Cloaky, AppLocker, PassIt and BioProtect: The Best Protection Apps for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Air, iPad Mini

The Best protection jailbreak apps have been released for iOS 11.1.2 compatible iDevices. BioProtect, Applocker, Cloaky and PassIt can be install on your iPhone, iPad Air, Mini and iPod Touch…

One can get full protection, if he install these apps on his jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. All these four tweaks have their own ability to protect your iDevice. These jailbreak apps prevent unauthorized access to your iOS.

BigBoss is the repository which has released these tweaks except AppLocker. AppLocker has been hosted by ModMyi repository. I would recommend to install any one or two tweaks from these. More tweaks will consume more battery resources.

1 AppLocker: One of the best app to lock iOS apps with Touch ID. AppLocker works on every 64-bit iDevices that includes iPhone 5S/5C, iPad Air, iPad Mini and all other devices. Even not only apps, it actually locks home screen layout and folders too. Applocker supports SBSettings and Activator toggles. AppLocker is hosted by ModMyi repository.

Note: You must have latest Cydia Substrate installed to make it work.

ModMyi has been listed in your default repository list, just tap on sources and search “AppLocker” in ModMyi repo source. A few noticeable features have been listed below…

  • Applocker has session locking feature.
  • It goes in disable mode, when you connect with WiFi
  • It can lock icons, folders and home screen layout.
  • It is fully compatible with iOS 11.1.2 and iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Air, iPad Mini

2 BioProtect: Like AppLocker, BioProtect also supports “Touch ID” technology. It is developed by Elias Limneos and hosted by BigBoss repo source. Nobody can access your apps without your permission and even without the permission of your fingerprints.

The password days are gone. No need to feel fear that someone will see your password when you type it, because nobody can copy your fingerprints. Its a paid jailbreak tweak and cost you around $3.99, but believe me, BioProtect is far better than AppLocker.

The main reason is, it unlock and lock applications within a second using your fingerprints. Its the fastest and most secure way to protect your iOS device with unauthorized access. Follow me to install it.

  • Launch Cydia
  • Tap on Manage, Sources and tap on BigBoss repo source
  • Search BioProtect
  • Purchase and tap on install button

3 Cloaky: It is a paid jailbreak app that cost user around $1. It disable or cloak annoying notifications, you can say pop up menus. It simply cloak activity, menu, status bar and control center. BigBoss is the repository which has hosted it. It is compatible with iOS 9.

4 PassIt: It allows user to open links with 1password. Its free and it can be found on BigBoss repo source.


Now its time for daily quiz, which is the best protection tweak from above given four apps? If you have tried it, share your comments and let us know why it is the best.

Till then keep connected with us for more top tweaks.

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  1. rabar says:

    i want a source for install phantom for snap chat and bio protect . help me please

  2. yasir says:

    I pad mini how dawnlod whatsapp tell me plz

  3. Azrhukal says:

    I’m having an issue with bioprotect, I downloaded it using the BYA bite your apple sources and when I use it it asks for a number lock password, not a finger scan. I have an iPhone, ios7 jailbreak trough Evasion. Any advice, maybe I have an obvious error?

  4. malia john says:

    bioprotect is something different than we are thinking. I had purchased it yesterday and i’m here to say what happend.

    I have tested app locker and Bio Protect both on my iPad Air iOS 10 one by one. I found that Bio protect does everything seemlessly. Yes its costly but if someone looking security and class, then BioProtect is the best.

    I agree with Josh too that App Locker supports TouchID and it works just fine, but i’m still go with bioprotect

  5. Josh Piddington says:

    Applocker can be unlocked with TouchID.

    • jack maligon says:

      Yes, you’re right
      It has some great features which you would find in BioProtect ($3.99)
      i think AppLocker is better than BioProtect in terms of features and price
      what you way josh?

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