNoCydia installer.

The developers of iNoCydia know these things so that they’ve clearly mentioned that they can’t be able to install jailbreak apps at any way, but certain apps can be installed after signing them with iNoCydia certificate and this is the thing they’re doing.

Other Cydia alternatives: Just like iNoCydia, there are other alternatives which partly allowing users to install Cydia tweaks without jailbreak. Below are few of them…

Would you install Cydia using these alternatives?

vShare Pro for Android, iPhone, iPad, Updated with new Developer Certificate for iOS 10.2 Download

Download vShare PRO edition for Android-iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPhone dedicated to iOS 10.2 with brand new developer certificates

Finally, the developers have came up with new developer certificate to fix major issues for iOS 10.2 devices and the new app is released for Android based Smartphone.

According to the sources, vShare Pro app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch along with Android support has been released on the website with new developer certificate.

Since Apple patched and revoke couple of vShare Pro developer certificate, vShare not working on various iOS 10.2 iDevices. However, to fix these issues, vShare has released new vShared app for iPhone with updated developer certificate.

Officially, none of the developer of vShare Pro is agree to say anything regards new certificates, but the new app has started to work on various devices running on iOS 10.2 without jailbreak or no Cydia without any issue.

The new vShare app is improved for Android devices too. vShare Android app is available for download on Google Play and from their own website for free. Users can download Pro editions too.

If you wanna download vShare Pro without jailbreak, you need to install the updated app for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. It would work just like previous versions.

And for Android devices, the new version is recommended for them too, because it has some bug fixes and it’s made for speed. Download vShare APK and use on your Samsung or any other Smartphone to enjoy your favorite game emulator and other apps.

If you’ve any query or doubts, you can comment or visit vShare Pro official website…

vShare iOS 9.2.1 Getting Prepared to Allow Download Free Jailbreak Apps

Download vShare right now…

Install vShare iOS 9.2.1 if you really wanna download Minecraft, Clash of clan and hundreds or more exciting paid games and jailbreak apps for free.

Yeah, I’m talking about Minecraft which is still can be downloaded on your iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPhone without jailbreak absolutely free.

vShare developers have made some changes to the Apple Enterprise Certificate that allows iPhone users to download Minecraft and other paid apps to install on their iPad and iPhone without jailbreak at absolutely no cost.

All these apps are downloaded millions of times per month by vShare users and the app itself updated to iOS 9.2.1, So, if you’ve missed to update to the latest version, download vShare updated version right now.

Some Faq

1. Do I need to jailbreak my iPad Pro to install vShare iOS 9.2.1?

Ans: Absolutely not. AppVV has developed separate market app for Jailbreak and non jailbreak device. You can download the most updated vShare without jailbreak.

2. vShare not working!!! How to Fix it?

Ans: There are couple steps you can consider to easily fix vShare not working issue and download your favorite apps and games without jailbreak for free.

3. vShare not opening! Apps are also not opening! How to Fix?

Ans: It may be possible that you’ve updated the firmware after installing the apps, so, before doing or fixing anything read above post link or update the vShare iOS 9.2.1 in the first place.

If you still facing error or issue, leave a small comment

vShare not working? See What’s Happening to Download Section – You Won’t Install the App Market

Do you wanna download vShare iOS 9.2 without jailbreak? You should know couple of things about this Pirate App Store.

Individual applications isn’t allowed on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch such as vShare and many other same apps without jailbreak. But, yeah, if you’ve jailbroken your device, you’re allowed to do anything you want.

Jailbreaking and vShare are the reason why most of users have chosen iOS rather than Android or any other operating system. And, thus iPhone is so popular.

Apple has restricted many things on iOS and created a secure Apple app store that sales paid apps to registered iPhone and iPad users. But recently, vShare, a giant pirate AppStore has finally discovered new ways to break those security measures and find out the way to provide paid apps for free.

Yeah, vShare market appStore allows user to download paid apps such as Minecraft and many other paid iPhone apps for free without jailbreak or no Cydia.

According to Security researchers, the corporate companies purchase licence to develop their apps and get permit to allow download to iPhone and iPad. vShare has also purchased four Apple Enterprise Program licences and used those certificate to provide paid iPhone apps without jailbreak for free to vShare users.

Thus, vShare is allowed to iPhone and iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPad Air without jailbreak. The reason is those certificate. However, now vShare not working on any new iOS update including iOS 9.2 and iOS 9.3.

vShare any many other apps similar to that get a quick way to offer paid apps for iPhone and iPad for free without jailbreak this way. vShare gets Apple Enterprise licence and users can download paid apps without paying anything.

