How to Download iOS 11.1.2 Cydia Installer on iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPod Touch

Download iOS 11.1.2 Cydia Installer on your iPhone, iPad Air and iPad Mini or iPod Touch. Jailbreak store allows user to install tweaks, apps and a lot of games or themes…

Apple gonna release iOS 11.1.2 with a cool brand new features. iOS 11.1.2 would be full with improvements in user interface and features. Along with updates, we would have iOS 11.1.2 Cydia and jailbreak store. Evad3rs team, who develops untethered jailbreak, has tweeted that they would work on iOS 11.1.2 untethered jailbreak.

As soon as, EvasiOn 8 would be ready for iOS 9, Saurik would update Cydia Installer for iOS 9. iOS 11.1.2 Cydia would have updated AppSync iOS 9, Winterboard iOS 9, Dreamboard iOS 11.1.2 and a lot of new applications.

Download Cydia iOS 11.1.2 on iPhone, iPad Mini, Air, iPod Touch

There are two ways to download Cydia on iOS 9, you can choose one of them to install Cydia iOS 11.1.2 on your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone…

1 Jailbreak: If you have iPod Touch, iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPhone which is not jailbroken, you need to jailbreak it using Evasi0n or CyberelevatOr iOS 9 to install Cydia on iOS 9. Once you jailbreak, tool would automatically, install Cydia installer on your iDevice along with other settings.

2 Manually Install Cydia: Suppose, you have jailbroken iOS 11.1.2 and accidently removed Cydia installer, you need to download Cydia from Saurik’s website and install Cydia manually.

Suppose, you are not able to find direct download link, comment us, we would attach it.

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  1. McJanbo says:

    I tried direct download link to install Cydia but it seems like its not working properly

  2. iPhone 5S says:

    How can I download Cydia on iOS 10 before it’s official release?

  3. iPhone 5S says:

    How to download Cydia on iOS iOS 9.1? I have updated it accidentally using my iTunes. Actually, when I connected my iPhone 5S with iTunes to remove whatsApp, iTunes asked me to import photos, I speedily press yes, second time, it asked me to update my iPhone 5S, which was jailbroken and run on iOS 9.0.6, to iOS iOS 10, again I press yes which was accidentally.
    This is how my iPhone 5S updated to firmware which can’t be jailbreak. Can I install Cydia on iOS iOS 9.1?

    • Olivia Davis says:

      Why don’t you jailbreak your iphone 5S with Cyberelevator iOS iOS 9.1?
      that’s a best way to get Cydia on iOS iOS 9.1. That’s simple

      • iPhone 5S says:

        Its not released publicly, I searched a lot to download evasiOn 8 and Cyberelevator iOS iOS 9.1
        please help

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