SnapChat Hack: SnapChat++ for iOS 11/11.1

SnapChat++ iPhone app brings all premium features for your iPhone from SnapChat on your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone…

You may have used many social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest and many other. SnapChat is well known social media app that is available for iPhone, iPad and some Android devices in form of APK version.

The default app that is available for iPhone or Android smartphone doesn’t provide premium features for free. However, there are certain apps such as Snapi and SnapChat++ which provide premium SnapChat features for free.

But there is also a catch, SnapChat++ requires jailbreak device and thus it’s difficult to install on iPhone or iPad whereas Android users can easily root their smartphone to download this version to get full feature SnapChat for Android.

To clear all the doubts and confusion, I’m here with an article that would show you how to install SnapChat++ for iOS without jailbreak. It can be installed on iOS 11.1.2 and iOS 11 and on any firmware without any kind of jailbreak required. You just need a computer with Cydia Impactor or Xcode installed on it.

If you can’t live without SnapChat for iPhone and need premium features, here is the short but very informative article that would clear all of your doubts and confusion about installing SnapChat++ iOS tweak.

If you’ve read an article installing Kodi for iOS, you’ve learned how you can get SnapChat Plus Plus app on iPhone by this time, but if you’ve not read that article, here is another pease of same tutorial, but this time with Snap Chat++.

How to Install SnapChat++ without Jailbreak

To install this app on your iPhone or iPad, you can use either Windows or MacOS computer. At this time, it’s impossible to install SnapChat++ on iOS without having computer. But, yes, if you’ve jailbreak device, you can use bunch of Cydia tweaks to install this app on your iPhone without having computer at all.

Here is the article to install it with the help of computer…

  1. First of all uninstall SnapChat iPhone app if its installed on your device.
  2. Now, download Cydia Impactor and SnapChat++ iPA on your computer.
  3. Connect your iPhone to computer using data cable.
  4. After successful pairing, drag SnapChat++ iPA to Cydia Impactor and follow on screen instructions.
  5. Done. System would install this app on your iPhone after all the information that it needed.

Note: After installation of this hack, you can install default app as well. Once you installed the app successfully, try to open it. Suppose, you’re not able to access this social media app, head to Settings app where you’d notice General section where you want to scroll down and find out Profile section. There you must trust the SnapChat profile to successfully open SnapChat++ hack.


SnapChat++ iOS 11.1: The updates are coming and according to it, iPhone X is coming with iOS 11.1. SnapChat++ would get a lot of improvement for said firmware because it would add facial Id support. That’s something you can’t imaging. Anyway, get ready for iOS 11.1.2 with bunch of changes to Snap Chat Plus app.

Now, you’ve successfully installed and verified the developer profile. If you are still getting any short of errors, trouble or SnapChat not working, just make a comment below.

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