Safari Downloader+ iOS 10.2: Safari Downloader Plus Cydia Tweak Released for iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini

Safari Downloader+ iOS 10.2: Safari Downloader Plus Cydia Tweak Released for iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini

Safari web browser is the best whether you have Mac computer, iPad Air, iPad Mini or even iPhone. This is most used web browser among iOS and OS X users. However, there are couple things which have been disabled for iPhone and iPad users such as download options. There isn’t download enabled on iDevices.

Thanks to jailbreak, there is a way to download videos or songs from Safari browser using various Cydia tweaks such as Safari downloader Plus, Safari downloader Plus, Downloader+ Upload, Download Enabler, Safari Uploader and a bunch of tweaks more.

Today, I would talk about Safari Downloader Plus which is also known as Safari Downloader+. If you gonna download or install this tweak, you should remember both names. So, basically you first step should be jailbreaking, because without jailbreaking, you won’t be able to get these tweaks.

Download TaiG Jailbreak iOS 9

PPJailbreak Download Links

PanGu Download Links

EvasiOn Jailbreak

If you have jailbroken iPhone or iPad, you’re just half way away from getting Safari downloader Plus. Just follow steps…

  1. Head to Cydia installer
  2. Tap on Search tab and write Safari Downloader. There should be either Safari Downloader+ or Downloader Plus. Choose one of them.
  3. Tap on Install button and complete the process.

Once Safari Downloader Cydia tweak is installed on your iPhone or iPad, you’re ready to configure it.

There are couple of useful settings and configuration options available in for Safari Downloader+ tweak. Head to and scroll to Safari Downloader Plus tweak.

  1. If you wanna download YouTube videos, you can enable first option. It would allows you to download Videos from YouTube using Safari browser.
  2. Download Files: this option would allow you to download any kind of attachment whether its zip or rar.
  3. You can choose file types for download files from Safari Downloader.
  4. There is another important feature that allows user to choose how many parallel downloads would available at a time.
  5. A lot more features are available in Safari Downloader Cydia tweak.

This tweak is paid one and cost you around $3 to $4 for a life time updates. However, if you wanna get free Safari Downloader, you can comment below…


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  1. Downloaded 4.2.4k. I want to buy 4.2.5 but nothing happens even after 24 hours. I emailed big boss, tweak owner to no avail. WTF? 424k says pirated copy when I try to Dload a file but won’t let me buy. Help please

  2. Cheap arse bastards! Pay if u like a tweak, takes time and effort to make. Unlike you lazy bastards wanting it all without doing shit…

  3. Users you can download Safari Downloader Plus via HackYouriPhone repo completely free. Why don’t you install it via HYI using Safari Downloader+ tweak keyword.
    Fortunately, it’s not available for iOS 10, so you can get updated tweak for your browser. Just install and enjoy.

  4. Now users can download Safari Downloader Plus free version from HackYouriPhone which is full version and you won’t need to fill any personal details or pay anything in order to try Safari Downloader+ free. Just add HackYouriPhone repo and that’s it.

  5. I got this tweak, and it was working for like 5 days, and I was messing around on cydia, installing and deleting tweaks, and when i went on safari, the tweak was not there anymore. The app itself crashes every time i open it up. I have tried reinstalling and a lot of other things. I really wantbthis back. Please help!

  6. I want to het it free as i am not jailbroken n currently i m on ios 9.2.1 iph 4s plz provide me thiz downloader i wnt it for free

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