Protecti+ Cydia Tweak – The Best iPhone App for Privacy Use

Protecti+ is really a great Cydia app for those users who wanna protect their iPhone or iPad from unauthorized access.

Till now, there was only a solution to protect your iPhone with Passcode code lock from unauthorized access. You was asked to set you own passcode password lock to secure your iPhone from others. But, sometimes you’ve to give your iPhone in unauthorized person and in this type of case, you can’t secure your iPhone.

However, there is a Cydia tweak which can create a great gap between you and that unauthorized person. You can use Protecti+ aka Protecti Cydia tweak which allows user to block or disable certain features and makes you secure. Protecti+ brings high security to your iPhone with the help of Cydia jailbreak app store. Plus, it comes with couple of great privacy features that can assure you to give access to unauthorized person.

Protecti Cydia app is ultimate solution for your privacy. The privacy tools and features can be enable or disable or apply using Activator gestures which are extremely easy to use. You can enable features from any app or any time with just a Activator gesture.

If you wanna hide couple of games and apps from your homescreen or springboard, then just install Protecti+, configure it and forget all the things. Protecti Cydia app can hide app icons, settings configuration from Settings.

Protecti iPhone tweak is just like Windows 10 that protects everything just using Activator gestures. You can access all the security and privacy features from any app or view. Its so awesome that you can access Protecti+ privacy features while browsing or watching videos too.

You don’t like to show your photos to anybody? Okay, Protecti Cydia tweak brings an amazing feature that enables locking photos feature that blocks photos and prevent access to any app.

Protecti is not just limited to photos, but it can prevent checking installed stuff on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad. It can disable some other features also, check it out…

  • You can disable checking installed apps
  • Protecti Cydia app can disable Notification center.
  • You can also disable accessing Control center, Lockscreen, Siri and Spotlight feature.


If you desire, you can disable access of App Switcher, so nobody can access multitasking feature at all. After disabling this feature, you can check back and track what was accessed recently.

Now, we come to the installation part. Protecti jailbreak app is available only for jailbroken device on Cydia. It’s available on Cydia for $1.99 which is small price for such a nice features. You can download and install Protecti+ after purchasing it from Cydia app store.

But yeah, there is an alternative. iAPPLock Cydia tweak available as a great alternative to Protecti iOS 9. It also brings some great privacy features for free. You can easily lock Apps, Photos, Videos, Mails and other few things using passcode.

iApplock iPhone app is available on Cydia for free. But again, I would recommend users to watch Protecti demo on YouTube and check some great privacy features before purchasing the tweak.


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