Downgrade iOS 11.1.2 to 8.4 & Restore iOS 8.4 and Jailbreak 8.4 Again

Hurry, downgrade iOS 11.1.2 back to 8.4 and restore iOS 8.4, you can jailbreak iOS 8.4 again…

There are countless and even more iPhone users who are stuck on iOS 11.1.2 after upgrading to new firmware released by Apple. Perhaps, you also wanna downgrade iOS 11.1.2 back to iOS 8.4 or wanna jailbreak 8.4 so you’re looking to restore iOS 8.4 back from iOS 9, right?

You’re lucky that you’re at right page! You need to take immediate action to restore 8.4 back from iOS 9, otherwise the mac developer company would close the signing window for iOS 8.4.

The iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad users who curiously upgraded their iOS 8.4 firmware to iOS 11.1.2 and lost their jailbreak, this is the right time for them to restore iOS 8.4 again back from iOS 11.1.2 by downgrading iOS 9, the latest firmware.

We can understand your frustration, the new firmware is slow, may have bugs, battery life issues and a lot more app not working cases. Large number of Cydia users wanna jailbreak iOS 11.1.2 and the jailbreak 11.1.2 is not available yet. This is the most genuine reason for them to downgrade iOS 11.1.2 by restoring iOS 8.4 again.

Okay, okay. But, before you start downgrading iOS 9, you need to understand one thing. Apple closes signing window for old versions after certain time period after new firmware release. Apple may close iOS 8.4.1 signing window anytime, so if you’re sure to downgrade iOS 11.1.2 and restore iOS 8.4.1, this is the absolutely right time for you.

Look, after restoring iOS 8.4.1 or downgrading iOS 9, you won’t able to retrieve your backup data of iOS 11.1.2 through iTunes. In some cases, iCloud backup works, but there is no guarantee about success. Most probably, you would lose iOS 11.1.2 data after restoring iOS 8.4.1 from iOS 9.

One more thing, do you have downloaded iOS 8.4.1 IPSW? You need to download iOS 8.4.1 IPSW or iOS 8.4 IPSW before starting downgrade iOS 9. Make sure and take a backup iOS 11.1.2 data from iTunes.

Prepare your iPhone and look this article…

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