DHGate Goophone 8: New iPhone 8 Clone 2017, Price, Features, Shipping Info

Apple iPhone 8 Clone, wow that’s something I want at cheap price to showcase my phone to my friends…

Most users do that before or quickly after released of new Apple device. And nowadays, iPhone 8 Clone is in the craze. Users are searching clone phones like crazy deals and they’re making purchase without checking compatibility, features and price that are being offered from some websites.

iPhone clone phones at DHGate are most favourite in young boys and girls. They just want to make those iPhone 8 Clone their own at any cost. Right now some clone phones are being sold at premium rate where iPhone 7S clone is available at cheap rate because it’s now old or discounted.

iPhone8, iPhone X and iPhone 8 Clone are some hot terms that are being used to search these DHGate provided Goophone. These phones are available easily between $50 to $250 from Chinese websites. DHGate is one of the most trustable in them.

Before release of new iPhone 8, some clone devices already hit the market. Users can easily place order on those Chinese websites for their preferred iPhone clone available on those store using premium or free shipping method.

Free shipping takes some time to deliver from China to India or China to US or UK. My own experience says that your order may reach to your home from China between 15 days to 45 days. If it takes more time then you should visit local custom office to make sure that iPhone 8 clone isn’t stuck in the customs.

The best way to purchase any iPhone 8 clone, you should check the demonstration video from different users, so that you’d get the best idea how does iPhone8 clone would work if you purchase the same model. Additionally, you would get the individual experience for shipping charges, features and price in those videos, so I’d recommend to check YouTube channel for searching those clone phone demonstration video.

But before making final purchase, I’d recommend to get best advice from us by commenting below.


  1. Pdawg says:

    Hey hit me up with one.

  2. Aryan says:

    Hi I wanted to buy this clone and I am not finding it any ware can you just help me

  3. Rohit says:

    Yah, i cn give u one.

  4. kurt says:

    hi i really want to buy the iPhone 8 clone but i can’t find it anywhere. can u help me out ?

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