Zephyr iOS 11.1.2 – iOS 11.1.2: Adds Best Multi Tasking Gestures to iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Mini, Air

iOS 11.1.2 already has multitasking feature, but Zephyr is a great app that adds a swipe gesture to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad Air, Mini. User can configure it for multi finger gesture and whatever you want…

Despite iOS 11.1.2 has a multitasking feature, but it doesn’t deliver what the jailbreak user needs. Zephyr is the exactly app that brings full multitasking features. It can be convert to multi finger gesture. Its depend on the user how he wanna use this app.

iOS 11.1.2 is out, however, there is no improvement in the multitasking gesture by the developers. iOS 11.1.2 Zephyr might be useful to the users who wanna use multitasking gesture as they wanted to use.

Short list of features…

1 Close an App: Do you have iPad Air, Mini and wanna close running apps easily? iOS 11.1.2 Zephyr is the best jailbreak app that allows user to close running apps just swipe from bottom to top.

2 Easy Switch: Zephyr is the best in switching the running apps. The true multitasking gesture. User can configure whether he or she wanna use one finger or two to use this gesture. You just need to swipe left to right or right to left to switch between running apps.

3 Adds Gestures: It adds a variety of gestures which are most useful while using multitasking feature.

How to Install Zephyr iOS 9

  • Open Cydia app
  • Browse BigBoss Repository
  • Search “Zephyr iOS 9
  • Tap on purchase and install it

Quick Note

Suppose, you’re not happy with built in multitasking feature or wanna more gestures, Zephyr is the best app for you. If you search more about it, you might find Free version which is free, however, I would suggest to support the developer buying it.

If you have any issues installing Zephyr on iOS 9, comment us.

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  1. Sokly says:

    Can not find. How to add source ? Thank

    • Buk Lau says:

      Add source by following steps.

      1. Open Cydia.
      2. Tap Source.
      3. Tap Edit on Right top corner.
      4. Tap Add on Left top corner.
      5. Browse google , 2015 cydia source.
      6. Copy and paste link and Tap Add Source.
      7. Done.

  2. leart says:

    its not working on yet iOS 10 dont update the title without knowing nothing. garbage page

  3. Poo says:

    Activator iOS 10 is the best alternative to Zephyr iOS 10 for iPad air and iPhone

  4. Ryan says:

    I have seen a trick to use Activator iOS 10 for multitasking better than any Zephyr iOS 9. Its much more useful than any other multitasking gesture tweak
    Can someone explain those especial configuration? Is there anybody who is using activator just like zephyr?

  5. Nirav says:

    Its MultitaskingGesture for ios 7 not Zephyr check in BigBoss Repo

  6. Nino 0raham says:

    the guy writes in last paragraph your devies needs AppSync ios 7 to iinstall Zephyr lol man

  7. Nino 0raham says:

    what kinda lies are u telling ppl , show us where u find this in cydia Bigboss repo ur funny man and not so ohnest blogger dont even know why anyone reads ur stuff

  8. icke says:

    it’s fake. there is no ios7 version of zephyr! you suck!

  9. Abdullah Alfanar says:

    It is not in Bigboss!

  10. graviton says:

    there is no version of ios7 for zephyr.

    • Nino 0raham says:

      THE BLOGGER writes in 2ND LAST paragraph your devies needs AppSync ios 7 to iinstall Zephyr 7 lol man THIS GUY IS BIG BULLSHIT

  11. Sebastian says:

    I’d like the option to separate the two features, as I think I’d have the same problem of hitting the edges in normal use, but swiping up from the bottom to show the multi-tasking bar sounds like something I’d use a lot.

  12. Levi says:

    I don’t like it. I prefer current multi-task view just with a very important update… “Close All” button!

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