CCustomize, BrowserChanger, TimeFormat, Sinatra Cydia Tweaks

BrowserChanger, CCustomize and Sinatra Cydia Tweaks have been released for iPhone, iPad…

Lately, jailbreak community has responded the very recent jailbreak, iOS 11.1.2 and tweak developers are now confirmed about the future of Cydia installer and the jailbreak iPhone.

So now, the tweak developers have provided another set of some cool tweaks this week. Sinatra and CCustomize were the tweaks released for iPhone control centre whereas there are other jailbreak apps also released in which one was for status bar and one for web browser for surfing.

Many other tweaks also released this week in which FullSafari, CarPlay Lockout and Accelerated Unlock tweaks were the first after CCustomize, TimeFormat, Sinatra and BrowserChanger Cydia tweaks.

All of these tweaks provide great functionality to iPhone specially for those who love to make their iPhone look better and feature rich.


You may have noticed while opening any link on Whatsapp, Google calendar or in any other apps that you have been redirected to Safari or Google Chrome by default on your iPhone. If you want to configure your default web browser on iPhone to open links or any other things, then BrowserChanger10 is the tweak that may help you a lot.

BrowserChanger10 is completely free tweak available on Cydia App Store. You can head to BigBoss, where you can search or explore this tweak and install for free.

You would be able to configure default web browser which is essential for any user who surf a lot.


Personally I love tweaks that changes control centre, lock screen and spring board behaviour and look. So, I tried CCustomize tweak which was free and available on BigBoss repo.

I just head on that repo where I installed CCustomize app. It just changed the whole look of my iPhone control centre. You can add any of important toggles or change position of the elements available on Control centre. I added Low Power Mode and Screen Recording toggle which were very important to me.

You can change the feel, look and features of control centre with the help of CCustomize iOS 11.1.2 tweak. As CCustomize is completely free, you can also try your hands on this tweak.


Sinatra tweak is developed to bring full screen music and video playback on Control centre. Sinatra iOS hack is too beautiful that if you’ve music lover then you’d really love this tweak too.

I’m sure if you’d try it once, you won’t uninstall Sinatra easily. To make it sure, just search this tweak on YouTube or Google and then you’d know all the features on the demonstration.


I always missed date and day on Status bar. With TimeFormat Cydia tweak I again added those elements to my status bar at the centre of Status bar.

TimeFormat tweak is hosted on BigBoss where you can install it for free. You can try to add date and day with time on Status bar and if you don’t like it, just remove TimeFormat Cydia tweak.

Other tweaks

  • Accelerated Unlock
  • CarPlay Lockout
  • FullSafari

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