OpenAppMkt – The Best Cydia alternative for iOS 10.2 Without Jailbreak

OpenAppMkt provides HTML5 based web apps and can be installed on iOS 10.2 or 6.1.x without jailbreak. iOS 10.2 Cydia also available on their marketplace for free of cost (no jailbreak required).

You might have a query, does it really work? Good question. When OpenAppMkt was launched iDownloadBlog has published an article about them, the title was “OpenAppMkt is a New App Store Alternative [No Jailbreak Required]”. I want to quote a few lines from their which are below…

“I love the concept and its implementation. You sure are limited to what you can do with a web app but OpenAppMkt is a nice and convenient alternative to the App Store or even Cydia.”

 What is OpenAppMkt

OpenAppMkt provides HTML5 web apps and claims to be the best alternative to Cydia installer and App Store. It can be installed on iOS 9, 6.1.x without Jailbreak.

iOS 10.2 OpenAppMkt Download

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Open app mkt has numerous app categories that contain thousands of applications. You can easily find Cydia installer out there that claims to work with iOS 10.2 itself without actually jailbreak your device.

It looks strange how it works, however, this is what we are getting from the users of this website. User can install applications for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad 5 as well as iPad Air, Mini too.

User just need to download OpenAppMkt installer from their site. When you go to their website, there will be a “Install Open App Mkt” button on the top of the banner. Click on it and it will be on your device.

OpenAppMkt is famous for Games and Siri tweaks. There are hundreds of tweaks and apps listed for Siri and same amount of Open app mkt games are listed there.


I have never tested a single games or Siri tweak even Cydia without jailbreak. I couldn’t understand how it works without jailbreak. Cydia works, because there is jailbreak.

If you wanna enjoy all the Cydia apps and tweaks, simply wait for Untether EvasiOn jailbreak for iOS 9. It will be worth to wait for the genuine product.


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  1. Download Openappmkt before the developers pull it out from their sites. According to Apple, they won’t allow any site to install unsigned Openappmkt Cydia installer.

  2. Hey man, thanks a lot for your help. I just download openappmkt Cydia installer and do you know what I did first of all? I added couple of Cydia sources to the app and finally downloaded jailbreak apps without Jbreak. You won’t need to head your attention to iNoJB or iNoCydia at all.
    Just check the above article and you’d get whatever you wanna install on your iPhone without jailbreak. Download Cydia iOS 10 and use Open App Market store for free.

    1. I can understand why users trying to download OpenAppMkt and it’s Cydia installer. It’s not your fault because the developers team have failed to release iOS 10 jailbreak. I’m also in hope that there would be jailbreak and apps for iOS 10 soon.

  3. Need a quick and easy jb for ios 6.1.3/6.1.5 use this program called p0sixpwn.
    And for ios 7 search up on the internet for ios 7 jb there is one

  4. I made a great mistake by upgrading iOS 10 to iOS 10, Now, I feel I need to use Open app mkt alternatives without jailbreak iOS 9.1
    I’ve iPhone 5S iOS 10 (Recently upgraded)

  5. Hey I completed OpenAppMKT download on iOS 10 iPad Air to use web apps, but how to open and download more applications

    I wanna use Cydia tweaks using Open app MKT apps, Can someone give me tips

    iPad Air iOS 9

  6. That’s great video and I have downloaded and installed Openappmkt iPad Air compatible version, but how to use it? Is there any tutorial about it?
    There isn’t any usage guide, please help. I’ve iPad Air iOS 9

  7. I bought second hand iPad Mini
    There are a lot of web apps, I think they are Open app mkt games and apps. But, I couldn’t play them ever
    How to fix those games, I love my iPad Mini games

  8. The concept is awesome and it looks amazing. I was crazy about downloading games and apps from their website, but after a lot of try, I found that they are really dead and now they have take down.
    If there is any evidence of working please let me know

  9. I really like this. This could take web apps to a whole new level. We know that the best way to have a cross platform app is to make it a web app. I hope this is pushed by all.

    1. Did you tested it before? How can you say that it works. I have installed Cydia that is crashing all the time. I can’t open a single Cydia tweak or apps installed from Open App Mkt. Yeah, I was also very happy to Download their application on my iPad Air, but now I knew that its scam.

      1. but i dont understand you said it works on ios10.1 and it says u rote this comment 1 day ago but when i go on the website it says that the website doesnt exist or somethin

        it gives me application error, how to fix it and make it work
        i’ve iPad Air, iPhone 5S iOS 9.1

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