iOS 10 AirDrop not Working: How to Fix

AirDrop not working iOS 10, here is the fix…

Every new firmware that released by Apple, Google or Microsoft, may have bugs and glitch and in most cases company fixes those bugs in very next firmware update.

Apple, a giant iPhone developer company, prepared brand new iPhone operating system which is known as iOS 10 which is said to be one of the most advanced and innovative firmware update till yet.

However, iOS 10 may also have performance issues along with the bugs within some features such as WiFi not working or AirDrop not working. In most of new firmware update, iMessage not working issues have been rose very frequently.

Actually, these is regular practice for them and also for us as users to fix some of those features issues from our side because sometimes it’s really easy to fix AirDrop related issues or the issues related to WiFi or iMessage.

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So today after upgrading to the newest release iOS 10, we faced AirDrop not working and we fixed it successfully and decided to bring that fix for you too. You can also fix AirDrop iOS 10 feature using below steps.

AirDrop Not Working on iOS 10

Remember that we’re not making any changes to the code of iOS 10 to fix AirDrop or WiFi not working issue. We’d just disable and enable couple of features and thus the issue would be fixed automatically.

So first, check below things before actually fix AirDrop iOS 10…

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  • All iOS 10 devices would have AirDrop and it’s final, but make sure that the app which you’re trying to connect using AirDrop actually supports AirDrop feature as sharing option or not.
  • Please double check that both the devices in which you’re trying to connect AirDrop have enabled AirDrop feature before making connection.

After above verification, follow below steps in order to solve AirDrop not working…

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  1. You need to enable WiFi and Bluetooth feature and so that slide to unlock your iPhone and swipe up to access control center.
  2. Tap on WiFi toggle to enable it.
  3. Follow same step to enable Bluetooth feature via control center toggles.
  4. It’s important to enable AirDrop on both devices in which you wanna make connection or sharing something over AirDrop.
  5. So, enable AirDrop and select “Everyone” as sharing option within AirDrop option.

Note: You need to complete these steps on both the devices whether both the devices are running on iOS 10 or not. AirDrop not working would fixed if you’d follow above steps accurately.

In many cases, other tricks work while in most cases above steps have fixed all the issues related to WiFi, Bluetooth and AirDrop. If other features are not working such as WiFi not working, iMessage not working or FaceTime not working, just leave a comment and we’d try to fix your particular issue via comments or via posting new tutorial.

Till then, enjoy iOS 10 and keep reading Cydia Sources on our blog…

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  1. Airdrop on i-phone 6 (on iOS 10.2) not working – wifi on, bluetooth on, rebooted. I can be seen by other devices but I cannot send anything notes, photos etc..if I tap the AirDrop button nothing happens – not flashing etc..remains just the blue logo of the AirDrop…very frustrating…Please Help

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