Best iOS 10.2 Themes: PerfectHaz3 HD, iOS 10 Theme, The Perfect iOS, LovingRed For iPad Mini, Air, iPhone

iOS 10 Theme, The Perfect iOS, LovingRed and PerfectHaz3 HD are the iOS 10.2 themes that have been released today in the Cydia app store for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Mini, Air…

Many iDevice users jailbreak their iOS device just because getting cool themes for their iPhone, iPad Air and iPad Mini. Cydia themes give you a best layouts and icons. There are couple of iOS 10.2 themes have been released today, take a closer look at them.

1 The Perfect iOS: A perfect revolutionary theme developed by Kyler Phillips and hosted by ZodTTD. This Macciti theme is completely free and has some cool wallpapers and icon set. The creator has created each and every icon beautifully to make it perfect.

The Perfect IOS Theme

The Perfect IOS Theme

We have minimize above screenshot to save our memory and give you an idea about the concept and layout. This Cydia theme is fully compatible for iOS 10.2 and can be installed on iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone 5S/5C and all former iDevices.

The developer has added almost 50 unique icons to this jailbreak theme. If you wanna install it, just search on ZodTTD repo with “The Perfect iOS”.

2 iOS 10 Theme: Do you wanna something unique? iOS 10 theme is something that you would like to have on your iPad or iPhone. But, remember that iOS 10 is just a concept that the creator has used. Actually, there isn’t especial that look a like iOS 10.

Anyways, iOS 10 theme has cool icons and simple yet effective layout background and effects.

3 LovingRed: Its really amazing and valentine special. Yes, its too early, but I think we wanna everything before time. Its full of red color and a cool icon set. Simple yet the best iOS 10.2 theme that can be installed on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. ModMyi is the host repository for this theme.

4 PerfectHaz3-HD: It is the best iOS 10.2 HD theme that you can’t find any theme that match PerfectHAZ3 HD. It looks so cool that you never remove this. It completely out standing. All the icons are hand made and fully compatible with iOS 9.


There are a lot of themes have to come for iOS 10.2 after the compatible iOS 10.2 Winterboard. Keep stay with us and don’t forget to comment the issues…


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      1. I have iPad Air, I have used Winterboard, but I don’t have screen capture tweak to capture and upload screenshot here

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