You can find bunch or even huge collection of paid apps which are available on vShare for free. But, many iPhone users have reported that vShare not working without jailbreak now on newer firmware.

One of the popular app named Minecraft is available on Apple app store for $6.99 which is offered as free on vShare download section. It means a great loss to the developers of these kind of apps if Apple won’t fix these issues.

What is vShare Market iPhone App?

vShare is the app which was available on Cydia couple of years ago. But, since iOS 8.4 is released, vShare has purchased Apple’s enterprise developer certificate and got the hands on paid apps to provide free of cost.

vShare is available since 2011 and one of the best alternative to Installous. We’re the one jailbreak source that’s publishing many vShare related articles since 2011 and till now, Minecraft, MovieBox, ShowBox, GBA4iOS and many other paid apps installation tutorial have been published here on Cydia Sources.

Later on, vShare download site has proved that it’s one of the best pirate appstore after InstallOus. So, many users have adopted vShare as the best downloader app for non jailbreak device.

Now What?

It may be possible that vShare won’t work on any iPhone or iPad device running on any firmware that’s not jailbroken. In short, you won’t able to install vShare without jailbreak in the future.

All the paid apps which were working with vShare would be stopped working. But, don’t worry there would be any fix from AppVV, vShare developers.

What’s your thought?

Top 10 New Cydia Tweaks for iOS 10.2 Must Install in iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

10 Best New Cydia tweaks dedicated to iOS 10.2 for iPhone, iPad

In recent days, we reviewed couple of Cydia tweaks which were really useful for iPhone and iPad running on iOS 10.2 jailbreak. I’d really curious to share them with you.

So, let’s start them. First of all, I’d take VirtualHome into consideration. Virtual Home is a Cydia tweak that’s useful for all devices, but the best use is on new iOS devices that have Touch ID feature.

Using Virtual Home Cydia tweak, you can perform many key operation easily without even tapping home button. But, still home button would be helpful using Touch ID feature. So, in some case, if you don’t wanna use Home Button or don’t wanna press home button, you can use VirtualHome Cydia tweak and configure many useful task using the tweak.

You can look for install Cydia tweaks specially listed below for your iPhone and iPad to make it feature rich…

  1. Forcy
  2. Tatton
  3. StealthFolder
  4. vShare
  5. ReDock

Now, the second one is, ReDock iOS 9.3. The name says everything. The tweak is developed to customize iPhone Dock. It’s on the BigBoss Cydia repo for free. You can configure ReDock Cydia tweak to customize your dock.

To use ReDock tweak, you need to swipe left or swipe right to access ReDock features. Using ReDock, you can add more apps to the dock. It’s cool and seriously useful.

The third one is, Weatherboard iOS 9.3. Weatherboard Cydia tweak is released specially for iOS 10.2 with a lot of improvements and that time when Winterboard not working properly. Without the help of Winterboard, Weatherboard brings weather theme on iPhone and iPad.

You can enjoy summer or winter season specially on your iPhone using Weatherboard tweak. It enables animated wallpaper and effects that feel like it’s raining in your iPhone. Just take a look at that tweak, it’s awesome.

Now, if you wanna download MovieBox app for iPhone without jailbreak, you should want to download vShare iOS 10.2 app on your iPhone. The new updated version of vShare brings key features that was not supported by iOS 10.2 and prior versions.

vShare iOS 10.2 supports the new firmware. It means you can download Movie Box app for iPhone even without jailbreak. At the same time, you can download many other great iPhone sources such as GBA4iOS iOS 9.3, NDS4iOS, SNES30 Game controller and Emu4iOS.

If you’re facing any difficulties downloading or installing any of above Cydia apps, you can though a bunch of comments to us, we’re ready to face it…

How to Download NDS4iOS Without Jailbreak Compatible for Your iPhone, iPad

Download Nintendo DS Game emulator (NDS4iOS) for iPhone, iPad Without jailbreak

Nintendo DS games are most favourite and popular among iPhone, iPad users after GBA4iOS games and emulators.

If you’re on iOS 9.2 or any newer firmware, it’s really tough to get iPhone game emulator on iOS 9.2 without jailbreak. And, if you’re searching roms for these game emulators, you’d end up with no hope.

So, if you wanna download N64 or any other Nintendo DS game emulator, you should have extra skill. Generally, Apple won’t allow you to install NDS4iOS on your iPhone or iPad. You need to follow some tricky steps.

In most cases, only jailbroken device that runs on iOS 10.2 or any other jailbroken firmware download and install iPhone game emulator on all iOS devices such as iPad Mini, iPad Air or iPad Pro. Those devices can install these emulator for free without any issue.

I think, you’ve decided to play NDS4iOS iPhone game at any cost and so, you would download Nintendo DS emulator on your iPad or iPhone. Okay, I’d try to help you out.

The most easy and working method is vShare. It’s free and works on iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPhone or iPod Touch whether it’s jailbreak or no jailbreak. Your device won’t need Cydia at all.

You would need to download vShare Pro in this method. NDS4iOS and many other iPhone game emulator such as Emu4iOS, SNES4iOS and GBA4iOS are uploaded on AppVV database that can be accessed using vShare iOS 9.2.

Top 3 Best Cydia Tweaks to Enable Live Photos to Older iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad Mini, iPad Air

Enable Live Photos on your iPhone 4S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 5 or Any iPhone Air or iPad Mini and even on iPod Touch 5G using PhotoLive, LivePhotosEnabler or EnableLivePhotos Cydia Tweak.

Apple had released iPhone 6S Plus, and iPhone 6S with Live Photo feature where the users can capture a short video in form of image and it can be used as wallpaper on lockscreen and springboard.

This feature was not working on older devices and firmware. Such as if you’ve iPhone 4S or even iPhone 6 and you wanna enable live photos, you can’t enable.

Couple of days back, PanGu released untethered jailbreak for iOS 10.2 was released and a lot of new Cydia tweaks touched to AppStore.

Now, there is some good news for the users who have older iPhone or iPad models and still wanna enable live photos on their iPhone. There are three jailbreak apps available that would allow you to enable live photos on your iPhone 6 or even iPhone 4S.

  1. EnableLivePhotos
  2. PhotoLive
  3. LivePhotosEnabler

All of these Cydia tweaks have been uploaded to BigBoss repo for free. The users who wanna enable live photos can head to BigBoss repo and download the tweak. You don’t need to install all of these Cydia tweaks, just install PhotoLive, EnableLivePhotos or LivePhotosEnabler Cydia tweak, that’s it.

Once you’ve installed the tweak, I’d recommend users to enable the tweak and reboot your iPhone or iPad. Yeah, it works on all iPad Air and iPad Mini models too.

After installation, a new setting pane would be added to the setting app where you can enable the tweak as well as you can configure many other things.

Now, camera app would have another toggle to capture live photos on your iPhone. Later on, you can choose those live photos to your homescreen or lock screen as live photos or wallpaper.

If you’ve any kind of doubt, leave a single comment below…

NoSlowAnimations, Kodi, iFile, VirtualHome Cydia Tweaks Updated for iOS 10.2 for iPhone, iPad

iFile, Kodi, VirtualHome and NoSlowAnimations Cydia tweak have been finally got update for iOS 10.2 and working normally with the support of PreferenceLoader Cydia tweak.

So, you’ve jailbroken your iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air or iPod Touch successfully. Okay, here is something that you’d love to download and install on your newly jailbroken iPhone.

I decided to do something new this weekend, so, I installed NoSlowAnimations, iFile, VirtualHome and Kodi iPhone apps to my iPhone 6S to test that it work or not. Surprisingly, all the Cydia tweaks listed above are working just fine.

Kodi and iFile are older jailbreak apps whereas NoSlowAnimations and Virtual Home Cydia tweak is new jailbreak apps. But, if you do something new which is really useful for your iPhone, then I think you should check them out.

iFile Cydia tweak is iPhone File manager that allows user to manage files on your iPhone. It allows user to install iPA files, edit system files or view any document. You can hide any file or file format using iFile iPhone file manager Cydia tweak. You can download iFile from BigBoss repo source.

Kodi is just like Windows Media Player. But unlike WMP, Kodi is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Users can download and install Kodi for Mac OS X and Windows PC too. However, after jailbreak you can get Kodi iPhone app using vShare or iFunBox iOS 9.1.

NoSlowAnimations allows user to feel faster navigation because this tweak disable and removes slow motion feature and speed up app switcher and basic features such as opening any app or closing app from background or something like this.

Virtual Home Cydia tweak is available on BigBoss for free. VirtualHome tweak allows user to use certain features of Home Button without actually pressing it. Normally, you need to double press Home button to access app switcher and couple of other features while VirtualHome button does all of these things without pressing Home button using Touch ID.

I hope, you’d install and enjoy these jailbreak apps. I’d be more than happy, if you’d review them for me. Just type a short message that how do you using iFile, VirtualHome, Kodi and NoSlowAnimations tweak on your iPhone in the comment with Guest account or you’re always free to comment if you’ve any issue.

Good day!

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